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Jessicarabbit72's diary.........

Afternoon everyone,

I know Ive been a bit awol here and there these last few weeks but Im going to have one last stab at it starting from monday the 15th. Ive got 27 days worth of supplies sitting in my garage wasting money which is not how it should be.

Julie is on it and on track and I need to give myself a kick up the ar*e and get on with it. She lost another 2.5 this week so she has lost 12.5 in 2 wks - go julie!!!

This morning I have sorted out my freezer as we are preparing it for a defrost and there's hardly anything in it and i have made the list for tesco for stuff for my hubby and kids so the temptation for me to have tea with them isnt there. But do need to have some stuff over the weekend or it will be wasted so Monday it is.

I have been and bought a wireless hub and am getting a 2nd hand laptop so I can be online more easily and be keeping a check on my movements asnd not sneaking off to land up face down in the biscuit barrel.

Hope you are all doing okay too. I have been lurking and keeping up with the wagon but sadly running behind it rather than in it with all of you snuggled under that duvet!

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Right Jess, we'll park the wagon right outside your house on Monday, 8am sharp and won't be leaving until you are settled and comfy. Plenty of space on board and it's really snuggly! Bring anything you like to make it better, there's singing going on now!!

See you on Monday! xx
ooh I love a bit of a sing song reminds me of when i was in the choir and guides!!!!

will be waiting patiently at 8a.m. on monday then.........

have a good weekend everyone and we have Lexie back YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH to hold my hand too and lets hope she stays in the wagon with us.


Stubborn tortoise
See you on Monday Jess! Think a fresh start is a great idea, and I know you can do it this time. We're all in this together! (And don't feel bad 'cos I have been running along behind the wagon for some of the time too!) Julie's losses are inspiring, yay for her!

sunday 14th.........

well after alot of swearing stamping and yelling I finally have my wireless laptop up and running in my bedroom so I can really get sorted and stay on track and get in the zone!

I have spent the weekend having my favourite things - wont mention them and have my bag packed ready for that wagon in the morning

so heres to a good week and being a bit lighter by next weekend


Plod, plod, plod.....
Heading your way Sweetie, I'm running a bit behind but I'll have caught up by the morning! :eek:
Right am back on the wagon as it came past my house. havent had anything yet - just got to get kids sorted and my plumber is coming round this morning to fix a few things so will be back later when been to drop kids off at holiday club.

Hope you are all okay and will be back in a bit
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Go Jess! Great to see you... managed to scramble aboard this morning too... let's see if we can all hang on for the long haul. Hope you are doing fine so far!

plumber is here been to tesco and bought some special containers to put tetras in and have had half a strawberry hot and half a banana hot - both pretty grim but edible will definitely stick to having those two cold and just chocolate with hot water.

Have decided for these first two weeks am going to do 4 shakes a day and have half a shake every two hours to stop the nibbling and blood sugar levels dropping.

will need to start glugging water soon am off to sort washing out ready for ironing

hope everyone hanging in there


Stubborn tortoise
This morning I managed to throw half a hot choc shake all over me & the carpet... huh! I cheated and made another one... every cloud has a silver lining!



Stubborn tortoise
Nope, I'm fine. Carpet was the main casualty, & skirt. Just having a clumsy phase, I did the same with a herb tea last week... bah.

Glad to see you on the wagon Jess, definately a good idea having 1/2 every 2 hours, that is how I manage it, but I have 3 a day at 2.5 hours each..... good luck with today... lets take a day at a time...
well am pleased to report still on track apart from some halls soothers. HAD to have them as throat is killing every time I swallow - hope Ive caught it early and it doesnt develop further!

managed to make kids tea and not pick and have put Hbs tea put to cook in a bit when he comes home so have no excuse not to stay on track.

Nipped in on Julie earlier and she is ok. She has a new puppy who is just adorable.

havent been able to come online much today cos sorting out connection again and has taken all flippin day but hopefully is now resolved!

hope everyone else okay
Afternoon all hope you are all okay.

Got on the scales this morning - (sadly am still a scale hopper - if I dont get on them then it is a subconscious licence to eat what I like)................

and they were 2lb less!!!! YEY am so pleased managed to stick at it for one day - lets hope day 2 is the same - am a bit headachey today so have invested in some paracetamol.

Have been to a tennis thing again this morning with DS and just had a mug of tea and resisted the toasted tea cake I have got into the habit of having so am proud of myself for that.

Have made the decision that I will have either SS days or SS+ days as I really feel sometimes I need chicken to help me get through the day so a SS+ day would be better rather than eating something completely off plan.

Did intend on having 4 shakes yesterday and only had 3 and today have had some chicken and some milk in my tea earlier so think today will be a ss+ day.

We currently have blazing sun and hailstones here in wales - what is going on!!!!! Dont want blinkin snow had a bellyfull of that in January.

Will be back later



Haven't been online much this week on here.

Doggin uni today - husbands snoring is getting beyond a joke and I'm getting little to no sleep. On the couch for me tonight me thinks.

I've drawn up his Tesco list and we're going tonight. I've found this week quite hard going. Fine til about 5-6 then its picktastic. I'm also avoiding the scales too.

Good to see you have a firm plan for your shake regime Jess. Thats what I like to see. Whens your weigh in?
Hey Lexie- was wondering where you had disappeared to?

I saw my mate Julie yesterday and I told her you are back and Im so pleased and we can keep each other on the straight and narrow!.

Im like you Im fine all day then it comes to teatime and making stuff for the kids and I just want to pick at anything - not their food as in my mind their food is separate to mine and I cant eat it as they would be missing out but just anything else I can get my hands on - but no more!
am off to have a shake now before I pick them up asnd then I will be too full of hot chocolate to want to eat any pancakes. I HATE feeling full and sick and thats how its been these last few months after every meal!

My WI day is a Monday when is yours is it a Friday?

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