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Jo`s Diary : Bye Bye Weight & Depression !

Hello everyone

I plan to start weight watchers tomorrow and this will be my daily weight loss journal. I am 20 stone so need to lose a good 8 stone but small steps at a time...

My diary will be frank and honest, as it is time to get real.

I suffer with depression, always have but since my 2 (fantastic and gorgeous) kids it has gotten worse, I have gained a lot of weight and started on medication.

My goal is to get off the meds, get healthy and exercise.:p

Good luck to everyone
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Welcome and good luck. I can emphasise completely, am in a similar condition regarding kids, weight and depression. I'm sure you will do brilliantly :)
:cry:Day 1 and not off to the best possible start. Weighed myself for the first time in 2 weeks and am now 20 stone and 3 pounds... Changed my tracker appropriately so off we go

Anyhow, short post will post later this evening. Going to just pull myself up and get on with the day and watch what I eat ;)

Good luck to everyone
All going great so far..

Out of interest I tracked what I ate yesterday and was absolutely shocked to see it came to 61 points.. This is why weight watchers works for me, I can track what I am eating but nothing is cut out so I dont feel deprived.

Good luck to everyone
Well Day one just about done and dusted and all went great.:D

Spent a lot of today just thinking about my weight problems and how seriously I am effecting my health. Hub came home and I had a bit of a chat with him about how I was feeling - I know he would just love me to lose the weight. But I get the impression he will believe it when he sees it.

My weight and depression has obviously put a lot of strain on our relationship and yes he has stuck with me but it has definetly been hard. I guess we arent as close as we could be although I know we both still love eachother.

So the weight loss is not only to get healthy and help my depression but its also something that I am hoping will help my marriage. (God that was SO TOUGH to admit for some reason :eek:)

Good luck to everyone


I know I can do it...
Jo - that was very frank of you. I don't know that I could be as brave to talk to my hubby about it.
New day..:)
Had a terrible nights sleep last night, couldnt stop my brain from working overdrive but still have woken up positive and ready for the day.

Nicki9 and Samantha, thank you for your comments and support, all readily accepted!

I am a bit disturbed re Kazul9 :mad:
Perhaps I shouldnt be so defensive but I am not putting myself out here (on this message board) for some random person to log on and ask me to be some guinea pig to research they are doing. Sorry but that is my opinion. Rant over!

Good luck to everyone :D
Well Day 2 over and I am really pleased with how it went. :)

No problems at all staying within my points range, even though it turned into a really busy day and I was out and about for much longer than I expected.

Normally I would just grab a mcdonalds or chocolate for some quick energy but today I just got an apple, popcorn and some water to keep me going.

A really good thing happened today. I was in TKmaxx and looking through their pretty dismal plus size range of clothes. Every time I am in there it depresses the hell out of me as I am usually standing there with ladies (who are probably thinner than me) but are about 30 years older than me. Thats what really gets to me, I am looking and acting so much older than my years . But today, instead of it really depressing me and making me want to grab the nearest bar of chocolate, I actually said to myself `Well at least I wont be standing here at the plus sizes for too much longer`

For me, such a postitive thought about myself and my weight is pretty unique!! :happy096:

Good luck to everyone


I know I can do it...
Jo - I don't blame you about that post from Kazul! It's a form of spamming and I've reported it.

Well done on the positive thinking on shopping in TKMaxx. I know exactly where you are coming from about shopping for plus sizes being so depressing:(

Keep going. I'm keeping track of your progress.



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Jo - I don't blame you about that post from Kazul! It's a form of spamming and I've reported it.


Thank you Samantha for reporting this post by Kazul as it is spam and I have banned the user and deleted the post.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for that Samantha and Mini, I thought I was being a bit over the top but I was really really annoyed!!

Hectic few days so didnt get a chance to post but all has been fine. Am in the throws of PMT and keeping on top of it (usually I would go on a carb fest for a week).:eek:

Yesterday was a bit of a bummer day, hubby working late, kids acting insane all day long and I had a few moments when I really could have gone of the rails but I watched what I ate and saved some points for that night and had a big glass of wine and a healthy snack and it did me the world of good!! Again this is why ww works for me, I can point the madness into my day!;)

Good luck to everyone


I know I can do it...
Jo - well done on tackling the PMT:)


I know I can do it...
Jo, call me Sam.

I'm doing an old WW programme which I succeeded with years ago. I've been pretty strict with myself, and was pleasantly surprised to see how much had gone this morning. I was hoping I could manage a half stone, but to exceed that is great:)
Down 4 pounds!!:wow:

I am delighted with that as the weekend gone I was away, had the best time but yep unfortunately the points went into triple figures.. But I really enjoyed myself and was in dire need of a good laugh so it was all worth it. I did weigh myself on the saturday morning and I was 7lbs down so I reckon that is what I would have seen this morning had I not been away.

Totally back on track today and looking forward to it.

Good luck to everyone
Sam, again well done. I really do have a lot of faith in WW and it was by choice to go a bit awol (ok a lot awol) this last weekend. Thankfully nights away like that happen once in a blue moon!

Wishing you continues success:)


I know I can do it...
Jo - Well done on your loss:)


I know I can do it...
Hey Jo, how are you getting on?
Back again, problems with my computer so I wasnt able to update this diary.:(

Sam, nice to see I was missed! Hope all going ok with you.

WW going fine, just in a bit of a frump today and yesterday. My ole Da is back in hospital, I have my period and tons of bills are just flying in the door and I really feel like shoving my face into a big chocolate cake to be honest! But I am not going to do that, and that in itself is annoying me (God I make no sense!:eek:) I am just so used to eating to cater for every different mood swing I have, and now that I have made the decision to remove that option, I am now at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with these emotions...:confused:

I need to just keep reminding myself that one of the major kick starts to this new healthy lifestyle was seeing my Dad so ill and how I dont want to end up like that. So chin up and heres to a new day tomorrow and hopefully a brighter outlook.

Good luck to everyone


I know I can do it...
Jo - sounds like you've had a challenging day. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I am also an emotional eater - any excuse really to stuff my face - and I've found today difficult too, but I've put that down to the change in weather.

Keep up the good work:)

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