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Jenny's Scenic Route to Skinny Jeans

Morning :)

In the past week, I've got a new car, a new job, and realised my man's the best.
Time to get the weightloss back on track, I'm going back to SW starting Wednesday.

I know the rules already. Just need to actually apply them ;)

Saturday 12th
Breakfast -
toast (HxB)
2 slices bacon

Mid morning -
Shape Caramel (5.5)

Lunch -
Jacket, spring onions, lowlow (HxA)

Tea -
Homemade chicken curry (i think)
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Bring on the trumpets
S: 15st10lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 1st4lb(8.18%)
Sounds like a good time to start......PMA (positive mental attitude)

Good luck :)
Nothing like a fresh start! :) I've been on and off the sw wagon for 2 years now, after initially losing almost 3 stone, I fell off..then on..and off..and gained about 1.5 stone back!!

On it like a car bonnet now though! Gained 2.5lbs last week which gave me the kick up the ass I needed!

Good luck :) xx
Thank you NewDawn & Belle, I lost about 3 1/2 in 2008 then stopped going to class and about 3 crept back on...

Defo time to get back to it!

Sunday 13th
Breakfast -
Bacon Sandwich c/o Blokey (HxB) +2syns
Cuppa tea

Cheese & beans on toast (HxA + 6 syns)
Fruit salad with Shape Mango yogurt

Mince & tatties
Ginger cake ( x syns...)

Properly jumping in tomorrow.... bring it!
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Hey Belle :) busy busy busy, Mondays & Tuesdays are my busy days at work...!

Foodwise, I have eaten lots of free foods, possibly not enough superfree, but I really couldn't face Asda on the way home! Slightly over syns, and didn't have a full HxA but quite happy with my Official Day 1!

Tried EE...
Breakfast -
Bacon & Mushrooms on toast (HxB)
Ketchup (1 syn)

Lunch -
Chicken & cucumber (Interesting salad I know. The lettuce was manky, tomatoes mysteriously vanished, I chucked in some tikka spices!)

Tea -
Chicken Drumsticks with spring onions, beansprouts, green beans and a honey soy sauce made with 2 tbsp Honey (5?), Soy Sauce, Lemon Juice, Ginger, and Balsamic Vinegar. That'll make 2 good portions, so 2.5 syns for the sauce? I'm guessing balsamic vinegar, would be syn-free..?
And a wee bit of rice.

I had 2 packs of special k mini breaks (10 syns) while watching Shrek, a mango shape yogurt and a banana, and a caramel shape pudding (5.5 syns)

3x cuppa tea.. not enough milk for a full HxA. This is the bit I'll struggle with.

19 syns, not tooooo bad. Learning where my downfalls & danger spots are!
Annnnd the plan for tomorrow (15th)!

Mushrooms on toast (HxB)

Leftover chicken honey soy rice delight (this is my favourite food btw will feature heavily! - 2.5 syns)

Out for tea, as I'm off to see Sally Morgan with a friend. I think we're going to Pizza Express, and I'm going to enjoy it :)
I actually stuck to that plan too! Though we ended up at Filling Station instead of Pizza Express... I have this ongoing battle with the people in the Real World to get pizza. Noone else likes it.. no matter what the occasion we NEVER have pizza!

Anyway, moving on....

Wednesday 16th
Beans on toast (HxB)

Mid morning
Cuppa tea (0.5 syns for milk)
Small piece Ginger Cake (4.5 syns)

Team building lunch. I'll see what the veg option is in the place, and probably opt for a jacket & beans..!


Pasta & veggie bolognese sauce with some cheese if not had at lunch


Beans on toast (HxB)
Ginger cake (5 syns)
Banana & yogurt
Mushroom stroganoff (10syns at a guess) & vomitting
No class
Jacket with broccoli carrot and a teeny bit of mince
Toast (6 syns)

Not allowing you to use the F word lady! .... no such word as fail!!

You just need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off & see this week as a fresh week where you will succeed!

Where do you feel you've failed? I know how it feels, been there so many times but I know how important it is not to dwell on what has or hasn't happened.... And move on as quick as poss!

Why dont you go through the past weeks diary & write down where you think you "failed", where you did well & how you could change things.... And most importantly, your plan for today!

Hope this helps a little, big hugs xxxx
I suppose you are right, Belle, thank you. Great help :) I think it was worse in my head than when I actually looked at it written down! I was just gutted that I couldn't get to the class, but there's one tonight and I have my old book ready to go and be a re-starter. Woohoo!

Thursday 17/11

Mushrooms, Eggs & Beans

Mid Morning
Yogurt (It was a Shape 0% Apple Crumble one, any idea if thar be syns?)

Mince & Tatties, with Broccoli, carrot & green beans

Stir Fry made with beansprouts, peppers, Quorn & Noodles
Final count : Thursday 17/11

Mushrooms, Eggs & Beans

Mid Morning
Yogurt (0.5 syns)

Mince & Tatties, with Broccoli, carrot & green beans

Chocolate Fix
Time Out (8.5 syns)

Stir Fry made with beansprouts, peppers, Turkey, chilli & Noodles (went a bit mad with honey, oyster sauce, etc -5 syns)

Total 14 syns
Wahh I can't remember what I ate yesterday! I remember there was no bread at breakfast, so I had a bacon roll (on brown) at work. Lunch was leftovers, and Blokey made curry for tea, which was nice... might have had a timeout too...

Saturday so far:
Toast & Philly (HxA & HxB)
Ham & Cucumber Sandwich (6 syns for bread)
Tea is pasta bolognese :)
He wants garlic bread & cheesecake too... :-S

Hurdle to overcome!
I get a bit confused with snacks... if you're on Red or Green you can have any free food for a snack, am I right in thinking if you're on EE it should only be from the orange superfree list?

I just had some Quorn mince with dryfried onion & pepper, would that be an ok snack on EE? could I have had regular mince?
Hi! No, it's more the other way round... If u r on red or green, any super free is free, plus the free food for that particular day, on extra easy you can eat any free, red or green, and any super free :) it is a little confusing at first xxx I love both plans but find red and green a little more forgiving xxx
I think I luv ya.... :)

Thanks Belle, that's great, much appreciated!

I did SW yonks ago when it was just red & green, think I'm getting the hang of EE though.

Tea tonight was pasta with a sauce of chicken bacon tomatoes peppers onions and spinach. 2 sneaky slices of garlic bread. No cheese :D and about to have a cuppa tea and a wee slice of cheesecake.

Tonnes of spinach to scoff tomorrow :D

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