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Joining the Returners

Hi everyone I have been in touch with my counsellor and am due to return to LL tomorrow. I have put on about 2 stones since i finished management in January of this year (took my eye of that ball). I have tried doing WW and calorie counting. I lose the odd lb but get fed up because its seems so slow. I decided to try LL once again as it worked so well before (i lost almost 6 stone altogether and 2 stone prior to joining LL). I am very nervous about starting again as it appears (reading other stories) that it could be so much harder this time around. Anyway wish me luck everyone and I know I will need your support throughout the coming weeks.
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chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
I wish you the best of luck.

I wish I'd done management or had the cash to return to LL. A no goer for me at the mo I'm afraid.

I hope you'll keep us posted ;)
thanks for your good wishes. I will keep you posted. I see that you swapped to CD chicken. I have tried this too, however for some reason i couldn't stick to the 3 packs, i always felt that i was missing out by not having that 4th pack like LL.

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
thanks for your good wishes. I will keep you posted. I see that you swapped to CD chicken. I have tried this too, however for some reason i couldn't stick to the 3 packs, i always felt that i was missing out by not having that 4th pack like LL.

I was lucky, I can stick to the 3 but is was very difficult to change my routine.

Good luck for today and let us know how you get on :)
Hi everyone
I have just got back from my first meeting. Felt a little shamefaced but it was ok. I haven't put on quite as much as I thought (1st 8lb) so that was good. Picked up shakes and bars and am going to start again tomorrow. Was very pleased to hear that there is a new banana shake as I could live on anything banana flavoured i believe. There are also new bars since I was last on LL. I am going to try the cranberry one tomorrow. I'll keep posting as I think this is what will keep me going. Wish me luck.
Hi everyone
Been away visiting family for a few days but back today and just been to my first weigh in and I lost 6lb so very pleased. Been really good all week and stuck to it but it has been hard. Was desparate at times to eat what hubby and rest of family were having, even if it was just a baked potatoe (i don't care for them that much) but I didn't. Well here goes week 2 of my restart. My counsellor has suggested i do a 4 week rebalance where I should completely abstain, however, she hasn't said whether I will need to do the whole of management again afterwards or just take it easy with food. Anyone got any thoughts on this.
Hey Sugar lum well done 6lbs is great... i had a letter today from llc... offering 4 or 6 week returner courses i was goign to email her and ask about the management side... i just need to lose 12lbs... realistically cud be done in 2 weeks i think.... let us knwo if you get any more info!!!!!

love Nas x
thanks Nas
I was going to ask my counsellor last night but she was away. I am going to email her and ask her i think. I have been thinking about it though and would imagine that i would probably have to do management again so that I am introducing food again slowly rather than all at once. If this is the case then I hope I enjoy it as much as I did the first time because thats when i really thought about what i was eating, how much i should eat and seem to stick to it much easier and enjoyed the food so much more.

Good luck with your weight loss. I'm sure that 2 weeks would be enough. Wish i'd decided to go back to LL when i had 12lb to lose and not waited until i had double that. I did try calorie counting and WW but gave in too easily. Have you tried to lose the extra by other means?

I'll let you know if i find anything else out.
No Sugar Plum.... I lost the weight ... and maintained it... than once a month... I used to 790 for a few days about 5 as around TOTM i always gained about 5lb's and became bloated.....

In the Summer hols though... i put on 6-7lbs.... and just couldnt follow 790 enough to completely lose the weight... would lose 4 put 3 back on.... than in September, i was fasting and ended up eating rubbish... so brought it up to 12lb...

Just got the letter from the LLC yesterday so made me think.... I do have so CD stuff though.... so am going to try 790... Its my day 2 today again... it can be done it's just when i have lost about 6lb... i start to feel ok... and get tempted!!!! will let you know though!!! However if i waiver this tiem... I'm goign to do one of these programmes... dont want it to get above 12lb you see!!!!!

nas x
Hi Nas
I put the weight back on over the summer too and like you tried and lost a couple of lb here and there and then put it back on again etc. I went to America where all the food was fantastic hence a huge weight gain. I did WW but find it too slow and get fed up. I tried CD and this was better but still didn't quite work for me. I like your idea of 790 cals once a month for a few days as I could probably manage this. I had been feeling pretty disgusted with myself for putting the weight back on but having gone back to LL and coming onto this site again have realised that I am not alone.

I have been reading other threads and came across an old one which explained that there are 4 and 6 week returner courses on LL which are followed by management. This makes sense really.

Good luck with your return, i'm sure you'll do well.


can do it this time!
hi sugarplum & all

really interested to read this thread as I've just returned. Know I'll need much longer than you guys to lose what I have to, but you're inspiring me that I'm not the only returner and that it works to give it a second go.

good luck to everyone -and keep posting!

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