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Journey to lose 2 stone, food diary on EE!!

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a good New Year!
I started slimming world yesterday on extra easy, am doing this online and am new to the plan so hoping I am doing things right. Thought I would join in with others and do a food diary to keep me on track and I am sure others can point out if I am doing anything wrong! I am not easily offended so feel free to point out any mistakes to me ;)

Day 1

-Weetabix, milk (h/e A & B) plus 1 tsp sugar (1 syn)
-2 Salmon fillets brushed with a mixture of soy sauce, honey (1 syn) and grated ginger. Served with SW chips and mixed veg.
-2 wine spritzers (8 syns):eek:
-1 chocolate coin (?3 syns)
-4 clementines
-Drinks were diet coke, coffee and hot water with a slice of lemon.
(I go up late so hence why only two meals, I work term time so lazy days at the mo...)​

Day 2

-Wholemeal Pitta (h/e B) filled with diced lamb (with all fat cut off and then cooked on the george forman) which was marinaded in lemon juice, mint and paprika. Served with lots of salad and a garlic sauce. I made this using 1 tbs of vlf mayonnaise (0.5 syn), 1 tbs of vlf yoghurt and crushed garlic cloves
-sw bacon, onion and tomato quiche with salad.
-frozen summer berries and vlf yoghurt with tsp honey and sugar (2 syns)
-35ml barcardi and diet coke (4 syns)​

Finding it easy so far and wondering how I am going to lose weight when eating this much!!​
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I always ask how we loose weight when eating so much! But I must say I do not feel as bloated as I normally would- probably because it is no longer processed rubbish!! :) Good luck x
Thanks Wilkin! I definitely agree about not eating processed junk, so far I am learning to eat meals with a real nutritional value. I have been kept full all day with no urge to snack :D
Over Christmas I had heartburn, headaches and felt sluggish. After only two days on sw I feel more alert and the headache and heartburn has gone!!
My main obstacle will be New Year tomorrow, while I can keep to the eating plan, I know that keeping within alcohol sins will be a problem. But that's my final obstacle so not too bad and sure I am not the only one in the same boat :p
Hope you have a great night Josie! Just reading your food diary and sounds yum! I really want a George Forman now, totally forgot how great they are! xx
I haven't used my george forman in ages but am reminded now how useful they are for getting that fat out of food!

Day 3 food diary :cry:

SW Quiche with salad
Sin free chicken curry and rice
....so far so good
and then New Years eve kicks in
-2 pieces of cheesecake, a bottle of wine, a glass of bubbly. :eek: Syns= Who knows..100 maybe!?

But lets stay postive, onwards and upwards, I knew NY would be a challenge and now its fresh starts for 2011.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
Thank you I am very determined this year as I have left it too long and my weight has crept up and now I feel self conscious and can never find any clothes I am happy in. Think my biggest mistake on previous diets is that I try and lose weight too quickly by restricting calories or using slimfast and then I end up so hungry that I give up and binge eat!
I have finally accepted that the best way to lose it is slowly and by learning better eating habits, so hopefully SW will help me do that.
Good luck with your diet and hope you achieve your goals!!
Back on track! :character00180:

Day 4

Cherry layered Mullerlight (2 syns)
Wholemeal Pitta (7.5 syns...thought it was Hex B but saw on another thread today that only Asda ones are Hex's :mad:)
SW Quiche portion
Spag Bol with cheese on top (Hex A and 1 syn for dash of red wine in recipe)
Some frozen berries
1 dry weetabix (hex b)
Total syns 10.5

Biggest mistakes today were with the pitta but hey no biggy as used my syns for it.
Also I got up and had the plain pitta and a yoghurt which didn't satisfy me and then had quiche on its own. I should have had the quiche with a salad to satisfy my hunger in the first place and get my 1/3 superfree foods. Oh well I guess its all a learning curve :p

Hope everyone else has made a good start today for the new year.​
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Hi Josie! I thought wholemeal pittas were all Hex b's too! Oops lol! Really wish I could have quiche but can't have anything with egg in it as it gives me a headache, whenever I read the meal plan in the SW mag half the breakfast options are egg :0(

Sounds like you're doing great, I think you're right, doing it healthily is so much better than starve and binge, I used to do that too! Your meals sound fab so I wouldn't worry! Fingers crossed for Wednesday! xx
Hi Xassy- I am WI Wednesday mornings. I am doing it online though due to my work and location in Cornwall, so weighing myself rather than at a group!!

Thanks Rumbletummy, not good about the egg as I do see lots of recipes that include them and yeah defo the brekkies. Mind you they are quite high in cholesterol so isn't all bad. x
Day 5

Weetabix with milk and tsp sugar (Hex A + B + 1 syn)
2 sw scotch eggs with salad (6 syns for the low fat sausages and slice of ww bread and vlf mayo)
1 alpen light (3 syns)​
Salmon and veg in baking parchment baked in the oven.
Frozen berries for snacks​

Total 10 syns

I probably could have made this a red day and taken alpen bar as my second hex but not sure if the veg to go with the salmon will all be free on red so easier to stick to EE I think!!​
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Day 6

Have gone for a red day today to try something different.:p

Weetabix with milk and tsp sugar (1 syn + Hex A/B)
Frozen berries
2 Alpen Light choc n fudge (Hex B)
Bowl of bolognaise topped with cheese (Hex A) served with steamed brocolli and sweet potato (8 syns for sweet potato)

Total 9 syns

Didn't do any exercise today so pretty annoyed with myself, although walked up two flights of stairs instead of taking the lift if that counts haha
1 more day until WI...so excited :D
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Day 7 EE Day

2 Alpen light (hex B)
Mug of cocoa (Hex A-milk +1.5 syn for tsp of sugar and cocoa)
Coffee (1.5 syns for milk)
Chilli and Rice topped with 28g grated cheese (6 syns)
Bowl mixed berries topped with a mullerlight​
Another 2 Alpen light (6 syns)

Total 15 syns

Super busy day, didn't have time for lunch. Caught up with me though hence the 2 evening alpen lights. I made the chilli with very lean minced beef to keep it syn free and added plenty of onion, peppers and mushrooms to try and get the 1/3 superfree in.​

WI tomorrow morning. Don't feel like I'll lose much this week because of my new years eve indulgence! But guess even 1 pound will be a start :)
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Thanks for the support Rumbletummy! Well I got on the scales this morning and weighed 11 stone. So thought ok I've lost 1 pound, can't complain when I only stuck to the diet for 6 days.
But then I weighed this evening and was even less so I got on again and my weight was lower again, tried 10 times all with different readings ranging from 10 st 4 to 10 stone 10 so have come to the conclusion that my scales are broken!! Will invest in some new ones tomorrow so I can get a better picture of what I'm actually losing. :rolleyes:

Day 8

2 Alpen Light (hex B)
Chilli con carne and rice
Milk for coffees (hex A)
Thai red curry with rice (3 syns for thai paste)
Meringue Nest with vlf natural yoghurt and mixed berries (3 syns)
200 ml glass of tonic water with ice and lemon (4 syns)...madness really but I was craving it!​

Total 10 syns 95 left for week

I'm finding it hard with meals like chilli and curry to get 1/3 superfree food in. I tried to put lots of mixed peppers and spinach in the curry but don't think it was a third.
Going to make some of the sw scotch eggs up and put in the fridge for lunches with salad I think, I'll definitely be getting 1/3 then!!!​
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Lol Josie!! I think your scales are broken he he!! Can you imaging if you lost 10lbs from morning to night, now that would be some diet (or some would call it childbirth he he!!)

Well done on your weight loss!! Yay!!

Know what you mean about the third superfree!! I've had some weird meals just to get it in!! Do you like salad with things like Curry and Chilli? I think lettuce goes better with these than say carrots!! Another thing you could do is leave a third of your plate empty (so have a smaller portion) and then have a piece of fruit afterwards, that's what I sometimes do!!

My food is all over the place at the moment, it's all because we're having the kitchen done on 17th and I've got it on my mind that I've got to eat up food and worrying about not being able to cook for that week etc... I'm getting a bit worked up now!! But then there's always Pasta n Sauce he he!!

Will check back to see what your new scales say!! Try the supermarkets, they'll probably have some reduced at this time of year (think Sainsbury's had the WW ones reduced...)

Becky xx
Thanks! Will post when I have some new scales hehe

Day 9 Red Day

Weetabix, milk and sugar (1 syn/Hex A/B)
SW Scotch egg and salad with vlf mayo (3.5 syns)
Meringue Nest (3 syns)
2 Alpen light (Hex B)
Mug of cocoa (2.5 syns/Hex A)​
Chicken breast with veg
Mixed berries, orange and choc sprinkle mullerlight on meringue nest (3 syns)
13 syns 82 left
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Day 10 Red Day

Weetabix, milk, tsp sugar (HEXB + 1 syn)
2 Alpen Light (HEX B)
Mug of cocoa (HEX A + 2 syns)
2 x SW Scotch egg and salad with tbsp vlf mayo (7 syns)
200 ml glass of tonic (4 syns)
Chicken breast, onion and peppers
2 Meringue nest, cheesecake mullerlight and mixed berries (7 syns)
Double bacardi and diet coke (5 syns)
1 wine gum (1 syn)​

Total 27 syns:eek: 55 syns left (13 a day left so musn't worry too much!)​
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Boiled egg
2 alpen light (Hex B)
Pasta bake made with tinned toms, bacon, onion, peppers and mushroom. Topped with 28g cheese. (Hex A)
Another helping of the pasta bake, 14g cheese (3 syns)
1 toffypop (3.5)
100 ml milk for coffees (2.5 syns)
1 options hot choc (2 syns)
4 wine gums (4 syns)
2 Homemade low fat chocolate mousses (3 syns)

Total syns 18. 37 left to cover Sunday-Tuesday.

The night is still young, things may change!! For the first time since starting the diet, I have cravings for sweet things/cakes etc.
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