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josies atkins journey


going to do it!!!!
hi there everyone ,

i have probs done every diet known to man and i have lost weight on a couple of them, ww and ll but have never been able to maintain my weight:(

i have been tryind to do cd after reading of all those who are doing so well on it.
i did it last week and managed 6 out of 7 days and lost 9lb which i was thrilled about but after having half hearted attempts since aug i only manage to do 9 days before i binge and then im back to square one!! cd works and fast and im not saying anything bad about it but for me its just too hard to stick to.
im a mum to 4 boys aged 15, 11 and 2&half year old twins and i want to be able to sit down with them and eat a meal and not sit there with my cd drink.
ive been thinking all weekend about swapping to atkins and had a right diet dilemma as i want the quick weight loss but i want to be a good example to my kids!!
anyway this morning the decision was made for me as one of the twins went in the cupboard and got out one of my drinks and said'mammy, heres your breakfast!!!' i was GUTTED and so i know that fate has played a part in this diet as i feel i cant carry on with cd as i want the children to grow up with the right attitude towards food.

So today is day one of my atkins journey, i have decided that it doesnt matter how long it takes me to get there, i just have to do it. i started 2009 with good intentions of losing weight and by messing around i ended 2009 2lb heavier!!!!!

i need to go shopping today and have written a list of what i need to buy but any suggestions would be helpful, tips etc.

so , so far today i have had,

3 slices of streaky bacon(fried)
2 scrambled eggs made with butter and cream.
5 cherry tomatoes
2 cups of decaff coffee(1 with cream)

does this seem ok??
hope it is as it feels like heaven eating like this after not eating ( although i did love the choccy cd shakes)

going to try and drink lots of water today as well.

sorry for such the long post ,

Jo xx
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going to do it!!!!
thanks jim and girly,

well im impressed with how i havnt felt hungry all day but i know ive got to try and eat 3 meals a day so ive just had a late lunch of
tuna with mayo wrapped in lettuce
half small avocado
piece of blue cheese(about an 30g)

im not hungry at all but i am craving something sweet, am i allowed sugar free jelly?? ive looked in atkins book but cant find it:(
or has anybody got any tips for me please??
havnt got a clue what im going to make for dinner as i dont feel one little bit hungry(never in my life have i ever had this feeling lol love it :D)

so my day one has been fine so far , i must get oh to hide the scales from me as i am a serial scale hopper...madness isnt it!! going weigh in once a week on a monday morning (hopefully if he hides them well enough)

hope you are all well and thanks for your support guys .

Jo xx
You can have the sugar free stuff Jo, but many have problems with stalls and side effects, and we are supposed to be learning a whole new way of eating.;)
hi jo and welcome.. we all are here to help learn and encourage so ask any questions needed..

As far as the sweet tooth during the induction phase I stayed away from the sweet stuff even the atkins bars that you could use during that phase. ike Jim said it stalls and the side effects aren't the plesant, like gas, sorry if TMI. Cheese I stayed away from but I'm not a big cheese eater at all. I made sure I had my green veggies everyday.
good luck and you will do it.. take it from a former scale hopper myself, it took me sometime but I hardly weigh at all now just go by my clothes. I did today because after 2 weeks of eating terribly during the holidays I was curious to see what damage I had done..


going to do it!!!!
day 2

thanks guys,

well day 1 went ok for my dinner i had

cheese and chive omlette with green salad .

i sneaked a coule of pork scratching off oh but only about 2.

day 2 now and doing ok except for a stinking headache and feeling very cold especially hands and feet. i was up early with the twins who were asking for their breakfast at 6am and i wasnt even tempted by the smell of their toasted muffins!!( whats going on , i normally love love love the smell of toast etc, but it just didnt bother me at all)
while they were having theirs i had
scrambled eggs x2
3 rashers of bacon (fried...heaven!!)
cup of decaff coffee black.

i bought some sugar free jelly but after reading what jim has said i think ill keep it for emergencys only!! thanks m for the advice on atkins bars ill stay clear of those too til ive finished induction.

i feel quite strange today cos normally ,well for the past year i was obsessed with food and diets and what i could eat next but im not doing that at the min which just doesnt feel normal to me lol:D so instead of researching various diets etc etc today im going have to do some ironing!!!!! ( my day off suppose i have to do something constructive with my free time and the twins are at nursery so its safe to get the iron out without 2 little voices shouting in my ear what you doing mammy ,
anyway will no doubt report back later with the delights i have eaten today.

Jo x
Pork scratchings are fine Jo, provided they are the proper ones and not the manufactured ones, I used to eat them by the ton on induction.


going to do it!!!!
jim thats the best news :D yes they were proper old fashioned crunchy things they reminded me of when i was i kid and my grandad used to bring them home on a sat night from the pub ...lovely! i wont go mad on them though but what a treat :D
LOL, remember to drink loads of water then, they are so salty Jo.
Was one of the higlights of my life when I found out I could have pork scratchings!


going to do it!!!!
ooh laura i hadnt thought about jelly and whipped cream yummy AND pork scratchings!!!!(not together lol):D:D:D

my lunch today was a piece of chicken and small piece of cheese and thats all i really fancied asnot hungry at all

so for my dinner im going force down,

some stir fried chicken with galic and chilli and baby spinach.

i have made some sugar free jelly as an emergency food and now laura has mentioned whipped cream i may have to indulge in a little bit:D:D:D

i have had 2 cups of black decaff and about 2 litres of water so far.

i feel quite worried that im eating too many calories and finding it hard to readjust my thinking to not count cals but im happy with the diet so far just cant wait until next mon for weigh in!!!

well im off to make my dinner, by the way ive got oh on this too and im amazed that he hasnt cheated yet, it must be good;) mind if he losed more than me ill be bugged as he doesnt need to lose anything...6ft 4 and 15 stone !!! not fair lol.

Jo xx
Josie you are doing fine.. Just count your carbs and don't try and count your calories or worry about it, it'll just confuse you, well it did with me my very first time doing atkins..

Laura I dont like pork scratchings either too salty for me.. jello and whip cream sounds good but I don't like whipped cream sounds and look nice though..

I agree with you said about depriving yourself of things and that is so very true.
when I first started atkins I counted all the time. I wanted to be sure I didn't go over my 20 carbs :)
I know right Laura :)
Men do tend to lose more/quicker than women, it's so annoying!
Better disciplined. ;)

I just kept it simple in the beginning, 3 mugs chopped green veggies = 20 carbs approx. Non processed meat and that was about it. I was paranoid about any processed food to be honest though.
I didn't do processed foods at all. Still now I don't eat too many processed foods. Hey jo get the orstrich burgers, I love them.. jim and claire turned me on to them.. I even made a meatloaf out of them :) I like experimenting :)


going to do it!!!!
day 3

hi thee folks, hope you are all good:D,

well today is day 3 and so far so good had bacon & eggs for breakfast,then was out shopping with oh and we went to nandos where we both had chicken only with some plain salad,,,no chips, no rice,NO DESERT and you know what i wasnt even bothered by it at all!!!!:)

im amazed by this diet so far and keep thinking its go to be too good to be true but i know it works its like a miricle cure for me and my food addiction...LOVE IT!!!!!

its now nearly 7pm and have just gotton twins to bed but both me and oh do not feel hungry at all and just dont fancy anything to eat, would it be ok if we just had a little cheese later and some pork scratchings if we felt like it??? i know its not a proper meal but dont think i could face it.

have been really thirsty (not down to pork scratching consumption ha ha as only had a few the other day:D:D:D) is this thirst normal on this diet? i drink loads of water about 3 litres a day so i dont think im dehydrated.

roll on monday im so excited to see if ive lost any weight and cant find the scales anywhere he has hidden them really well lol, hope he remebers where for my weigh in:D

hey m, ostrich burgers???? is that a joke or are they real???

laura, its so not fair that men lose quicker and dont stick to it properly, although oh has stuck religously to it he didnt even pinch any of the boys chips today!!

oh , ive just remembered i had a coke zero today i know i shouldnt have but just totally forgot, this wont have spoilt anything will it????

bye for now

Jo xx

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