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John O' Groats to Land's End virtually - anyone want to join me?


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I have decided as of this morning that I'm going to exercise cycle from John O' Groats to Land's End

The distance is 838.7 miles (according to the AA Route Planner).

I'm going to keep a ticker going with how far I've done and how far I've got left to go. I'm planning to cycle daily, but it might not happen, you know how things get in the way sometimes.

So, anyone else up for cycling to Land's End with me? It doesn't matter how far you cycle each day. It might be 1/2 a mile or it might be 10 miles.. go at your own pace.

I managed 5 miles this morning, accompanied by Bon Jovi helping me to cycle LOL (I wish).

So, my first ticker! I'll add it into my siggy in a bit.

So who's joining me?
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Ohhh I like the sound of this challenge. My bike (pedal bike) is currently being held hostage by the bike repair shop so perhaps I could start off by walking and see where it gets me and if by any change I manage to negotiate my bikes release from that nasty man I can cycle too.

Great idea xx
Oh this sounds fun! :D My dad's recently fixed my exercise bike - one of the pedals kept coming off!!

I think I'll join you! :D


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OK, racked up another 6 miles this morning. 11 miles in 2 days. Don't think for a minute that i'll keep this pace up LOL.. but while the enthusasm is there.. y'know.


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I am joining you:cool:

Just need to do my ticker:p

Good luck everyone x
Just to let you know, I'm still in John O' Groats, eeeeeeeek !:p


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OK I started, just done 6.8 miles would have done more, only was in my slippers and the straps off the pedals were hurting my feet:sigh:
I've not made a proper start on the bike yet - been at a friend's house for the last two days! hehe :D
But swam half a mile this evening - will include that as it was a good old swimming sesh! :) lol
I think i will join you. I have taken a real interest in the bike at the gym! It will likely take me a year tho!!!

Annie what a fantastic weight loss!!

I would love to think I'll combine the walking and cycling. Could someone tell me how to access and apply those wonderful tickers you have all got. Looking forward to the challenge!


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Another 6 miles for me this morning:cool:

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