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Jojo's weigh in - Sundays


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Sunday 9 May 2010

Oh my god!!! I lost 6.5lbs last week- amazing! i am soooo pleased

breakfast - 1 slice wholegrain bread toasted, 400g tin of tomatoes and grilled mushrooms. cup of tea

snack - 12 grapes

lunch - 2 boiled eggs with salad

snack - apple

dinner - 6oz roast chicken, roast sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, gravy

drinks - tea, water

Excercise - 5 mins toning
day off today from aerobic excercise!
WOW!! Go you - this will give you a definite boost for the next week :)


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Why did i do it? I had a fabulous 1st week and then this last week i have sabotaged myself, i have picked at food nibbled at easter eggs and over the weekend went for a picnic and ate lots of naughty things. I kind of hoped the excercise would bail me out but no.

This week i put 2lbs on:cry:. and my inches stayed the same!

i am so cross with myself, i know i can do it and that it works so why didnt i stay focused.

I had better try and stick to this week by the letter.

Sorry for moaning, thanks for listening:wave_cry:
Oops! Nobody is perfect but atleast you recognise where you went wrong and hopefully will do much better this week :)


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At least you know why! You're not saying 'I stuck to the diet 100%, I don't understand ....'

Get straight back on it and stick to the diet 100%. Up your water intake and your exercise and those 2lbs will soon vanish


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Weighed myself this morning (monday) and i have lost 2lbs, so back on track and i have also lost inches which shows the excercise is working.
Well done!!

I just read your previous post where you were gutted because you were 'naughty' and put some pounds back on. It's so easy to become complacent when you've had an excellent week but you really do have to stick to this diet. Summer is here and just think of all the lovely clothes you will fit into, also you will look and feel a million dollars! Good luck! xx


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Weigh in this morning , and lost .5lb which i am quite chuffed with as i was away last weekend and weighed myself when i got back and i had STS, and this week, wed - mon i have lost .5. Not too bad when you consider i have been away and although i try to stick to calorie counting it is hard.

Anyway, this week i need to buckle down, continue with the excercise and get this afternoon munchies 'thing' sorted and hopefully this time next week i will be smiling.
Well done! Going away is hard when youre dieting but you seem to have cracked it :)


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Lost 1lb this week, v pleased. Got a wedding on saturday so need to think about saving some cals for that.

oh, and also lost 1 inch from waist and 1 inch from hips.

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