Jo's Diary - 12 stone to lose!

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by latinainglesa, 27 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

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  3. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    I hope this works, as I'm posting from my phone!

    Today is my first fast day, I'll be following the 5:2 for now, and see how I go.

    Hit my heaviest ever of 24st 7lbs just before Christmas, but have lost 7lbs since then so am now 24st.

    I'm really hoping that this is something that I can stick to long term!

    I'm 37, and my aim is to reach 11 stone by the time I'm 40 (September 2016). The goal this year is to lose 5 4 1/2 stone to go!

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  4. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    I don't tend to eat much during the day anyway, so hoping to hold off eating until later.

    Have made soup that's 90 cals per portion, so will have that this afternoon and then tonight some lean pork loin with spices and a little creme fraiche stirred in served with shredded cabbage. Should come in under 500 cals although according to JUDDD website, I can have almost 600 on a DD due to my current size.

    It's midday and I'm going strong, but tonight will be the test!

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  5. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi Jo, looks like you and I are starting this together, my first DD too. Good luck to both of us!

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  6. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Fab! Hope you're doing ok? My sister is starting today too but she's not on Minimins.

    It will be nice to have the support here and hope I can give it in return :)

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  7. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hope your day has ended well. Up day tomorrow!!

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  8. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Woo hoo for up-day tomorrow!! :happy036:

    Just about to post an update :) Will be stalking your diary in a bit to see how you've done ;)
  9. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Posting from my laptop rather than phone, everything looks different and I can see signatures! :peep:

    Anyway, have done very well today I think for my first DD! It's 9.50pm as I type this and will be going to bed before too long.

    This is what I ate today:


    I originally thought the soup was 90 cals, but then realised that I had put 1tbsp of oil into the recipe but only actually used 1tsp of oil, so had to adjust it!

    The soup was home made and utterly delicious. Here is a photo of my dinner, it doesn't look very nice, but it was one of the nicest things that I've eaten in a long time. It had lots of spices in and liquid smoke too:


    I did have a couple of moments where I thought, sod it, I'm hungry and I'm just going to eat xyz...but then the thought that tomorrow I can have whatever I want really made me stick with it :)

    I'm allowed 537 calories according to the JUDDD website, so went a few over, but to be honest, if anything I gave hubby more than his share of the pork so I think it all balances out.

    I'm not feeling too hungry right now, and haven't had any headaches yet, so that's all cool.

    I don't have a plan for my UP day tomorrow, I am really bad at eating regularly and tend to eat nothing and then everything, so am going to try and control that. Will also try and control portion sizes.

    We are a bit mother hubbardy at the moment, hubby's pay day is tomorrow so we will stock up on food and have something nice I'm sure.

    A family member has very kindly offered to pay for a spa day for me and her when I get half-way to my 2014 goal, so focusing on that! My aim is to lose 5 stone this year, and so far I'm 7lbs down, so only 2 stone to go! If I can lose 6lbs a month, then I'll get to my goal. I think that's pretty doable when you're as big as me!

    Here are some before pics of me, taken last year on holiday, I'm a little bit heavier than that now, but not by much. I hate how I look, but it will be useful to look back on (plus I love showing off my kidlets :p:




    Hope everyone else is doing well, off to stalk diaries :)
  10. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    Here to subscribe :) Looks like you had a great first fasting day! Hope this way of eating suits you as much as it has me and you get the results you want x
  11. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Thank you! I have to say that it was a lot easier than I thought it would be for my first day. Very pleased :)
  12. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    It felt really odd this morning to wake up and know that I can eat whatever I want today! And not because I've 'failed' yet again and have given up, but guilt free! I can't really get my head around it yet, but it's a nice feeling :)

    As it happens, we have nothing in the house, cereal but no milk, bread for toast but nothing to put on it (not even butter) etc, as we are doing a big shop this evening. Therefore I haven't eaten anything yet, but will heat up some of my soup for lunch in a bit, was going to save it all for DDs because it's so low in cals, but I can always make more.

    Luckily the children love dry cereal with raisins mixed in, so that was breakfast for them! DS will have eggmangle for lunch (scrambled eggs) with the last apple and grapes that I'm saving for him, and we'll go shopping before tea time.

    Don't usually let the food stores get this run down, but January was a loooong month financially and pay day couldn't come soon enough!

    I'm job hunting at the moment, so please everyone keep fingers crossed for me. I wonder how being at work will affect my DDs?
  13. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member


    Good luck. I've been Judding just over a year and lost 2 stone this last year on it and 3.5 altogether since September 2012..
  14. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Wow that's fantastic! :) Will have to go and check out your diary!
  15. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    I've had a really great Up Day! Feel like I have eaten really naughtily and been a bit of a piggy, but still well within calories :)

    I wasn't going to count cals on an up day but have decided to do it for at least a week or two, to get a feel for how much I'm eating overall.

    The weather has been miserable, and it always seems to pour with rain when it's time for the school run! Did a small shop when hubby got home from work, so at least now I have ingredients to cook with!

    According to the calculator on the JUDDD website, on an up day I can have 2687 cals, but I had nowhere near that:

    Breakfast: Water (really need to start forcing myself to eat breakfast!) - 0 cals
    Lunch: Home made soup, with some cheese crumbled in, and one slice of toast with marge - 345 cals
    Dinner: Pizza with added pepperoni, onion and olives - 1075 cals
    Snacks: 3 x sweets, packet of extra strong mints and 5 Choco Leibniz biscuits :eek: - 619 cals
    Total cals = 2039

    So although not healthy, I am still doing pretty well I think! :)
  16. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Meant to add...I'm going to have another UD tomorrow and then a DD on Thursday as I'm starting off with only 2 per week.
  17. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Another UD today, and although I did actually manage to eat breakfast, it wasn't very healthy! A slice of cake. Hmmm I really do need to work on eating a lot more fruit and veg, and fresh food in general. I really do love all fruit and veg (apart from of the devil), so I have no excuses. I love to cook from scratch too.

    Oh well, one step at a time, it was only a couple of months ago that I was regularly eating 3500 to 4000 a day, so need to remember that I have already come a long way.

    The cake was 218 calories so at least it won't cause problems calorie-wise as a breakfast should be at least that if not more. Just need to eat more HEALTHILY (trying to drum it into my brain!).

    I think the main problem is that with a 21 month old running around, and needing constant entertainment/watching, I tend to either not eat, or grab something that I can quickly scoff in the kitchen standing up. I think that I really need to introduce us both sitting at the table together for breakfast. In an ideal world, we'd sit with my daughter too before school, however lately we've been struggling for time in the mornings. She usually eats her breakfast on her own while I'm sorting my son out (we're with her, she's just the only one eating at the time). There's another goal, try and sort this out.

    Enjoying this second UD and strangely looking forward to my next DD tomorrow.
  18. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    I've decided to list some goals/reasons for losing weight that I can look back on if I ever feel like giving up:

    - I want to stop worrying daily about how being this big is affecting my longevity of life, and that I'll leave my children without a mother.
    - I want to be able to plan a trip to Legoland or similar with the kids, without worrying that I will slow everyone down with frequent rests and won't be able to join in with any of the rides.
    - I want to be able to walk into town without my back, knees or hips hurting.
    - I want to develop my own clothing style, not just wear whatever the plus size catalogues think is fashionable. I have no idea what my own style is, as the last time I had a style I was in my early 20s and a bit of a rock chick! Don't think that's me any more at 37 years old! I can see myself leaning towards a boho style but want to have fun trying things on.
    - (TMI warning!) I want to be able to have a quick effortless shower, not take ages struggling to reach every part of me and trying to get it all washed before my back gives in.
    - I want to have enough energy to help out around the house more, my hubby does so much and I want to be able to free him up to do DIY and the gardens.
    - I want to stop adding the stress of worrying about my weight to social situations. For example, I've got job interviews lined up, that's nerve wracking enough without also worrying about whether they're going to hold my being overweight against me (I know that they can't legally, but that doesn't stop them thinking it).
    - I want to be able to sleep without my CPAP machine (I have sleep apnea).
    - I want to show my children, that no matter how dire your situation may seem, and no matter how hard the journey is, if you don't give up then you will get there in the end.

    I have many more but that will do for now!
  19. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    You are sounding really positive Jo, that's brilliant. Remember to read back over those goals when the going gets tough. Don't beat yourself up over the cake either, one step at a time and you're within calories so that is plenty for now, loads of time to get the healthy food added. Have a great day.

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  20. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Thank you :)

    Had another good UD overall, calories around 2300 so still well within the limit :)

    Not sure whether to have my next DD tomorrow or Friday. I'm quite looking forward to it, but I have a really busy day tomorrow and a quiet day on Friday. Friday makes more sense.

    Will see how I go tomorrow I think!

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  21. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Friday sounds like a better plan, it has to fit round out schedules which I think is the joy of this regime. Have a good day whatever way you go.

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