Jen's Challenges 2010 - 30 Days Chocolate Free - DONE!! :D


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It started as a bet. I have to give up chocolate for a month.

I started on the 6th of January. Well. I restarted... I started on the 1st January, but my work colleagues bought me a chocolate birthday cake on the 5th, and I had a small slice of that.

So ... 6th January, to 5th February 2010 - I am off the sweet goodness that is chocolate.

And I have done well. No chocolate, no hot chocolate, no real cravings... I'm quite proud of myself.

The only bit of support I have asked is that my fella doesn't have those chocolate sponge puddings with the chocolate sauce, when I am there haha. I fear I wouldn't cope with the smell..

Unfortunately, I am finding it tough now. I really fancy a curly wurly, or some chocolate buttons.

Come onnnn Jenny, only 10 days left... !!!!!
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Blue Butterfly

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Only 10 days to go....dont give up now!
You've done fab for going this long without choc already,I would have given up by now.
Keep going,stay strong and stay away from the chocolate aisle in the shops!

Claire x


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Well done you.
Crisps are my chocolate and I haven't had any for two weeks (good for me!) so I know how hard it is. Keep going!!
What do you win/lose?
:) x


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6 days, 6 DAYS!!! :D haha

Cheers for the support, wow 2 weeks! Well done!!! It's the first that is the toughest, I think.. :)

Are you challenging yourself, or detoxing? hehe

The story behind my bet was, I said that I didn't think there was a hope in hell of Rage Against the Machine getting christmas number one, infact I was so certain they wouldn't that if they did... I would give up chocolate til I was 30. Oh... I said this on Facebook too. If it was a tipsy declaration down the pub, I might have been able to get away with it...!

Then it happened.

And everyone laughed at me, and said there was no way I could do it, no-one was expecting Little Miss Chocoholic to give up chocolate for 4 years... So my fella said I should at least do a 30-day ban as a goodwill gesture. I like the idea of this way better than 4 years...

I actually feel loads better, for not eating a bar of chocolate a day. Three some days. It has been a good thing, but I think that I will have some chocolate when I can, and then do it all again :) Now that I have proved I can!


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just wanted to say that I think it's great that you're doing this! (good story behind it too!) you should defo be proud of yourself!
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You are doing so well, If I had to give up wine for thirty days I dont think I could do it. That's my weekness ;)


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Aw I bet you could. Honestly, it has completely flown by... I can't believe I've nearly done it!

The fella said he was really proud of me last night :D And I have agreed that I will have some chocolate on Saturday, and then start it all over again! :)

I must be mad...!


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I DID IT!!!!

And it was loads easier than I thought it would be! Thanks for the support everyone!

Next challenge - No more than 2 slices of bread a day... this could be a toughie. I'm usually a toast breakfast, soup + sandwich lunch, and toast for supper kinda gal...!

08.02.10 to 10.03.10 :D


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Update on Challenges:

Challenge #1 - No chocolate 06.01.10 to 05.02.10- DONE!

Challenge #2 - 22 Workouts - 15.01.10 to 14.02.10 - DONE!

Challenge #3 - No more than 2 slices of bread per day - 08.02.10 to 10.03.10 - ON TARGET!!

Challenge #4 - 23 Workouts - 15.02.10 to 19.03.10 - Bring it ON!