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J's mainly red days diary - this time's for good!

I lost 4 stone a few years ago on SW but poorliness and subsequent dodgy thyroid mademe put it all back on +++. I've had problems motivating myself as I can be an emotional eater with endometriosis and hormone imbalances ( spotty and prone to crying for 6 hours if I stub my toe at the wrong time of the month) . Money is tight so I'm following what I did before on slimming world but without the meetings and using this fab site and all the lovely people on it to keep me going. I've been doing it for a week now and weighed myself this morning to find I've lost 8lb!

Midnight snack ( 1 minute after midnight so will count it with todays food and not yesterdays! ;)) Quorn pepper thingy FREE with HEX Mozz. cheeze melted on it - REALLY yummy. Thought about having a naughty whiskey to go with it but I'm proud to say I resisted. Breakfast was a couple of slices of a really juicy pineapple but a bit peckish by 10.30 and lunch no.1 was Quorn curry HExb + 3 sins . I'll prob have a lunch number 2 somewhere in the afternoon :D I def. seem to eat more on the days I don't have a good protein filled brekkie.

Lunch no.2 has been 6 kallo savoury rice cakes 9 syns and an apple

Tea - whole packet of fishsticks and halfa tub cottage cheese! lol
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Ok..Tuesday today. I felt as if I was hungry all day yesterday so I'm going to be a bit more sensible today. My space bar isnt working every time I press it so I hope this ends up readable.

Brekkie - peppered Quorn fillet FREE with HExA Cheese and a couple of plums. Midmorning small banana

Lunch - quorn gruyere cheese quorne fillet 7.5 syns with broccolli and french beans. I am not veggie but I find quorn low in fat, easy to cook and tasty.

mid afternoon I ate the other quorn fillet in the packet, 3 spring onions and another HEx of cheese!!!

Tea - I covered some chicken breasts in jamaican spice this morning and left them to sit. I'm slicing them and stir frying them with pineapple chunks and crunchy veg

half an avocado 7.5 syns and some HExB finn crisps

Another day of constant eatin'!:sigh::p
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Hi mb good luck with sw.

I am restarting today after a wasted few months.

Congratulations on your first week loss thats fantastic.

I am also doing it from home at the minute with hopefully help from this site as my usual class is no good timewise for me at the minute.

Best wishes for your second week and keep up the good work.

Hello Soccermom!

Hi mb good luck with sw.

I am restarting today after a wasted few months.

Congratulations on your first week loss thats fantastic.

I am also doing it from home at the minute with hopefully help from this site as my usual class is no good timewise for me at the minute.

Best wishes for your second week and keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for saying hello. This site seems to be giving me the boost I needed after stopping and starting again many times over the last year.

How is the 'shred' going? I'm waiting for my DVD to arrive, I've become quite quite unfit though so I'm a bit scared!:eek:

Good luck to you too! Have you got lots of tasty things to ease yourself in with today?

Jo x


Having just done my first day of shred I can honestly say nothing is as hard as that :eek: that I have ever tried.

Not sure if thats because of the extra weight I have put on over the last few months or that its just hard I expect the latter :D I honestly felt sick after and I have never started to sweat so much so soon before.

All in all very good and does the job :p dont let me put you off.

As for food I can always find something in the cupboards but there's nothing specifically lined up I have done the shopping for this week, but I can make the plan work for the next few days.

Theres always bacon and eggs, cheese and jacket pots etc.

I am back to following red as initially that gave me a good starting weight loss and it fits better with whats in the cupbard this week, but I will probably end up going back to EE I always do it just seems to fit better with the family.

Brekkie - Peppered Quorne fillet and Mozz. cheese HExA - odd brekkie but I like it and it keeps me full up till lunch

Lunch - 30 syns worth of white chocolate!!! oooops
HexB finn thins and fat free cottage cheese
Huge Apple

Tea - Prawns and fruit
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@ soccermom I feel sick after 15mins SLOWLY jogging using a step so I know it will be bad but I'm sure it will make all the difference. My body doesn't stop wobbling for 5mins after I stop exercising though - it will be great to get rid of that side effect.
Thursday - no syns to make up for the 30 yesterday!

No syns for me today to make up for all the choccie yesterday!

Brekkie - Quorn peppered fillet (again, just because I like them) with an egg on the top - FREE!

Mid morning - an apple, laughing cow lights HExA and a pear

Lunch - Cod and broccolli /green beans Peas - HExb

Tea - whole packet of fish sticks, bowl with Oatibix HExB, banana, muller light, quark and agave nectar 5 sins

Supper! - :eek: - prawns and spring onions friedin frylite with chilli and spice - free

Well, not many sins anyway. I do eat some odd things. Didn't realise it until I started writing it down. Need to eat more veg too I think.
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I didn't think I'd be hungry this morning after prawns for supper but...

Brekkie - 2 egg omelette FREE with HExA of cheddar and a quorn burger FREE

Lunch - cod, cauliflower, greenbeans, peas HEXB and carrots. 2 x kiwi fruit and a pear

Tea - Roast pork, lots of veg, , mullerlite with quark and fruit with agave syrup 3 syns.

RED WINE - 8.5 syns (morelike 150 syns as glass was never empty)
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Saturday - hungover!

Not used to drinking wine nowadays so I had a bit of a foggy head this morning. Very proud I didn't get the boozy munchies though ,even if I perhaps drank a bit more than syns permitted ( or I admitted! lol)

Brekkie - An Apple, Quorn burger and HExA cheese

Dinner - Cod and mixed veg. Muller light and mixed berries

Snack - apple

Tea - 2 southern fried quorn burgers 5 syns, salad,half and avocado 7 syns cheese HExA, Apple

Finn crisps HEXB
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well done on not getting the munchies. If I go out I make a sw chicken dopiaza (0 syns) to eat when I get in :D

I don't drink too much these days though a vodka and tonic every now and again does me lol.
Sunday - Not so hungry today

Well, I have so far today I've cooked a variety of meals for people running in and out but I have only had three microwaved quorn sausages, and apple and HEXA cheese myself and it is afternoon already. Haven't felt too hungry so far but I'm sure that will change as the day goes on.

Mid afternoon - mullerlight and fruit ( stressful afternoon so trying hard not to eat stuff I don't need)

Tea - 'look what we found' pouch of meatballs 3 syns, Finncrisp HEXB, tomato, apple
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@ soccermom, I like a Gin and Tonic if the opportunity arises ( sadly not so often!) but they say that the clear drinks are the lowest in calories. It makes a change for me to prefer a lower calorie option of anything! I remember the awful concoctions I used to make after the pub when I was in college. I had the metabolism to burn off microwaved fishfingers and cheese with mayo then but sadly no more!
Monday - very tired, would be easy to eat cake!

Not sure if I'm having a hungry day or not - didn't sleep well and tiredness is supposed to make you hungry. I'd like to eat more today but to tired to be bothered to get it....zzzzzzz
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Monday - very tired, would be easy to eat cake!

Brekkie - finncrisps HEXB laughing cow HEXA

Midmorning - half tin tescos light choices soup 2syns

Lunch - HEXA cheese, 'look what ive found ' pouch meatballs - 3 syns, Green beans

Tea - Thai sauce 6 syns with mixed veg and quorn chunks
Tuesday - tired and hungry!!

Ok...Brekkie was a bit odd. 2 x southern ried quorn burgers 5 syns 2 x HEXA cheese and a huge tomato and an apple

Lunch...even odder...a small bar of choccie 12 syns!!! Wasn't hungry and was out shopping. Very bad girl...was that lovely milka stuff though! :D

Tea - Cod, huge pile of veg ( spinach, carrots, french beans )

HEXB Ryvita
Wednesday - celery soup day!

Couldn't sleep last night so at 2 in the morning I made a batch of syn free celery soup! I'm most impressed with myself (I also dyed a jacket navy and cleaned out a couple o kitchen cupboards!). I did have a snack at 3am though but I think my productivity allows for that :p

I'm having a GREEN day today just because thats what I fancy

Midnight snack - HEXB finncrisp with 2 x HEXA cheese:D and some of my celery soup!

My scales aren't saying I have lost anything but my clothes feel a bit looser ?

lunch/ brunch - 3 mini babybel light 6 syns and a HUGE bowl of celery soup!

Snack - muller light and fruit

Lunch no.2 lol lidl chicken noodles 7 syns with chilli and spring onions and a bit of naam pla

tea - 2 apples, quorn curry 2 syns, 2 boiled eggs,
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Brekkie - 2 x cauliflower cheese grills 16 syns !!!!:eek:

Lunch - apple, and HEXA + B rivita and cheese

Snack - mullerlight mixed with quark + a chopped banana

Tea - Liver, bacon and onion with cauli, carrots and broc. - FREE!

30 day shred Day 1- only managed half of it, even without weights! Shakey legs!! lol

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Thursday! Green day

Its my birthday so it went out the window but not as bad as it could have been -

Brekkie - lidl noodles 7.5syns HexA laughing cow cheese Tomato at 4.30 in the morning

Tin of 180 calorie vegetable soup

2 apples
a steak cooked in frylite with no fat,
salad and crumbled feta

3 glasses of wine

muller light

Could have been worse! :O)

Actually am a bit tipsy typing this so I think I should have a bloomin big gold star!

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