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hope it is ok to have this in the sw thread rather than food diaries cos i hope my fellow sw-ers will keep an eye on me!

i'm onto 3rd day of red days now after not losing on green and it's going well. i'm not hungry like i thought i would be. thought i'd keep a bit of a food diary here to keep me on track. i'm off sick today (third day) with a horrible lurgey (sore throat and hacking cough) so eating the right thing is a bit easier really.

today i've had fresh pineapple for brekkie so far (free). for lunch i'm going to have ryvita (one B) with cheese spread (one A) and ham, and a mullerlight. i'm actiually really enjoying this lunch and it's something i can take to work easily.

for dinner i think i might try cjtj's cottage loaf recipe. the last 2 nights i had chicken stir fry with chilli, garlic and ginger and chinese five spice powder and soy. and then loads of veg. was really lovely and ate with chopsticks to make it last longer:)

hope everyone has a good day.
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I think it's a great idea to keep your diary in the SW section.
Me too, especially as it'll give new people like me, great ideas on what to eat.


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wehey go jen!

good idea about the chopstick aswell, best of luck mate. x
ok, so after being really good yesterday, i completely messed up today, with little persuasion!
i spent the day with one of my best friends and her baby. she is moving to norfolk next week and this was the last time i'll see her for a while. a bit sad now :-(
and she had a hangover and we ended up going to pizza hut where i had a salad.....and shared a pizza! oops! feel better for cinfessing though. back on track tomorrow.
jen x
i just see it as a big messed up day! i am gonna go easy on the syns for the rest of the week,

started today with a mullerlight for breakfast

That makes two of us jen, i to was "dragged" into pizza hut yesterday also, and had salad and shared a pizza!! Must be something in the air this weekend !! I have been good today though. Is a good way of keeping your metabolism going anyway :D
lol. i like your way of thinking, hon! x

well despite yesterday and my disastrous weigh in today, i have stuck to red days today, not even had any sins.

i had a mullerlight for brekkie and then just ate fruit for the rest of the day until dinner time. for dinner i cooked two small tuna steaks. i wrapped them in foil with fresh ginger and chilli and soy sauce for 20 minutes. a new creation! it was delicious. had it with brocolli and cauliflower. and more fruit for pud.


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Well done for keeping off the syns. I thought I was doing well until 2 glasses of red wine crept in when my guard was down in the evening.
Hey Jen

Well done - are you having your healthy extra's try not to skip them - I found Baxters Minestrone Soup (with Pasta!) is a B choice on a red day and that was nice and filling.

Caz x
hello ladies.
managed to stay on the wagon today. actually havent eaten a lot. apple and banana for brekkie, ryvita minis for snack, ryvita, cheese spread and ham for lunch, fruit mid afternoon, fish and veg for dinner and thats it!
wednesday - green

fruit for breakfast, baked potato with butter (syns) for lunch, quavers this afternoon (syns), pasta with homemade tomatoe sauce and veg for dinner and about to tuck into a toffee mullerlight
i've been away this weekend with friends to Bath, so SW has gone by the wayside i'm afraid! but it could have been a lot worse foodwise and i had a fabulous time. back to it tomorrow..


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My weekends been a bit ropey can't / don't want to work out syns for desserts & alcohol so my clean slate started today. I find it's much easier when in routines and away from temptation. Made the haddock mornay from the Jan issue of SW and it was quick and gorgeous. I've also bought 100 red/green receipe books but still needs inspiration for red lunches as ham sandwiches aren't filling enough.

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