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Jenny's Food

Very happy to see you over here, i really look forward to reading more of your menus and stealing some ideas! :D
Cheers Katie :) Likewise, I'll be pinching your ideas too... :p

Wednesday: 12.05.2010 : Not particularly inspiring, I'm afraid to say

Extra Easy

Breakfast - Beans on toast [HxB]
Lunch - Supernoodles
Snacks at work - piece of quiche, apple, banana, yogurt
Tea - Chicken stir fry - pepper, spring onion, Chow Mein sauce [5.5] and noodles
Pudding - Oreo Cheesecake [3.5]

Total Syns - 9.
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Week TWO

Thursday: 13.05.2010

Extra Easy

Breakfast - Poached eggs on toast [HxB]
Lunch - Porridge with nutella [9 syns]
Snacks at work - None - didn't feel much like eating due to a bad mood...
Tea - Blokey got a "takeaway" curry from Asda, which I later found out to be 15.5 syns.

Total Syns - 24.5
Nowhere near enough free food, but this will change tomorrow onwards!


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If you are following Extra Easy, just make sure that you are getting the 1/3 of fruits or veg at every main meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) to see good results.
Thanks Meli :) I usually get a good whack of veggies with my dinner, if not a salad at lunch.. Today was incredibly difficult with domestic disputes last night, I didn't know if I was on taxi duty collecting Him from the airport, I had an interview to get to at the other side of town, and for my tea I had a lovely homemade ratattouille planned but ended up at the blokes instead...
I'm going to sit down with my books and figure out how to get more free stuff at breakfast too. It's difficult, last time I did SW it was just red and green, and this EE thing isn't so easy to grasp when all you know is red and green. I'm confident I'll get the hang of it though!! :)
Oh thankfully, someone else who is unsure of the Easiness of EE. I'm just baffled, I can't bear the thought of having bits of fruit floating sadly in my Weetabix just for the sake of it. My Weetabix is staying untainted I tell ya!


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When I used to do EE I normally would just have a fruit bowl in addition to anything else I was having in the morning to get my 1/3 in. Also think of other things like mushrooms, peppers you can have with your eggs. Hope your interview went well!
EE is confusing!!!
Im sticking to green but if i dont lose anything at all this week i shall go back to EE and just try to stop stuffing myself with yogurts! :p
Glad you had an OK day. The 1/3 thing really bugged me last week!
Friday: 14.05.2010

Extra Easy

Breakfast - Shredded Wheat, banana & Milk [HxA + HxB]
Lunch - Jacket Potato and chicken, ham salad
Snacks at work - banana, apple, yogurt
Tea - out for thai, going to have beef and veggies in an oyster sauce, I think the sauce would be 4.5 syns? Plain boiled rice alongside

Total Syns - 4.5
Weekend was all on plan, made a shepherds pie which lasted all weekend, and few syns, I think it was 12 for the whole weekend.. :)
Monday was on plan, +20 syns. Oops

Tuesday: 18.05.2010

Green - feel free to comment..!

Breakfast - Beans on toast [HxB]
Lunch - Pasta, tomatoes, peppers, onions, 3 quorn sausages chopped up
Snacks at work - apple, banana, yogurt
Tea - Potatoes, broccoli, a quorn steak
Snack at home - Cereal and milk [5 syns, HxA]

Total - 5 syns
Small gain again... so 100% from now on.

Thursday 20.05.2010: I so want Extra Easy to work with me!!

Breakfast - 2 poached eggs on toast [1 x HEB]
Lunch - Curry - Brown rice, quorn pieces, mushrooms, 1/4 jar of WW Tikka Sauce [3.5 syns]
Tea - Mediterranean style bake - Courgette, tomatoes, peppers and onion, baked potato, chicken breast
Suppertime Snack - cheese on toast - [1 x HEA + 3 syns]
Snacks - Mullerlight, jelly pot [0.5 syns]

HEA - Done
HEB - Done
Syns = 7
Sorry about the gain hun, menus look good. maybe its just portion sizes

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