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I think these 7 day personal challenges are a really good idea and boy do i need one right about now!

My weigh in today shows that i have stayed the same which means that i have only lost 8lbs in the past 4 weeks. I think that is pretty awful considering i could probably have lost the same on weight watchers.

Anyway, although i havent cheated, i need to refocus and try to tighten up in those areas that i have neglected. For me, it is water and exercise.

I usually get through 2 and a half to 3 litres each day. I am going to try and up that to a minimum of 3 and a half but aim for 4 if i can.

I havent done any exercise at all since i started CD but that is going to change this week. I am going to do at least half an hour exercise each day, whether that be a DVD, a fast walk, a jog, dancing around the room with my little boy, or whatever! That may not sound alot to you but that will be a big change for me.

Anyway, here is to day ONE!

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You can do it Jodie. try not to be too down about todays WI. You are so close to goal now that the weight wont just fall off like it did in the early days. Hopefully if you up your water and take some exercise you will have a better result next week
Thanks Sam - you are right, the closer you get the slower the loss. It is so frustrating though......

Anyway, on a more positive note I have already drunk 2 litres of water, only another 2 to go!:D

Half way through the housework and thinking i should decide on my chosen exercise for the day - not sure what to do. Think I might do a DVD, i've got a pineapple street dance one which i haven't seen the right way through yet - best close the curtains first - lol!

I'll be back later

forgot to say that i bought a new suit for work this morning - the jacket is size 12 and the trousers........wait for it.........size 10! woo hoo! I don't know why i am so excited though because although they do up they are a little too tight around the top of my legs so i will have to wait until i lose a little more! I thought I would get it, hang it up, and try it on every week until it eventually fits!
Well, i think i am going to complete day 1 of my personal challenge. Just about to finish my 3rd litre of water - will get to 3 and a half but maybe not 4 today.

Also, did 45 minutes of my urban workout dvd - it is quite dancey so i actually enjoyed it. Would have completed the whole thing but had to go and pick up ds from nursery.

So, exercise completed and just the rest of the water to get down then thats day 1 successfully completed - yippeee
Hi guys

Here is to day 2. Day one i managed 3 and a half litres of water and 45 minutes exercise so was very pleased. Also only had a few pieces of chewing gum ( i have been having 3 or 4 packs a day!) so that was good too.

The DVD is called urban workout - get fresh, get fit. Its pretty good. I got it off amazon - if you just type in the title it should come up. If you like dancing you should also check out the pineapple range. I got a few of those off amazon too. They are made by dance teachers of pineapple dance studios. I've got one called ultimate street - may try that one today as never got all the way through it yet. That one is much more dance based, ie learning routines whereas urban workout is more of a dance based fitness dvd.

Anyway, just sipping a black coffee and will then get started on the water.

no probs mochaj x

Well, i am ploughing through a 2litre bottle of water - always seem to get the first bottle done fairly swiftly and then somehow forget for the rest of the day.

Think I might take my little one to the woods - they are only 10 minutes walk away and i can try to make that my half hour exercise for the day.



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well jodie u are doing a lot better than me!! only finishing up my first litre now, but feel heavy today, if that makes sense. dont think ive been visited by the magic K fairy yet. think i mite go for a jog tonite when i finish work, starting to worry that im not going to meet my next goal.
Keep at it Delli!

Completed 2 litres now and also done my exercise for the day. Took ds to the woods which involved around half an hour of walking (some fast up the hill, some jogging along, some wandering through the leaves). Definitely got my pulse racing.

Might try and do part of a DVD later but know i wont get the whole way through as my DS always gets bored after about 15 minutes and tries to turn it off! He much prefers to dance around to The Wiggles!

Haven't had my first shake yet so i think i will make that up now - feeling quite hungry.

Did a ketostix this morning - it was just in the first shade of pink so i seem to be getting back into ketosis albeit very slowly. Should hopefully be back in by tomorrow.

3 litres down......feeling abit tired and got a headache. Might have to take a couple of painkillers.
Hi Delli

No - while my little boy had a sleep i raced round the house tidying up and then got into sorting some papers out in the office. A couple of hours had gone before i realised!

Think I'll give the DVD a miss today what with the headache now.

You still going for your jog?

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