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Joining a group


Excited about the new me!
Did SW solo last week and feel the need to join a group, especially as my old book does not have the EE, just green or red days :eek:.

There was no big dark secret as to why I didn't start a group 2 week's ago, just found my old book, run out of money for CD and thought, I needed to do something til I got paid end of May..

Had a good loss 1st week and that was with an eve out on the tiles too :D. Although it was my bday, I wouldn't make a habbit of it, as I know it would catch up with me.

How do ppl find going to group each week? Value for money or not? :confused:
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I didnt think I would ever say that so here goes....... I love group :D:D..... even the clapping bit, but I do still get a bit embarrassed when they clap me.

I like going out to meet my new friends, having a laugh, getting new ideas and suggestions and planning for taster nights.

If it wasnt for going to group and enjoying it I honestly dont think I would have done aswell as I have, so for me its worth every penny.

I am actually enjoying my life again and my social life is geting better every day as with each pound lost I gain more confidence.

I have a lot more to lose, but I see nothing stopping me reaching my goal now :D

I truly believe I have my group to thank, so I say go for it :D


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Group really helps me stay focused.

I have to go each week and stay for the talk religiously - even if i have not had a good week, i always feel loads better after staying and getting to know everyone.

I go with my best friend and she is doing wonderfully on the plan (jealous - not much!!!) and her mum and dad come as well - its like my second family being there....!

I also would never have thought I'd be writing this - but I also really enjoy group!

It definatly keeps me on track as it were. Yesterday I had booked out of group with it being Bank holiday & we were supposed to have been away & that would have ment i'd not be back in time, anyway, never went away & so I was really pleased I could still go to group so I knew how I had gone on with my "mini goal" for the week.

I think its great - would defianlty say without the motivation of the group I wouldn't be here just 4 months down the line & 3 stones lighter :D


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I've only ever missed one Image Therapy session (but still weighed in) and felt i missed out big time (I also worried the heck otu of my consultant - i went to weigh in prior to booking myself into A&E with stomach pains (and subsequently admitted with suspected Appendicitis (thankfully they got that wrong).

But without group and the people there and inspiration week in week out - i'd have bored of SW a long time ago. Yesterday was my 17month anniversary of joining, and (with a small gain) 13.5stone loss.

I've tried it alone before - i lasted a week. So yes, for me, it's value for money. It's also ME time. It's the one evening ni the week that is dedicated for ME, and not where i may end up working till goodness knows what time.


Never gets tired of SW!
I absolutely love going to group! I'm now on the social team, doing the weighing, and I always stay! My consultant is amazing, funny, human and very supportive! I always come away with inspiration and it definitely keeps me motivated through the week!! I also find Minimins a wonderful support network, all in all it's a combination of the 2 and the fact that I just enjoy all the food I'm eating and the effects the weight loss is having on my both physically and psychologically!! I would recommend attending a group to everyone, although I do understand that sometimes money/time prevent this. I also find the SW website invaluable for finding syn values, the latest HEXs, and recipe ideas. Good luck- I hope you do join and enjoy the benefits!X


Yummy Mummy! xx
I LOVE going to group! Being a working mum of 2, mondays are MY nite and I do see it as more of a social event - meeting with friends, having a coffee, chatting etc etc!

I think its also important to make sure you get out of the meeting what YOU want. Ask questions if your unsure, swap recipies, ideas etc - GET INVOLVED is the main thing!!!

This may seem a little opinionated but I could never pay £5.00 get weighed and go home - whats the point? i love staying to class and would recommended it to anyone! xx


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Group really helps me stay focused.
This sums it up for me.

I don't stay to group every week - maybe 40% of the time, and I know I should stay more. I've wondered if it's worth £5 a week just to get weighed when I've got perfectly good scales at home.

The discipline of making the journey and carrying out the public weighing ritual, however, keeps me focused 100% on the target, which is really 'make it through the week to the next weigh-in' in order to record a loss.

The consultant writing that loss in my wee book is much much more motivational than me simply checking my scales and perhaps kidding myself on.

There's no hiding place at class, and it keeps me honest :eek:


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Group is fantastic, and they are stuck with me for life!
I know I could never maintain without group support and I love going. For me it's a massive part of my life, and while I was paying, it was money well spent, and even if I still had to pay I would!


Never gets tired of SW!
Re. staying to class, I always think "I wouldn't pay for a cinema ticket and leave without watching the film"!!X


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I always stay to group if I can - it keeps me honest for the week and I can wholeheartedly say I love the social aspect of it!


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you should :)

i only been going 2 weeks 3rd night 2night and helps me stay motivated, i been naughty last few days and really nervous to going tonight and i really feel like i'm soo not going to go off plan ever again! so motivation its deffinately worth the money :)


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i love goin to group as it gives me the motivation i need to keep on track - like u i did for a few months usin my old books but found without the support of the group i was bein naughty lol rejoined 3 weeks tomorrow and so far av lost 7.5 pounds so im feeling g8- join up its well worth it x


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Going to group is the only solution for me personally as it keeps me in the right gear to keep losing and get told off if I didn't lose one week.

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