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Jodie79 SS Diary Day 1 to Goal!!!


Hi everyone,

This is Day 1 of my SS Journey. I'm hoping by writing a diary it will help me get to my goal and share with everyone my ups and downs, which i'm sure i will go through from time to time.

A little about myself. I'm 30 and live with my partner Chris who asked me to marry him on my 30th birthday last month :D. I'm in the RAF and i'm a Chef. I love food!!! There have been times when i will just eat and eat until i feel sick. I'm greedy and thats why i have ended up like this. :ashamed0005:
I have been dieting since the age of around 15. I have been on every diet you can imagine, some i have lost weight on but always put every pound back on sometimes more. I have done Cambridge before and lasted 6 days. I'm hoping this time i finish my journey to goal as i'm determined to get the weight off for good.

I went to see my CDC last night and weighed in at 12st 8 1/2 lb. I collected my 14 shakes, 14 soups and 14 porridge. She is not able to weigh me next week as she is having an extension built so is only doing fortnightly appointments. She was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable in her home.

I had my porridge for breakfast which was yummy and my banana shake for lunch which was yummy too. I went to the Gym (to keep my mind off food) did a very gentle 20 mins on the cross trainer (269 cals burnt) and some sit ups and pull ups. Need to tone up as i go along this journey. I have been drinking lots of water, 2 an a half litres so far which is good as i have all evening to go yet. Will be having my soup for Dinner (can't wait!!!).

Well i hope everyone is doing good!!!
Bye for now!!! :wave_cry:
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Hello Jodie and welcome you will loose them pounds in noooo time lol.
I will be attempting my last journey also to goal from tomorrow now ssing.!
I will keep up to date with your diary, good luck again.xx
Hi Shanny, Thanks for reading and thanks for your post. You have done really well so far. Good luck on your last journey to goal. Keep us updated on your loses!!! x

Hi everyone,

Today has been good. I had my porridge for breakfast, Mint choc shake for lunch which was yummy. Just had my Vegetable soup for dinner which was also yummy. So glad that i'm enjoying the flavours so far. I tired to keep myself busy at work to keep my mind off food. Went to the gym again today, 20 mins cross trainer (273 cals burnt) some sit ups and some push ups. I have 4 days off work now for bank holiday, my partner and i have nothing planned. Think i'm going to have a bit of a spring clean.

Forgot to mention in my post yesterday that i have a holiday booked to Mexico and we fly out on November 15th this year, so that gives me just over 11 weeks to get as much weight off as possible. Its an all inclusive holiday, which does scare me a little but i'm hoping to be near goal by then!!! I will be so proud if i make it that far.

Well i hope everyone is doing good!!!
Bye for now!!! :wave_cry:

Hi everyone,

Well another good day on SS!!! I have been off work today, i find it alot easier when i'm at home. I have spent most of the day chilling out, watched 3 episodes of biggest loser which i had sky +, i love that program. My CDC phoned me today just to make sure that i was ok and if i wanted to swap any of my packs. She is really nice just wish i was getting weighed on Tuesday but she said that she will ring me to see how i have found my first week.

I had my porridge this morning and vanilla shake for lunch, i blended my shake with 10 ice cubes and 100ml of water and it was lovely, tasted like a thick shake. Just had my mushroom soup for tea, really enjoyed that.

Alot of people usually prefer being at work to keep them on track but because i'm a chef sometimes at work i find it hard, luckily i'm working in an office until next year as i'm standing in for one of the girls that has gone on maternity. I still sometimes have to work in the kitchen when we are short staffed and i can always smell the food wafting into the office.

My OH said to me this morning that he thinks i have lost a few pounds already (bless him) i'm only on day 3. My stomach is'nt as bloated so thats good. Well going to make myself a black coffee and get ready for BB. Going to clean the house tomorrow from top to bottom, that will keep me busy!!!

Good luck to everyone on there journey!!!
Bye Bye!!! :wave_cry:

Hi everyone,

Another 100% day on SS. I have had no headaches or feeling of tiredness which my CDC said i may get. I do feel hungry at times but that is to be expected when i'm living 415 cals a day. I just try to keep myself busy.

Had my porridge for breakfast, i'm so loving the porridge!!! Had my strawberry shake for lunch, same as yesterday whizzed it up in a blender with ice cubes and had Chicken & mushroom soup for tea got to say that was'nt my favourite abit to watery.

I have spent most of the day cleaning, upstairs is gleaming. Still got to do downstairs tomorrow. I was looking at clothes on the internet last night dreaming of being a size 10, so can't wait for the weight to start falling off. My next door neighbour (Stacey) came round earlier she is stick thin and really pretty and always wears really stylist clothes and there was me in my cleaning gear looking a state. And Lesley who lives up the road was walking her little dog wearing hunter wellies with little denim shorts, sounds stupid i no but she looked great. So i was feeling quite sad :( earlier but then i thought well i will soon be able to wear stylist clothes, i think sometimes you need things like that to happen to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Well OH and i are just about to watch a film (Cleaner) so i'm off to make myself a black coffee and get ready for it.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!!
Ciao for now!!! :wave_cry:

Hi everyone,

Day 5 and I’m feeling good. Feel like i haven’t stopped today. Felt a little light headed earlier but that soon pasted also felt like i was getting a headache but had some water and felt fine. I’m really happy with my water intake, been having 4 litres a day i just drink when i feel hungry.

Had my porridge for breakfast the apple & cinnamon one, it was lovely will definitely be getting some more of them, mint choc shake with ice for lunch and oriental chilli soup for tea that is definitely my favourite soup so far. Trying to have a variety of flavours so i don’t get bored.

My house is gleaming. I have had a right good spring clean. Really wanted to get on the scales this morning as i feel like i have lost weight but i resisted. I’m not seeing my CDC until next Tuesday so i think i might have a quick peep this Tuesday morning to keep me motivated. I did weigh myself last Wednesday morning after getting weighed by my CDC on Tuesday night just to see what i weighed on my scales. I don’t want to get obsessed with weighing myself but i think once a week won’t hurt.

Feeling really positive at the moment, just hope this feeling lasts. Need to keep thinking about my holiday in Mexico and that bikini i so want to wear.

Hope everyone has had a good day!!!
You are doing really well, you seem really positive and I'm sure you'll be looking and feeling great in Mexico if you stick to this! Well done for staying away from the scales, wish I could! :rolleyes:
SparklingFairy thanks for the post. I hope this positive feeling lasts, i'm determined to stick to it. Good luck on your journey, i'm sure you will reach your goal. Keep us posted on how you are getting on!!!

I can’t believe it is day 6 and i’m still 100% SS. I have had another good day apart from this afternoon i felt hungry think it was because i was’nt doing anything so my mind turned to food.

Had my porridge for breakfast, vanilla shake with crushed ice for lunch, really enjoying it whizzed up in the blender and had vegetable soup for tea. I find the soup really filling so i think that i will be sticking with the soup for my dinner.

I had such a s**t night’s sleep last night, i woke up at around 3 and did’nt get back to sleep until about 6. I just kept tossing and turning and it was warm which did’nt help. Thought that i would feel knackered today because of it but i’ve been fine. The weather was awful this morning so OH and i went into town. We had a starbucks, usually i would have a sandwich/Panini and a muffin/cake but all i had was a black coffee, my OH is great he did’nt even have anything apart from a latte. I was looking at the cake and all i could think was i can’t wait until i get to goal and i can come in here at the weekend and have a bit of cake as a treat. We got back from town at about 3 and i was dying for my shake i usually have it earlier than that. The weather turned gorgeous at around 1 could’nt believe it. I just wish that i could have sat in my garden with a pair of hot pants on with a vest top but i would have looked a right state. I was a little bored this afternoon, i now know that i need to keep myself busy to stop me from thinking of food.

Well back to work tomorrow and i would have done a whole 7 days of SS. Think i’m going to have a quick peep on the scales tomorrow morning as i’m not getting weighed until next Tuesday by my CDC and i want to see how i’m doing.

Hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend!!!:wave_cry:
Looking forward to finding out your week one results!! Well done for not getting anything else in starbucks. Your OH sounds lovely for just getting a latte, my ex boyfriend would never dream of being so considerate :rolleyes:
Thanks sparklingfairy my OH is lovely, he is so supportive!!! Believe me i would of loved to have had some cake but i must be strong!!! Good job he is your ex boyfriend now as you need someone who will stand by you through this journey because at times it can be so hard!!!

OMG i have completed 1 week on SS, i’m so proud of myself.:D Unfortunately my CDC can not weigh me this week so have to wait until next Tuesday but i did have a quick peep on my own scales this morning and in 6 days it says that i have lost 8lbs!!! I’m so chuffed!!! :D When you see results like that it keeps you motivated!!!

Had my porridge again for breakfast, banana shake for lunch could’nt whizz it up with ice today as i was at work, gutted!!! And chicken & mushroom soup for tea which I’m getting used to now.

Well back to work and i have to say it has been hard. I was in the kitchen today because we were short staffed, i was in a place called in-flight which is where all the pack meals go out for all the pilots and i was surrounded by chocolate bars, muffins, crisps and nice tasty sandwiches that i had to make (God they looked nice). I just wanted to eat everything, the thing is i was’nt even hungry it was just because it was there, but i was strong and kept thinking of Mexico, Skinny jeans, Ugg boots, size 10, getting in the 9’s and the 8lb that i had lost!!! I have to finish this journey and if i have to go through tough times so be it. I finished work at 4 so just came home and made myself a black coffee and chilled on the sofa. I’m hoping that the rest of the week is not as hard as today. I’m wishing the days away until next Tuesday when i get to see my CDC and get on the scales, hope she will be proud of me.

Hope everyone has had a good day!!!
S: 309lb C: 175lb G: 159lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 134lb(43.37%)
Hi Jodie, Well done on completing you first week. You have done so well so far. Also well done for resisting all the food!!! Good luck for this week x
Thanks Emma. Well done on your 11lb loss!!! Can't wait until next Tuesday to get weighed by my CDC for the first time. Good luck on your journey and keep us in touch with how your doing!!!

Well i’m in my 2rd week of SS, I’m so proud of myself for getting through the first week:D. Just need this positive attitude to stay with me until the end.

Had my porridge for breakfast, Mint choc shake for lunch ‘definitely my favourite’ and oriental chilli soup for tea. I’m loving the oriental soup!!!

Today has been a better day. I have’nt felt as hungry and was’nt surrounded by chocolate just raw meat which was’nt as tempting. I kept myself busy all day and that took my mind off wanting to eat. I went to the gym at lunch time and did 20 mins on the cross trainer (burnt 275 cals) 50 sit ups and 50 kettle bell lifts. I can definitely see that i have lost weight and it feels great. One of the girls who works on camp has started CD my OH told her about it, she went and saw her CDC on Monday, so i said that i will pop in regularly to see how she is getting on. I have’nt told anyone at work that i’m doing CD, they will only slag the diet down and say that i look fine the way i’am and why do i have to do such a drastic diet when i could just eat healthy and lose weight. What they don’t know is that i have tried every bloody diet and i have never succeeded. When i have got near to my goal weight then i will tell them how i did it but until then i will just keep it between my OH and my Mum.

I hope everyone is doing well on their journey. I’m off to bed in a mo, i’m absolutely knackered!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow!!! Bye:wave_cry:

Hi guys,

Today has gone well apart from feeling really tired. I did'nt sleep that well last night, but i'm still 100% SS.

Had my porridge for breakfast, Vanilla Shake for lunch & vegetable soup for tea. Thinking about getting one of the bars next week just to see if they are any good.

Was in the kitchen again today but lucky not surrrounded by yummy food all the time apart from one of the guys made some chocolate brownies that looked to die for. Went to the gym at lunchtime even though i did'nt really have the energy but it stops me from thinking about food. I did 20 mins on the cross trainer (274 cals burnt) 30 chest exercises & 30 back of arm (bingo wings) exercises. Was so hungry when i finished and could'nt wait to get back to my shake. When i came home from work i had to have a little sleep. Feel a little better now just hope i sleep tonight. 1 more day to go at work and then i'm off for 3 days!!!

Hope everyone has had a good day on CD!!!
DAY 10

Hi guys,

Well today has been so hard!!! Don't know why, i have felt tired and hungry and been really miserable. I know that this was'nt going to be easy, i just feel like crying!!! My OH is so supportive and really feels for me but so wants me not to give up as he can see its working and how happy i will be at the end of my journey. I definately feel slimmer and it feels good but my mind just wants food. I must be strong and not give in to this Devil that is sitting on shoulder telling me otherwise.

I had my apple & cinnamon porridge for breakfast, banana shake for lunch and chicken and mushroom soup for tea.

I was really busy at work, we had to make 476 pack meals that are going out tomorrow so once again i was surrounded by Kitkats, crisps, biscuits & sausage rolls. That is probably one of the reasons i have found today hard. I so wanted a Kitkat. I did'nt go to the gym as i had a meeting, i think that if i had gone i would have felt better. I'm off for 4 days now, thankgod!!! Not back in work until Wednesday and i have my weigh-in on Tuesday night and i can't wait. Hopefully a good weight loss!!!

Well BB final is on so i must go. Hope i have a better day tomorrow!!!

Love me:wave_cry:
DAY 11

Hi everyone,

Well today has not been as hard as yesterday but i still have struggled!!! I just feel hungry, well i don't know if i feel hungry or my head is just wanting food, either way its getting me down. I've been strong and got through another day of SS, i'm so proud of myself.

Had my porridge for breakfast, strawberry shake with ice whizzed up and oriental soup for tea, my favourite!!!

Had a nice lie in this morning and then went to the beauticians. Had my legs, bikini and eyebrows waxed. I have decided that when i get under 10st 10lb i'm going to treat myself to some nice beauty treatments. Reason for the 10st 10lbs is that was the lowest weight i ever got to on Weight Watchers and than fell off the wagon and put all the weight back on plus more. Have had quite a chilled out day, OH and i got all the save a date magnets and envelopes sorted for our wedding next year just need to post them on Monday. Think we are going to pop into Reading tomorrow as i need to get my Brother and Best friends daughter a birthday present, then go to the gym late afternoon.

Well we are just about to watch 'the dark knight' on sky movies so i'd better sign off.
Hope you are all having a good weekend and not struggling like myself.
Bye for now:wave_cry:
S: 11st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Jodie, hang in there - you are doing brilliantly! It does get easier to avoid the food - I have 3 boys that I am cooking for and who are constantly eating so I too have temptation all the time. Keep thinking about your wedding and what you are doing this for. I also think that it's really normal for the diet to affect your mood and for you to be feeling a bit down. I feel the same too and my friend (who has done CD) said that the diet does sometimes make you feel a bit low.

When is your first WI? Hopefully then you'll think it's all been worth it :)


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