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Jools ... Lets get ready to rumble ......


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Hi Everyone,

Ive done nearly every diet going. I lost quite a lot of weight on CD and thoought it was fab .. but finances are not good and I have decided to start weight watchers.
I go to my first meeting on Wednesday and to be honest I am quite nervous!

Wish me luck
Welcome again Jools and the very best of luck and all things positive.:)

We will all be here to support you along the way :D


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welcome, everyone here is great and lovely xxx
Thanks guys for making me feel so welcome.

As I say I am really nervous. Ive not weighed myself for months and I daren't weigh myself either!

Still the countdown begins and its 5 days until the next weight watchers meeting in my area!

good luck mate and welcome xxxxx
Thanks guys ....

Can any of you give me any tips on cutting down before I go to my meeting. The meeting isn't until Wednesday evening and I am so keen to get started but haven't a clue until I get the books etc!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Jools, welcome to the gang!

Good luck with your first weigh in - the first one's always the worst, when I went to my first one I was in such a state I nearly walked out, lol! Once that's out the way though you're on your way, that's the main thing.

I would highly recommend a points calculator - I'd be lost without mine. Not sure what advice I can give you about it before you start though, without the means to work out your points it'd be a bit difficult for you to follow it. I'm sure someone more helpful than me will come along with some advice for you soon :)

Good luck.
There's a sticky at the top of the ww page that will show you how to work out how many points your allowed per day - though you'll need to know roughly how much you weigh to work that out (you just need to know what st you fall into). Sorry I can't be more help.
Thanks Marie ... Ive already worked out from the sticky how many points I will have to have.

I think maybe I wil just try and eat sensibly until I have my first meeting and then take it from there when I know properly what I have to do.

Good thinking ;)

Have you checked out the 'favourites and new discoveries' sticky? That'll give you an idea of what some foods are worth points wise. Might help.


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Good luck with WW , because points really do make prizes :)
Hi Jools

Good luck on Wednesday! Once you have got the first meeting out of the way you will be absolutely fine. We have all been there and done it and still doing it now LOL.

You are in very good company! xx
Well its only 4 days away now until I go to my first weight watchers meeting. Feeling a bit more positive today (no idea why!) I can't wait to get started on Thursday.

Good luck for your weigh in in the morning Clair!

Hi Paula ... No I haven't hun.

To be honest I did weight watchers when I lived in Spain but the foods were so different over there so Im not sure until I have the info from my first meeting what would be pointed as what.

I was gonna try and cut down (which I have ... no crisps and crap!) ready for my first weigh in but then my 'greedy' head told me that it was my last chance to pig until wednesday so I have just had the HUUUUGGEST :eek: sunday lunch you have ever seen so at this moment in time I feel quite stuffed and bloated!

Im trying to get rid of all the 'naughty' items from out of my fridge ready for a new start. I honestly can't wait ... I just hope I will have the courage to walk through the doors on the night of the meeting!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:


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