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Joining a gym


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I've finally plucked up the courage. I'm so unfit and bored of my exercise dvds, I'm really hoping this will boost my weight loss and minimise sagging. I don't know if I'm brave enough to get into a swimsuit as my membership will include swimming. It will be good for a bit of variation though. I could go swimming thursdays before weigh in so i don't arrive all sweaty. I'm going to look horrendous on those machines, why do they have to have massive mirrors in the gym so that I can see my huge arse from all angles?

Wish me luck I'm aiming to go 3 times a week.

Roz x
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Well done, big step! I never go swimming on WI day as I have lots of hair and I weigh so much more when it's wet! Paying a monthly fee will be an incentive to go. Good luck with it

Thats great about joining a gym, I use to go when I was much bigger than I am and to be honest I loved it!!

I even made friends with a lot of the ultra fit body builder types, and they'd help me out and really encourage me, don't worry about other people, you're there as you want to improve your fitness, which is what everyone else is there for.

I know what you mean about the mirrors though, I just don't look at them, simple as!

I don't go to the gym now purely because I don't have time and have been working silly hours recently. I genuinely loved it though and had all the same worries as you and was MUCH bigger than you too. So get your arse down there and let us know how it goes.

Good luck,
Lou xxx


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Go swimming its great. Im from Australia, swam loads as a kid and then i wouldnt go near a pair of bathers for over 7 years. (Lived in the uk for 3 of them) but i tried shallow aqua aerobics and its so much fun. Believe me you wont be the biggest person in the class and its so much fun you wont notice other people looking at you.

I Hate the gym. I have a monthly membership but i just feel like the other people that go there think i am a blob and wonder if its actually helping. Lol. But at the end of the day other people at the gym are too busy with themselves that they dont care if you are working up a sweat or not.

Good Luck........try it once and you'll go back.

Taz xxx
Hiya babes,

Well done for taking the jump to join the gym, you will do really well!

I personally cant stick to it but i really hope you enjoy.
Ruthy xxx


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I must admit that I've always hated the gym but I am going to stick at it. Maybe I'll get into it this time. I'm going to ask for a lot of leg/bum exercises as most of the weight must be round there. My mum and I are the same height, I am an inch smaller than her round the bust and waist but 4 inches bigger round the hips and she weighs just under 2 stone less than me. I did enjoy the stepper and cross trainer last time I went to the gym but hated the bike so might ask to leav that out.

Roz x

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