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Jojos food diary


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Ok, Here goes its day 5 of the plan and i have decided its a good idea to keep an on line diary.

Please feel free to let me know if you think i could do anything better or if you can offer any advice.

Day 5
1 Slice of Wholegrain bread toasted
4oz baked beans (115g)
Cup of tea - with milk from allowance

p/snack - mini banana
2 coffees with milk from allow

lunch - tuna salad with 1 tbsp low fat mayo and 1 mullerlight

p/snack - 6oz strawberries
2 cups of tea

dinner - 2oz pasta, bolognaise (from book) salad

Water (try to drink 2litres) done
Pepsi Max

40minutes aerobics - DVD
10 minute brisk walk
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Friday 7 May 2010 - Day 6

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, milk from allowance, 1 banana

PS- Apple, coffee

Lunch - 2 reduced fat sausage, 4oz beans, small tin of tomatoes, 1 dry fired egg, mushrooms

ps - banana

dinner - prawn stir fry with beansprouts, mushrooms, pepper, onion, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce

Water, pepsi max, tea/coffee

Excercise - 5 min toning excercise
30 min walk


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Saturday 8 April 2010

Breakfast - 1 slice wholegrain toast, 1 egg scrambled and mushrooms grilled, 2 cups of tea ( milk from allowance)

snack - apple

lunch - Heinz veg soup (under 300 cals and 5% fat) Mullerlight

snack - Raisins

dinner -Prawns salad, mayo, tomato sauce & oops crisps - counted and still under 400 cals

Tea, water, pepsi max

Exercise - 30 minute DVD
5 minute toning exercises
4 times up and down stairs x 2

** weigh in and measure tomorrow***
Feeling excited AND nervous all at the same time. Excited to find out how much weight/inches i have lost, if any. But very nervous in case after all this effort - dont think i have ever done so much exercise- i dont lose anything.
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Have faith in the diet - it works :)

My weigh in is Sunday too which I think has been the best thing, because it stops me going crazy on a Saturday evening, lol.

Your menus look good by the way x


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Posted Sunday in the wrong place! Its on my weigh in post!!

Monday 10 May 2010

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, milk from allowance and mini banana

snack - apple

lunch - Tin of Heinz Chicken Noodle Soup, Mullerlight yoghurt oops and 1 malted milk biscuit (but fortunately still all comes in less than 300 cals)

snack - 2 plums

dinner - sausages (reduced fat) + baked beans 115g, 1 egg, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes

tea, water, coffee, diet coke

excercise - toning excercises
30 minute dvd
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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Breakfast - 1 slice of wholemeal toast, baked beans

snack - 2 plums

lunch - 2 sices of wholemaeal bread, 1oz ham and salad

snack - apple
half easter egg (200 cals)

dinner - chicken, bba sauce , mushrooms and salad

Excercise - 50 mins walk
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Wed 12 May 2010 - Day 11

Breakfast- 2 bananas

snack - apple

lunch -2 slices of bread and 4 oz beans

snack-6oz strawberries

dinner- pizza m&s (355 cals) and salad

Excercise - 5min toning excercises
4 x 4 times up and down stairs
20 min salsacise dvd (to try and make me feel better or eating easter egg):break_diet:
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Thurs 13 May 2010 Day 12

B - 2 weetabix, milk from allowance, mini banana

s - apple

l- sandwich - 2 slices of wholemeal bread, ham, salad, 1 tsp mayo

s - 2 plums

d -

Toning excercises
2 x 5 up and down stairs ( dont think i will have time for a walk)
20 mins salsacise:eek:
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Friday 14 May 2010

b- 1 slice of toast and baked beans

s - strawberries 6oz

l- prawn pitta, salad and marie rose sauce

s- pineapple fresh 4oz

d- chicken salad

excercise - toning excercises
dvd - 40 mins salsacise:stickdance:
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Sunday 16 May 2010

Have had a dreadful weekend and so i have decided instead of weighing today i will weigh in the morning just to give my body chance to settle down. So i will repeat Day 14!

So back on plan today!

B- 2 x weetabix and 1 mini banana (milk from allowance
S-2 Plums
L-Tuna Salad
D-roast chicken 100g dry roast pots, veg
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ok here goes - put last weeks nightmare behind me- and go for it:eek:

Day 15 - 1400 cals -17 may 2010

milk - 200
b - 2 weetabix, mini banana, milk from allowance - 200
s - apple -50
l - chicken salad bowl with 50g chicken and mixed salad and fruit - 300
s - pineapple 4oz - 50
d - omlette and beans and salad 400
pudd - mullerlight yoghurt 100
hf snack - crisps or fun size choc bar

excercise - 30 min salsacise, 5 min toning excercises and 2 x 4 up and down stairs
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Tuesday 18 May 2010

hurray - i stuck to it all yesterday!:)

So, onto today,

b - 2 weetabix, mini banana, milk from allowance
s - apple
l - ham salad sandwich
s- strawberries 6oz
d- chicken salad
pud-100 - mullerlight yoghurt
hfs-100 -yummy choc

excercise - 50 min power walk
5 min toning excercises
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wednesday 19 May 2010

B- 1 slice of wholemeal toast and 4oz baked beans

s- banana

l- 2 slices of wholemeal bread made into a sandwich with ham and salad

s- pineapple

d- spaghetti bolognaise (from book)

dessert - mullerlight

hfs- satin crunch crisps

excercise - toning excercises
salsacise 30 mins
cleaning my house!
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Thursday 20 May 2010 Day 18

b- mullerlight, mini banana 4oz strawberries
s- apple
l- 2oz pasta, 2oz tuna, salad, lsp mayo
s- 4oz pineapple
d- 4oz new potatoes, chicken and salad
hfs- choc
pud-mullerlight yoghurt

excercise - 20 mins salsacise
5 min toning excercises
2 x 5 times up and downstairs


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Friday 21st may 2010

b- mullerlight yoghurt, banana and strawberries
l- w lf sausages, baked beans, tinned toms, mushrooms
d-tuna, new potatoes and salad
hfs- drifter 99 cals
pudd- didnt need one!
had a ww yog as part of my milk allowance

Excercise - 5 min toning excercises
20 min dvd and walk to school
1 x 5 up and down stairs
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Saturday 22 May 2010

Now this is going to be a challenging day, its sunny bbq weather and i am work this morning, boo.

b- 2 weetabix, milk from allowance and banana
l-salad sandwich
s- banana
d-chicken , 1 low fat suasage, new potatoes salad
hfs- crisps

excercise-50 minute walk
toning excercises

I will fill in the blanks as i go!!
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Sunday 23 May 2010

b- fnf 2oz and milk from allowance 200 cals
s- apple
l- salad sandwich
s- banana
d- steak, new potatoes and salad
hfs - choc 100 cals
dessert - low fat cake

excercise - gardening
45 minute core rhythms dvd


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Monday 24 May 2010

lost 2lbs (back on track yay!!)
and lost inches too

b- fnf and milk from allowance
s- banana
l- tuna salad
s- pineapple
d- chicken salad & couscous
hfs - drifter 99cals
desert- meringue, ww yoghurt and 3 strawberries- yum yum

Excercise- toning excercises
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Tuesday 25 May 2010

b- toast jam and pinepple
l- cupa soup 50cals muller light 100 cals apple 50 cals
d-jacket potato beans and salad
hfs- ice cream
pudd-meringue, ww yog and 3 strawbs

excercise -50min walk
toning excercises
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