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Joining the club weds, but how does this sound ?


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I'm going to join my local SW on Weds, so for now am just using my old books and bits and pieces i can remember, as well as the SW mag i bought yesterday.

(I'm not a breakfast person so struggling with that a bit, prefer my Coffee but as i normally have 2 large sugars it's not a good option lol)

White Coffee with 1 sugar

2 boiled eggs with 1 slice of bread, no spread.

Spaghetti Bolognese made with Quorn, tin of chopped tomatoes, passatta, mushrooms onions, courgettes, red pepper and garlic.

1 boots shapers choc mint nougat bar (not sure of sins for these)

I hate water on it's own so intend to use sins for making it into squash.

White coffee 1 sugar.

Ricycles with semi skimmed milk.

3 Boiled eggs with 1 slice bread and cherry tomatoes.

1 boots shapers mint nougat bar.

Handful of popcorn, which i now know is super sinful lol.

Thinking for dinner will have either the leftover bolognese or a jacket & beans.
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Sounds ok. When was it that you last went to SW? There have been changes so i don't know if you'd be aware of them. Perhaps change your sugar for sweetener then you're not using syns when you have a coffee. Ricicles would be syns as would the bread unless its wholegrain. Good luck x


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That is obviously a green day.

I love the Boots Shapers bars, they are 4. Syns each.

Are you using brown or white bread?

Sugar free squash is mostly free but I always get flavoured sparkling water.

The Ricycles would have to be Synned but I don't know how many they are as would the sugar. The molk for your coffee can be taken from your HEA


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haven't been for nearly 4 years so i guessed it will have changed slightly, i'm looking forward to going next week and getting my books.

i only had white bread, to be honest i hardly ever eat bread so only had what the rest of the family normally eat.

just been reading through the recipes thread and am making a list of ingredients to get tomorrow - quite excited - how sad am i lol.


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My family wont eat brown bread either they look at it like its got the lurgey, lol. What I tend to do being a breadaholic to stop my self eating too much bread is I put my loaf in the freezer and if I am having say a sarnie for dinner I just take out 2 pieces an hour before and let them defrost. That way I cant just help my self to an extra piece.

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