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JoCal's food diary

Hello everyone I am new here and I am planning on attempting to stick to a slimming world plan.

At the moment I am 12st 9 and I soooo want to loose at least a stone. I weigh more now than when I was pregnant (and being my son was 9lb 15....)

Today I started after we went shopping.

I have had:

stir fry - lots of veg, couple of pieces of chicken and some stir in sauce. Not really sure on the syns for the sauce.

Tonight I have also had a muller light yoghurt, grapes and microwave pop corn (again not sure of the syns for the popcorn).

As of tomorrow I am starting properly with planned meals etc. Well that is the plan, I am a bit pants at sticking to things, but hoping here will help if I can read other peoples plans and also if I write it down for all to see what I have eaten!
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Well today was meant to be the start but as my son was at a party we didn't get any lunch till 3pm so it went a bit wrong.

I started with my Bran flakes (28g) as a healthy extra, with banana and grapes

Then I had Morrissons salad!!!Whoops!! Just pasta and couscous so the only syn there was the mayonnaise, but there was quite a bit of it!!

I had planned to have quorn sausages, mash and beans tonight but not sure if I will now, or whether I will just have a muller light.

Not a great start, but hey!!

I need someone to shout at me and tell me what to eat when!!


Don't be so hard on yourself. You did the best you could under the circumstances and I, personally, wouldn't worry about it. Eat your meal as planned and start again tomorrow.

Maybe plan a bit more in advance, especially if you know you'll out and about and keep some cooked pasta in the fridge or take a couple of pieces of fruit with you to tide you over.

Hope that helps x;)
Thank you Knitter.

Well I feel good today.

For breakfast-28g cereal as HxB with milk and fruit
Snack -banana and pear
lunch - salad with egg and potatoes and 2tbsp light mayo - 6syns (ish) andnd muller light yoghurt.
dinner - quorn sausages with SW free chips and baked beans
snack another muller light yoghurt!

Not too bad for a start?!?!?!

I have actually lost almost 2lbs over that last 3 days, which doesn't sound that great, but for me it is as I am on some medication that I have been told means that I will not be able to loose weight. Hopefully I will be off this medication soon so I can really get into the swing of things!!
Well it is now Tuesday and I am sticking to it still

Breakfast - 28g Puffed wheat (health B)
Snack - banana, pear and nectarine
Lunch - salad with 2 sliced Nimble bread (health B) and mayo light (6 syns) and a muller light yoghurt
Snack - apple (yeah.... have resisted work biscuits on 2 days now :) )
Dinner - couscous with cucumber, onion and celery, 1 tbsp light mayo (about 3 syns???) and a mushroom stuffed with garlic and spinach and topped with mozzarella (light version) (as a Health A)

May have another yoghurt tonight.

I just hope that I do see some results because I hate the way my weight it so up and down even within a few days!!
Wednesday -

Breakfast - 2 slices of Nimble bread (HxB) with 1 tsp of lemon curd (not sure on syns, but will er on side of caution and say about 6!!)

Lunch - salad and couscous with 1 tbsp mayo (about 2 syns) and a muller light yoghurt

Dinner - mushroom risotto (recipe from SW and it is free)


Breakfast - 2 slice nimble bread (HxB) and lemon curd (still don't know syns - 6???)

Lunch - was meant to have leftover risotto but hubbie forgot to put in fridge... and I didn't know till it was too late to make lunch so got an egg sandwich!! - egg free, bread and mayo were syns and then had freddo bar.... think I am at my syn limit!!

Dinner - baked potato with salad and beans and 3 cheese triangles (HxA) and a tbsp salad cream light (1 1/2 syns)

Not so great a day today!! Hey ho

This morning when I weighed myself I was back up to 12 st 10 - not happy. I thought I had done well over the last few days, discounting today!! Not sure if it is because of my medication or if I just need to keep going for longer!?!?!?! Anyone any advice?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Hun...1 level tsp of lemon curd is 1 syn on either day.
Try not to guesstimate your syns, as you can find that you will either go way over, or way under!
Stop weighing yourself everyday, as the scales fluctuate during a week. Weigh once a week either in class (if you go), or once a week at home (like me)....you could be tempted to come off track if the scales dont show a loss from one day to the next and just think how much more of a surprise your loss will be!
Friday -
Breakfast - Cereal 28g - HxB
Lunch - bachelors cheese and brocolli in cheese sauce packet pasta - no better - free :)
Dinner - bowl of sugar puffs - 5 syns (looked it up before I had it, and I know that it is around that amount but that was yesterday and I haven't got the paper I wrote it on to hand!!

Breakfast - 2 shape yoghurts (the free ones)
Lunch - egg mayo (4 syns) with nimble bread (HxB) and lots of salad
Dinner - bubble and squeak with spicy beans (free - followed recipe from SW 40 recipe booklet) followed by a muller light blueberry yoghurt.

I am feeling good at the mo about it all. Will weigh myself tomorrow.
wooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo, 174 lbs. decided that Sunday morning was my weigh in day. I really didn't think I would loose anything as at the mo it is difficult to loose weight. I was 177 lbs at the start
Today - Sunday

Breakfast 28g cereal (HxB)
Snack - muller light yoghurt
Lunch - baked potato with salad and beans... and coleslaw (4 syns)
Dinner - quorn mince with lots of veg and gravy (whoops - 10.5 syns)
Snack - muller light yoghurt
Breakfast - no time (whoops, slept in!!) so grabbed 2 strawberries!!
Snack - apple
Lunch - egg and salad with mayo (6 syns) and 2 slices of Nimble bread (HxB) and muller light yoghurt
Dinner - veg risotto (adapted from mushroom risotto in the new SW mag) but added chicken (HxB)

Also had 1 jelly cola bottle - not sure on the syns

Snack - will probably have another Muller light yoghurt later

Breakfast - magic porridge (Muller light blueberry and 28g porridge oats - as HxB)
Snack - alpen light - 3 syns and a banana
lunch - egg, cucumber, celery with mayo - 6 syns and 2 slices of Nimble bread (hxB)
Dinner - baked potato with Batchelors cheese and brocolli pasta in sauce (1 syn)

Breakfast - cereal 28g HxB
Snack - banana
Lunch - couscous, salad and mayo - 6 syns for mayo and muller light
Dinner - egg, quorn sausages, 2 wholemeal bread rolls (so one HxB and other 6 syns) and ketchup (not sure on syns but surely it can't be too much!?!?!?!)

Breakfast - banana (ran out of time!!)
Snack - 2 alpen light bars (HxB)
Lunch - yoghurt, banana, raspberries
Dinner - not sure yet as the tesco man hasn't arrived yet and I am all out of SW friendly food!!! - disaster has just struck, the tesco man can't come as his van has broken down... so now hubbie is collecting at 10pm, which si going to far to late too late to be cooking and I am soooooooooooooooooooo hungry!!!
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Breakfast - banana
Snack - 3 syn scone!!
Lunch - bread (HxB) and bachelors cheese and broccoli pasta in sauce - 1 syn
Snack - 0.5 syn slice of the fruit roulade that is on here, but I added cocoa powder, hence more syns
Dinner - nothing as I fell asleep with my little boy before I had a chance to eat anything!!

Breakfast - 2 weetabix
Lunch - extra light mayo (2 syns) with egg and salad and 2 slices of Nimble bread (6 syns)
Snack - grapes
Dinner - steak with 178g potatoes baked in oven (I can't remember, but I looked it but as to what it was for potatoes as a Hx on a red day!!) and peppercorn sauce (4.5 syns) followed by a satusuma.
I may have a Muller light yoghurt later, not sure yet.

Total for Saturday - 12.5 syns.

This is the most syns I have had and I feel very guilty about it!!! Very miffed actually, as I forgot I was having potatoes tonight, hence having the bread at lunch, coz I would much rather have used my syns for a treat size bag of maltesers that are in the cupboard!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!
Well I think I am doing ok as I am now down to 172.6 lbs.

Breakfat - weetabix and banana
snack - some grapes
Lunch - couscous and salad with extra light mayo (1 syn)
snack - maltesers treat bag - 5 syns
snack - alpen light (1 part of my 2nd healthy extra b!!! Will have the other one in a bit with a cuppa)
dinner - egg fried (fry light) rice with veg and soy sauce


Do you think I am doing ok? Does it look like I doing it right to everyone?
Erm... whoops, big whoops, very very big whoops for today!!!!

Up until 5pm all was going well

Breakfast - cereal HxB
snack - banana
Lunch - couscous with salad and extra light mayo (1 syn) and muller light
snack - pear and satsuma

THEN... discover I have a flat tyre whilst still at work. Can't change it myself due to my shoulders. Husband says he will come and change it with son (3 years old). By this time it is getting close to son's bedtime and he hasn't eaten. He says he wants a pizza. I go to the local shop while hubbie changes tyre to see if we can get a mini fresh pizza to put in the oven when we get back, but they have nothing. The we pass a takeaway....son sees picture of pizza.... I have never ever given him take away, but thought just once wouldn't matter. He ate some chips and then decided he was too full... leaving a 8 inch margarita pizza and some fried chips..... hubby ate half and I gave in as I was so hungry and it smelt soooooooooooooo yummy..........I had the other half. I dread to think how many syns it was. Think I am just going to have to be super good for the rest of the week!! Pants pants pants.

Although having said that, this is the longest I have ever stuck to a diet so far, so I just have to make myself go a bit longer from tonight :)

Do you think long term it will make a massive difference to my weight loss?

Well I have been super good today

Breakfast - cereal
Snack - banana and alpen light (part of HxB)
Lunch - couscous, salad and extra light mayo (2 syns) and muller light yoghurt and fruit
Snack - alpen light (part of HxB)
Dinner - couscous (again) with salad and spinach stuffed mushrooms (free) with Mozzarella (HxA)
Might have a few grapes before I go to bed.
lost track of my days!!

Think I have missed a day out!

Breakfast - weetabix and banana (HxB)
snack - alpen bars (HxB)
Lunch - couscous with salad and extra light mayo (1 syn) and muller light yoghurt
Snack - apple
Dinner - baked potato, baked beans, salad and 4 light cheese triangles (HxA)

Breakfast - toast with flora light (some syns!!??!?!?! and HxB)
Snack - fruit
Lunch - egg, extra light mayo (1 syn) and salad and muller light yoghurt
Snack - banana
Dinner - fell asleep so missed out!!

Breakfast - cereal (HxB)
Lunch - bachelors cheese and broccoli pasta (1 syn) and 2 slices of nimble bread toasted (HxB)
Not sure what we are having for dinner yet, but as I have a few syns left today, I may just have to have a small bag of maltesers (treat size - 5 syns) for a snack, whilst I watch my some at trampolining club - which is very stressful!!!)

edit - I had SW chips with cheese slices (HxB) and extra light mayo (1 syn) for my dinner. And I did have the maltesers!!!
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Last night we ended up with chinese... lots of veg and rice, but still very high in syns I am sure!!

Today - Sunday

Breakfast - erm none!!
Lunch - erm none either - not really sure what happened there!!
Dinner - steak (170g raw - used both HxB's on it!!) with SW chips, and pepper corn sauce (HxA and 4 syns - whole packet it 4 1/2 syns, but hubbie had some, so I am going with 4 syns just to be sure!!)
Snack - I made the couscous mincemeat cake... oh my it is soooooooooooo nice!!! I had a slice (1/8th of it) so that is 1 syn.
So I am below my syn levels with only 5 1/2 syns so far, so I can use some of those to pay back for last night if nothing else!!!!


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