Jodi Picoult fans?

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  1. lynsey-j

    lynsey-j Full Member

    Any fans of Jodi Picoult on here? I absolutely love her books and her writing style.

    What is everyone's favourite book of hers?

    I love My Sister's Keeper - it was the first book I read by Jodi Picoult and I still love it. But I also love Nineteen Minutes. Think she writes about really gripping, interesting subjects and her books really make you think.
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  3. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    ooooh me! I have pretty much all of her books! I loved my sisters keeper, it was the 1st one i read. I also loved the one about the amish community...but cant remember the name of it right now!
  4. bunny_hops

    bunny_hops Violet is shrinking

    I have about 4 of her books, and ive of not read them yet.. when i go back upstairs i'll make a not of the titles.

    one if them is my sisters keeper,i got this way before there was talk of the film, ive seen the film and i wasnt that impressed with sure the book is different though as they change so much in movies and sometimes you cant get into the characters as much.

  5. lynsey-j

    lynsey-j Full Member

    Plain Truth - I love that one too. Such an interesting idea and setting for that storyline.
  6. lynsey-j

    lynsey-j Full Member

    I definitely think the book of My Sister's Keeper is better than the film. I did like the film but they changed quite a bit of the storyline. The book is worth a read :)
  7. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    Yes thats the one! The book version of my sisters keeper is much much better, i was gutted when the changed the ending!
  8. lildanni

    lildanni Full Member

    I love her books!!!

    My favourite one so far is Nineteen Minutes! That one came to work with me every day (back in the days when I had an hour for lunch) and I couldnt put it down...was gutted when I finished it!

    My Sisters Keeper was good too...Ive got almost all of her books (on last check think there is only 6 I havent read!) Just started Salem Falls last night.

    Tenth Circle was also made into a film and was on channel 5 earlier on this week (think it was Wednesday!)
  9. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    I really like Jodi picoult's books. The first one I read was the pact and then nineteen minutes which is a really good read.

    Ive quite a few of her books, enjoyed every one except second glance which I struggled to get into.

    At the moment I'm reading Sing You Home, I'm about halfway through & really enjoying it.

    Any other fans out there? Anyone read Lone Wolf, her new book, yet?
  10. I love Jodie Picoult her books really suck u in to the story. My favourite is The Pact and Salem Falls. I have most of them must start reading them again as a few to get through. X
  11. Cuqsuita

    Cuqsuita Full Member

    The first book I read was My Sister's Keeper (recommended by my biology teacher when we studied genetics), since then I've read almost all of her books. I haven't read Harvesting the Heart, or her two newest books. I quite enjoyed House Rules, her portrayal of Asperger Syndrome was more accurate than most books and films manage. I think my favourites would be Handle with Care, Songs of the Humpback Whale, and Plain Truth.
  12. katiebaby

    katiebaby Gold Member

    I have 2 in my pile to read and can't wait as I've heard so many good things about her writing
  13. parisienne

    parisienne Full Member

    I love Jodi Picoult, she tackles really interesting ethical dilemmas in her books and she does it so well!! Aside from My Sisters Keeper, I really liked Perfect Match. Will have to read a few others of hers soon!
  14. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    She has a new book out that's like a fantasy young adult romance. Co-written with her daughter. I quite like the sound of it, sounds very fairy tale like.

    My sister's keeper is on channel 4 tonight. Be warned, you will need a full box of tissues because I cried through the whole film. And I don't cry at films as a rule.
  15. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    I do love jodi picoult books. Gunna watch my sisters keeper tonight but I cried my way thru the book so dont give myself much hope with the film. I also like the pact haven't read any of hers for a while tho will have to get on my kindle and d/l one
  16. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    The ending of the film is different from the book. I found the film more of a tear jerker than the book. I've read quite a lot of her books but there's a few I haven't read yet. Ive enjoyed all of the except second glance which I didn't enjoy at all and gave up on.
  17. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    I'll prepare myself for the film then thanks for the warning x
  18. parisienne

    parisienne Full Member

    If you're a fan of the book you won't like the film, they've butchered it!
  19. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    I've read everything from Jodi Picoult and have ordered her new book co-written with he daughter. I plan to read it with my daughter. I think " 19 Minutes" and "House Rules" are her best written books. I think that her concept of selecting and researching "hot button" topics makes her books intriguing and wonderful for book groups.

    I think movie "My Sister's Keeper" did not do justice to how disturbed the mother was and how she totally neglected her son and husband whilst using her youngest for spare parts. I think the ending. The book was too pat - I think the movie ending (although too over the top) was more realistic. I think I'd have changed the end. To the older sister dying from kidney failure before the case is ruled upon, which would be very likely.
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  20. Fizzybee

    Fizzybee Full Member

    I just picked up a copy of "Picture Perfect" from a charity shop this week; I'm only about 80 pages in, but her writing style is very easy to read - so far so good, and I'm pleased to see thereare more titles to try :)
  21. Cuqsuita

    Cuqsuita Full Member

    Have just finished Harvesting the Heart, it's so beautiful and I really felt drawn to each of the characters. I read Sing You Home straight afterwards, and felt the ending was a bit rushed and nothing took me by surprise, which was a bit disappointing. I haven't read Picture Perfect or her two newest books yet, those are certainly on the to-read list though.

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