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Discussion in 'SlimFast Weight Loss Diary' started by vixp, 16 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    So I'm desperately trying to get to my goal by October. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I really want it now but i'm a huge comfort eater so slim fast/ultra slim. Im starting properly from tomorrow im going to post me diary here every day or two. Wish me luck any advice or encouragement welcome. :)
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  3. 2mnn

    2mnn Full Member

    Welcome vixp and good luck x
  4. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    So day one down all good :) xxx
  5. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Well onto day 2 and its going ok felt a little hungry earlier so had a huge glass of water and this took the feeling away :) keep thinking about my goals xxx
  6. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Decided wednesday is weigh day so as of today I have maintained at 16st1lb want to be 15st12lb next week xxx
  7. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Well this is harder than I thought massive binge sesh on food all weekend xx
  8. x-Andrea-x

    x-Andrea-x Full Member

    Hiya vixp, I've been trying slim fast/ultra slim in and off for over 12 months! It does work if you stick to it and eat healthily when you stop! I didn't so as a result I'm starting again today. Don't let the weekend get you down. It's a new day today so all you need is to start again. Good luck with your journey! X
  9. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Thanks hun, im back on it today hopefully I can get head into gear this week xxx
  10. xena

    xena Full Member

    How's it going vixp? xx
  11. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Started again today :) xxz
  12. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh why am I not focused xxx
  13. mandylday

    mandylday Member

    how much have you lost in 12mknths? We sound very alike! I too know it's good and works but I cave easily!! X
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