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Jolinarr is JUDDDing AGAIN!

Ok! Day 1 again!

Quick history - Towards the end of 2008, hubby and I ordered the Alternate Day Dieting book, and we loved it! For awhile there we did UDDD faithfully!! Guess what? WE lost weight!! Woohoo! We loved it! We got busy with life though and quick. We found ourselves having more and more UDs and before we knew it, there were no more DDs! Yikes!! Good news, is that I lost 15lbs and hubby lost 20lbs. This was almost 1 year ago... Good news again, we have hardly gained anything back!!! Hubby might have gained a couple back, and Ive only gained a couple back... I think Ive gained about 3lbs back. (But for me, I have been working out a lot with weights and I know some of that is muscle weight, and plus for some reason I retain water like a sponge! I can't figure out why I do that!)..... Sooo anyway, this diet works great for us!!!!

My plans.... (which Ive already stated in another post, and some of my plans are not the same as hubby! LOL)

~Tons of water
~JUDDing of course! M,W,F are DDs, Thurs is a Med day (800-1000 cals) and Sat, Sun are UDs.
~1-2 miles most days. (I wanna do this every day, but Im just not sure... I gain muscle when I do it and then I feel like Im not losing! I know, Im a slave to my scales! :()
~lots of Green tea! This helps a lot on DDs....

Ok... So thats the plan!

Day 1 again is today!!! I will post back later on to let yall know how Ive done! :)
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Good luck to you Jolinarr and to your hubby! Must be nice having somebody there with you doing the same plan. Looking forward to seeing how you both get on :D
Thanks yall!!!

Doing good for Day 1!

So far....

Protein bar 180
2 pieces of already cooked bacon 35
Hot tea 0
Coffee 0
Water 0


Will update this post again later!
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Great going today :D How's hubby doing?
So far hubby is doing GREAT today! Im proud of him! :)
Ok! Day 1 is done!!

I did good! :)

Protein bar 180
2 pieces of already cooked bacon 35
Hot tea 0
coffee 0
1 fruit roll up 50
2 pieces of light bread 80
1 piece of honey turkey 30
Mustard (I dont' count this) 0
Tomato and Onion (I don't count this either because its a small amount) 0
1 bag of light popcorn 100
1 cup of light hot cocoa 25

Total 500!!!! Woohoo!

I walked 1 mile (the 5th mile off of 5 day slim down WATP DVD)

I drank my water!
I took my vitamins!

GREAT day!!!

Hubby did good also.. Less than 500 also!
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:welcome:to both of you, Wow DD looking good.
Can I ask what light bread you get? Bread is my downfall but it is normally about 100 calories a slice for hovis.
Hey there!!!

We use the Sunbeam light whole wheat bread... It has 40 calories a slice! :) For us it is great because we also love our bread! :) Hubby has a different bread he uses on his UDs though! he he :D I stick to the Sunbeam Light on UDs and DDs. :)
S: 13st12lb
Thank you. I'll have to have a look next time I go shopping. Can you buy it in the supermarket or is it a health food shop product?
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Don't think we get that here Jelly, Jolinarr is in the US. But you can get Nimble or WW bread, only around 50 cals a slice. Or even the little half loaves of Hovis or Kigsmill, the slices are smaller so about 55 cals a slice :) I often have some with a soup :)

That's a great dd Jolinarr, keep it up :D
Day 2 UD!

I did pretty good for an UD! :)


2 pieces of light toast - 80
I can't believe its not butter - 0
1 tsp Jelly - 50
1 piece of toast - 40
I can't believe its not butter -0
1/2 tsp Jelly 25
1 taco shell (the big one) - 180
1 tbsp of sour cream - 60
Salsa and onions and garlic powder (I don't count this) - 0
2 chicken fingers (63 cals each) - 126
1 serving of corn - 80
1/2 brownie bite - 55
1 fruit roll up - 50
2 serving of special K - 220
2 serving of 1% milk - 220

Total 1186 for the day!! Wow!!!

Ok... I didn't count a small bite of cheese that I had, or the spoon full of stuffing I had... Other than that, there is nothing else! ha ha! :)

No miles today! :( Oh well!
tons of water

Woohoo! Tomorrow is another DD!

Update Edit~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I also had a serving of Sun chips - 150
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Hahaha lol!

Yes great up day, how's today going?
Hey yall! Today is going well so far!

Only coffee and water! Woohoo!
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yay, great going :D keep it up!
DD #2!!!! woohoo! Did great!

Here is my menu!

Coffee - 0
Tomato, onion, garlic powder, Salsa, 1 tsp of sour cream (30), 1 piece of turkey (30) - 60
1 protein bar - 180
Hot tea - 0
2 pieces of light bread - 80
I cant believe its not butter - 0
Cinnammon and 1 tsp of sugar - 15
4 pieces of already cooked bacon - 70

Later on Im gonna have a snack of either...

1 bag of light popcorn for 100 cals
1 serving of dry cereal for 100 cals

Which will bring me to a total for the day of.....

505 cals for the day!!! Woohoo! :woohoo::party0049: <~~~ Me doing the happy dance! LOL

Hubby did great today also!!!!

No exercise tho! :(
Took Vitamins!
Drank a ton of water!

Woohoo tomorrow is a UD!
Day 4 UD

Lots of water
2 pieces of light toast - 80
1 tbsp honey - 60
1 tbsp - peanut butter 95
1 serving of sun chips 150
2 pieces of light bread 80
Mustard 0
Diet Root beer 0
1 piece of cheese 60
2 pieces of turkey (30 each for this brand) 0

Tonight - Eating out

Later I will post back if I exercise or not

UPDATE EDIT~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok.. I did exercise! :) I did 2 miles! (mile #3, and mile #5 from the 5 day slim down WATPS DVD)
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Day 5 DD

Ok... So far today....

Water 0
coffee 0
Cole slaw (1 cup of slaw - 10, 1 tsp of balsamic vinegar - 5, onion -0, sprinkle of garlic powder -0, a sprinkle of sugar -5) - 20
2 pieces of already cooked bacon - 35
Hot tea - 0
2 pieces of light toast - 80
I can't believe its not butter spray -0
Cinnamon and sugar - 15
2 beef hard shell tacos (from Taco Bell) Fresco style - 300
1 100 cal pack of cookies - 100
1 cup of light hot cocoa - 25
1 can of diet Dr.pepper - 0
1 can of diet Root beer - 0
Lots of hot tea - 0

For a total of.....

A little over the 500 cal mark... oh well! :))

Tons of water!!!
No "real" exercise.
Vitamins taken!

GREAT day!

Tomorrow is an UD! Woohoo!
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S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Good going so far, you can do it :D

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