Joolz's Management diary - Week 6

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  1. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Well the day I thought would never come is finally nearly here...

    Went to LL class tonight and lost 3.3lbs (I don't do kgs!) so in discussion with LLC Jo, we've decided the time is right to move into Management. I still have a bit to lose (about 7lbs I think) but hopefully that will come off too during early management - who knows. So the moment and next part of the journey I have been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure is almost here.

    I have decided to stay on SS through to Sunday and then start Management on Monday. So I picked up my blue books - which I haven't even opened the covers of yet and my packs (3 from Monday:) ) . I intend to devour the blue books (well I have to eat something even if only figuratively) when I have more time to myself to take it in, and am less tired. I have been working since I got back preparing for a meeting tomorrow so I am about to have my last pack and go to bed (very proud of myself if a little tired) as it is gone midnight!

    I am determined to do this PROPERLY. Having been inspired by AJ's approach to management, I can only hope to emulate her. I believe keeping a diary is part of the success. So I intend to. I do have a diary thread on the "Weight Loss Diary" forum which outlines my fears of recent weeks of reintroducing food and the recent steps of my SS journey - but for some reason I feel more at home here on the LL forum so will continue here.
    My only disappointment is that I will not be able to attend Jo's Management class as it is on a Tuesday evening and that is the ONE evening I can't do, so I am going to see her on a 121 basis on Wednesday or Thursday evenings starting next week.

    Anyway enough for now, the zzzz's are calling me.

    A very proud (and scared) Joolz x
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  3. skinnyminny

    skinnyminny Full Member

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    Hey Joolz

    What an exciting time for you but I can understand the dread too.

    You have done so well so far so I am sure with your focus & determination you will succeed with management.

    Good luck & make sure you keep us posted - I love reading AJ's posts and now yours will be further insight to the world of management.

    I am approaching the final weeks of foundation, not without its up & downs - I plan to go into development for a further 4 weeks and then start management :eek: so I am looking forward to reading about your experiences.

  4. tommee2004

    tommee2004 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Well done joolz!!! Excellent news to be entering Management!

    I notice you've lost over 100lbs - wow - well done , that is amazing....may I ask how long you've been doing LL?

    I started with the same amount to loose, so would like an idea of how long left I have ;-)

  5. SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue!

    SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue! Full Member

    Lighter Life
    :bliss: Brilliant Job Joolz!

    I wish you all the best with management and can imagine your excitement as well as a bit of fear.

    I am only at the begining of my journey (Day 1 Foundation .. and just enjoyed my first chicken soup) but have worried about keeping weight off. I know, one step at a time.

    I love reading how everybody gets on whether that's Foundation or Management, so will check in to see how you get on.

    Good Luck, you have done really well :)

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  6. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Hey Joolz

    Your weight loss is outstanding, much respect to you honey:D

    I too am just starting management and I full of trepidation about the whole thing.. Felt really bad and low last night after having a chicken breast for dinner. Wanted to eat more, then didn't, then did again. My chatterbox has been working overtime the last couple of days!!

    Good luck to you and I will be following your diary very closely xxxx
  7. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Tommee - thanks for that. Well it has been a fairly long journey as I did 6 months without a break from last February then came off the diet as I had loads of "stuff" going on and put a stone back on, then back on it in the autumn to lose the additional weight I gained and get to my original goal then I had another break for the whole of December and put on 5lbs but have been 100% SS since 8th Jan. So all in all 10 months but in effect I made it hard for myself by having to lose the same "stone and a half" I put on in between TWICE. That's me - make life difficult for myself. With hindsight I wish I had just stuck with it in one go as it seems I have been SS FOR EVER.

    Sneaking on to Minimins while at work between meetings!! Can I say thank you to Skinnyminny and SoonbeSlim for your comments. Its lovely to know fellow LLers are sharing the journey.

    Will catch up properly later...back to work now!
  8. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Thanks Toots! - Maybe we should make a pact and support each other through management - as I am sure we will both have ups and downs. I read with interest your first night of eating the chicken. That'll be me on Monday no doubt. I MUST find a moment to read the blue books and prepare myself!
  9. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Joolz, we can do this together ((((hugs))))). the books are essential as far as I am concerned. I have read, re read and re read again the first pages until and including week 1. I want it all to sink in but it is taking some time.

    I would suggest you read, read, read, i am sure I feel so much better this evening cause I am more informed!!! can we do this together, with the help of all the other mates I have made on here??!!
  10. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Joolz you have done amazingly well with your weight loss and I wish you all the luck in the world with Management - Well done on getting there ;)

  11. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Thank you Toots - we are in this together!!

    Well I finally got round to reading the blue books late last night. FASCINATING - and I thought really well put together by LL. I only read up to Week 1 as I don't want to overload - but at least I now know the theory and what will be introduced each week. I've photocopied the allowed food list for week 1 and stuck it to the fridge - even though I don't start til Monday. Went shopping and how proud was I that in Waitrose I bought myself a piece of Icelandic cod loin for my 1st meal on Monday. I almost said to the woman on the fish counter "can I have that really nice looking piece there as it will be my first meal for months after a strict diet" - but I kept it to the "Can I have that nice bit there." So I had my one piece of cod in trolley with all the other stuff for hubby.

    I want to try some o the recipes after day 3 so will have a read though the menu book again later.

    It is all very interesting and exciting.
  12. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    I'd just like to add my congratulations to everyone elses, Joolz. Losing over 100 lbs - a great achievement indeed!

    There is a lot of reading to do, and it may be a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll soon get into the swing of 'eating' again. It is a great opportunity for a 'new start', a bit like drawing a line under the past and starting afresh, with new, better, healthier eating and living habits to develop.

    I look forward to reading about how you get on, Joolz!
  13. beth1972

    beth1972 Member

    Best of luck with management, I look forward to following your diary...:) Enjoy that food! (in moderation of course!)
  14. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Thanks everyone for all the supportive comments. You know I really do feel that the support on minimns is unique and amazing!!

    Not had a lot of time to post over the weekend or today as been very busy both at home and now of course its Monday - back to work.

    Well today was Day 1 of Management. I've read the blue book - keep dipping into it, but have kept my focus on week 1.

    I had prepared myself by buying a piece of Icelandic cod loin from Waitrose which was to be my first meal.

    A busy day on the road, presenting to clients then doing work emails when I got home meant that I did not have my first foodpack til 7.30pm, which was not how I planned it (water and black/tea coffee all day).

    Then my niece phoned just as I was putting my cod in the oven so it was all bit rushed, but hey, that's fine.

    Anyway - my feelings before eating were:
    1. I didn't have time to dwell on it.
    2. Wasn't very hungry
    3. A bit worried that I would eat the fish then want to carry on eating.

    I cooked it in foil in the oven just with a sprinkling of coarse black pepper. One medium sized loin fillet. It smelled good and tasted good. Good food is so much better than junk was a thought I had. Barney the cat sat at my feet as I ate it and he ended up with about a quarter of it. I took eating it slowly, kept putting my knife and fork down and savoured it. It was yummy. Afterwards I did think I could eat that again but that was just greed and novelty I think - and the fact that I had two more packs to have meant I knew I woun't be hungry. In fact quite the opposite.

    During the evening I got quite full, especially after my LL soup an hour later.

    Now I'm feeling quite bloated and uncomfortable - a tight belt and just a sort of soreness in the abdomen - a feeling I don't like and haven't had for AGES. Its as if I've really overindulged. I hope this feeling passes otherwise I am going to dread my protein meals this week.

    Early days I know but at the moment (apart from the yukky bloating) I feel in control - and that is a relief.

    night night.

    Joolz x
  15. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    morning Joolz , i had to come on here early this morning to see how you got on with your first meal and it sounds like it went O.K except for the busy day you had!!! I am now on day 6 and still feel really bloated, just like after a curry!!!!
    I am so hoping it passes soon!!!

    Well done and I look forward to reading how today goes for you xx
  16. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Morning Joolz!

    The bloating will reduce and disappear. It happened to me too. I think it happens because the stomach has to cope with food for the first time in a long time and takes a couple of days to aclimatize.

    As for the rest, you will be ok. All that 'training' we have been through while doing the programme will stand us in good stead during the difficulties which may lie ahead. We are armed with knowledge and weapons to fight back now. It makes us stronger.

    Have a great day!
  17. Samantha

    Samantha Full Member

    Congratulations Joolz on getting to Management. :wow: Your weight loss is inspirational. Although Management is a loooonnnngggg way off for me (Week One Over for me today) I look forward to reading your diary :)

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  19. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Sam - thanks for that- I easily forget just how big a journey I've come on and I have to keep reminding myself. You will be facing management before you know it - but now you are in week 2 you will find it gets easier - ketosis has kicked in and you are on the way to slimdom. Good luck.
  20. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Well another very late post from me before I turn in. Its been a strange old day - but actually a very pleasant one.

    When I went to bed last night I felt very uncomfortably bloated. Lying down and stretching my poor tummy out helped but it was a most unpleasant feeling. I felt like crying - "is that what I face after every little meal - feeling so yukky - I don't like it." It was like the little girl in me, so I gave myself a talking to and went off to sleep. Awoke this morning feeling MUCH better, bloating gone and feeling empowered.

    Its been another busy day - but not without its rewards. I find it very hard to fit eating in!! (I can't believe I've just said that!!!). I was working in London today at various meetings and I just can't get out a shake mix when on a client site - and stupid here forgot to take a bar! So water and tea/coffee all day again.

    But some highlights - I had an hour to kill between meetings this afternoon so I took myself off to Rigby and Peller (the Queen's corsetiere don't you know) as I knew I have been wearing the wrong size bra and wanted to get a professional fitting. Reading Summersky's diary a few weeks ago prompted me to go to Rigby and peller - a place I have been to a few times but not for years (I think the last time was to buy my wedding underwear!). It is a gorgeous place on Conduit Street and the lady was so lovely and helpful. I explained that I had lost a lot of weight and had no idea what my bra size was now. Pre diet I was wearing 44DD (cough) and have been walking around in 38Ds more recently. Anyway, the lady confirmed I was in the wrong size bra - she said 99% of ladies estimate their bra size incorrectly and measuring is no good. In R+P they go by looking at your body and their experience. You could have picked me up off the floor when she told me I had a small back and was actually a 32E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :)

    Then the best bit - she bought in about 10 gorgeous bras to try on and they all fitted like they were just made for me. My boobs are saggy after the weight loss but the bras gave a wonderful shape and felt so snug. Whoopee! So I chose two gorgeous ones - one cerise/magenta and very lacy and one black and very sheer. Also splurged on matching knicks with the magenta one. The bill - £150!!! so the credit card got a bashing. A lot of money, but I think it is so worth it and it is my treat to myself as I enter management.

    So there I was with my lovely Rigby and Peller bag walking along New Bond Street with a swagger. Then I stuffed the bag in my briefcase as I went to my meeting as I didn't want the client seeing I had indulged in new lingerie.

    I'd urge any ladies who have not been Rigby and Pellered and can get to London - they should - your boobs, posture, clothesline and self esteem will all thank you (even if your bank balance doesn't!).

    After meetings I quickly nipped into Selfridges food hall and bought a piece of fresh tuna for my "tea". One tuna steak and a bottle of water in my shopping basket. Then I was running late so got the train, popped into see my sister (who is a bit down at the moment), didn't have time to cook my tuna there so had a shake, then off to my drama group which is my Tuesday night thing.

    So, didn't get home til 10.30pm - had a quick soup then cooked my tuna. I didn't want to eat so late after last night's bloating but had no choice. Even contemplated not eating at all but figured that would not do me any good. So I quickly dry fried the tuna on my non stick griddle thing - no fat, just a pinch of pepper. It was lovely, and the cat is still my best friend as he ate about a third of it. I had sufficient and enjoyed every mouthful. I just hope the bloating doesn't come back with too much of a vengeance.

    So, a strange old day, but feeling rather good at the moment. My vow for tomorrow (day 3 more food choices!!!) is to eat at a far more reasonable time and space out my foodpacks better. At least that's the plan.

    Sorry I've rambled, but it helps to get it down before bedtime.

    night night!

    Joolz x
  21. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    That's great news about your bra size Joolz. It is wonderful when you try on a bra which fits perfectly, it's like not wearing one at all it is so comfortable!

    "...So, didn't get home til 10.30pm - had a quick soup then cooked my tuna. I didn't want to eat so late after last night's bloating but had no choice. Even contemplated not eating at all but figured that would not do me any good. So I quickly dry fried the tuna on my non stick griddle thing - no fat, just a pinch of pepper. It was lovely, and the cat is still my best friend as he ate about a third of it. I had sufficient and enjoyed every mouthful. I just hope the bloating doesn't come back with too much of a vengeance..."

    It's a shame that you had to rush eating the tuna, especially that late in the day. The bloating WILL reduce as your stomach gets used to food again. I wonder if you could look at your schedule over the next few days, and plan what and when you are going to eat, so you don't have to eat so late in the evening.

    I try to give myself time to prepare my food and eat now. Taking the time to eat slowly is something I never really did, my mind was always on the next task. Now I try and enjoy the eating experience for what it is, chewing slowly and savouring every bite. A new skill!
  22. Wendy

    Wendy Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Although Management seems a long way off for me, I'm enjoying reading your diary and seeing your progress :D
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