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J's slimming world debut - food diary!

S: 12st8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.14%)
:mad: Before I start can I just say a big DOH!!!! I just typed all this up but it didn't post and I lost it so now have to re-do - arrrggghhhh!!

But on a happier note....

Helloooo everyone! I'm very new to all this so please be nice :)

Thought i'd just give a quick diet history of myself before I start.
Over the last few years I seem to have constantly yo-yo'd (hence the name - ha!) between 140 & 168 and am sooo sick of losing weight to just pig out and put it all back on! Everytime I have lost I have done it with weight watchers & points (except a one week fling with cabbage soup - bluh!) which I do love but I just need to find a long term solution, and after the shock of seeing 176 on the scales I thought I would join team Slimming World!

I'm heading towards the big 20-10 next year (cant face saying 30!!) and I dont want to start the next decade of my life still struglling to fit into my size 12/14 :( clothes. And also I realllly want to enjoy all the chrimbo parties and that means being albe to feel fab in lovely glam dresses so i now officially in the ZONE!!

I thought a food diary would help me to stay on track and also hoping some of you will help me and share with me your words of wisdom if I start to go wrong and also maybe a little friendly encouragement - pleeease :)

I signed up on line and although I feel i have my head around the basics i am sure i will go wrong somewhere and still very sceptical this can work but promised myself at least a 4 week stint!! I used to lose on average 2lbs a week at ww (with a good 4/5 1st week!) so hoping it will be similair as anything else just seems very slow for all the effort (are my chances good??!)

I weighed in for the first time last Dat but only really go into the diet from Monday so here is this weeks food diary... please feel free to comment:

B: 2 wbix (heb) & sk milk (hea)
L: Salad (mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes) cottage cheese & fresh pineapple. weight watchers pineapple yoghurt
Snacks: strawberries & grapes. fat free natural yoghurt
D: Slimming World recipe chilli & rice. muller light
Options hot choc (2.5 syns)

B: 2 wbix (heb) & sk milk (hea)
L: Unavoidable pub lunch - bowl of tomato soup (syns??)
Snacks: strawberries & grapes
D: Chilli & new potatoes & brocolli. muller light
Options hot choc (2.5 syns)

B: 2 wbix (heb) & sk milk (hea)
L: Bistro salad (leaves & beetroot), chicken slices & tesco healthy living honey & mustard dressing (0.5 syn) ww pineapple yoghurt
Snacks: strawberries & grapes
D: 2 quorn sausages, 2 rashes bacon, 1/2 tin beans, 1 egg, mushrooms & tomatoes. muller light
Options hot choc (2.5 sysn)

B: 2 wbix (heb) & sk milk (hea)
L: Bistro salad (leaves & beetroot), chicken slices & tesco healthy living honey & mustard dressing (0.5 syn) ww mango yoghurt, pear
Snacks: strawberries & grapes
D: 2 quorn sausages, 1/2 tin beans, 2 eggs, mushrooms & tomatoes. muller light
Options hot choc (2.5 sysn)

B: 2 wbix (heb) & sk milk (hea)
L: Bistro salad (leaves & beetroot), chicken slices & tesco healthy living honey & mustard dressing (0.5 syn) ww mango yoghurt
Snacks: strawberries & grapes
D: Slim World recipe tuna neopoletana pasta (1 syn). muller light

So that's me until weigh in result 1 tomo - how did that sound? Not many syns i know but I am so nervous if I eat anything nice i'll just give in and blow it.
I also usually drink 3 to 4 pints of water a day (quite good with that in work!) and have about 3 cuppa's (using the sk milk left over from my healthy extra a from brekky)

No exercise this week but do plan to get myself back into the gym routine v soon! When i get in the habit I can usually do a decent 4 sessions a week of 45mins cardio or more!! Also need to get back to my running which i enjoy when i get past the first few horrible sessions where even a mile seems tough :(

Thanks for reading :) look forward to hopefully hearing back from you... I need the help!!
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S: 12st8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.14%)
The first big weigh in today....
I lost 2lbs which is better than nothing but realise last Sat when I had a terrible pig out must have done quite a bit of damage as had been hoping for a 3 or 4 loss whilst its the first week :( oh well keep going.....

Today's menu:


B: 2 wbix & sk milk (HE a & b)
L: Pear (well a few bites it had gone off - bluh!), muller light (hectic day so didnt have chance for much!)
D: SW chicken curry & rice (YUMMY!!) muller light
Snacks: (none yet but tonight plan to have...) cherries
Options hot choc (2.5 sysns)

Does it matter I do extra easy every day - would weight loss be quicker on the red or green days??

Do my food diaries sound ok??

I think once my 3 months are up on line I might go to meetings as feel a bit lost without anyone to ask about things :confused:

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
heya honney. Looks like your planning ahead nicely but do try and eat atleast 5syns a day. Theres no way you can physically gain with using 5syns aday so you have nothing to worry about. This doesnt mean you have to eat choc etc (cause i cant have one either!) so i play it safe and use mine on sauces etc.

i personally think classes are best ( and have heard they tend to be nicer than ww?)i did ww from home for one week but fell of the wagon and binged so bad and went off track for 3 weeks, really didnt fit with me. whereas iv been with sw for over 2 years and still love it.

i would suggest making you lunches bigger also :) enjoy your fave meals!! use some shwarts packets to jazz up your recipes if you find your chillis/spag bowl a bit boring.

i do EE every day! so dont panic there either!

i know what you mean about first loss, but because you were already doing ww, you were unlikly to have a first week loss (i only lost 1lb my first week with ww) so i think 2lbs is fab and means that you can enjoy sw plan in confort of knowing youl still have good losses weekly.

think your doing great :) xx
S: 12st8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.14%)
Hey Fern,

Thanks so much for replying, I was starting to worry no one would ever chat to me :)

And wow(!!) your weight loss is soooo good, i'm mega impressed!! Did you lose it all with slim world and have you found it ok to keep off (oh that's if you dont mind me being nosey and asking?)

I used to love ww but I do think it is a bit of a sod for making you binge! I think it's cos you have to control all your portions...the minute I stopped pointing I suddenly had the urge to eat a whole box of cereal (none of this 30g nonsense) and a movie size bag of maltesers - ha! Reading that I can kinda understand why I'm yet again starting ANOTHER diet - doh!

Get what you mean about having more syns...I keep meaning to but then during the day think i should keep them in case I want something in the evening (my danger time!!) but then am never too hungry after tea. Will make an effort to get some more in the plan tomorrow.

Ah see you are a bride to be (congrats!!!) - how exciting :D, when are you getting married??? I think planning a wedding is one of the best things ever - sooo much fun!! And bet you are enjoying trying on all the dresses and being mega chuffed you lost loads of weight - although to be fair wedding dresses look lovely on everyone!!

Again thanks for the reply.... I might have to mither you for help and advice if that's ok - you are my new slim world dieting guru ;)

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Dont worry! mostly people tend to read diarys rather than post- as its mostly for your benifit. Its an odd feeling posting with no reply i understand! i dont always have replys in mine, but sometimes i have lots if im having a perticuarly bad time etc. Everyone is lovley here though! maybe change your diarys title, the ww might confuse people into thinking they cant help because they dont understand ww! lol you might gather a few more readers, however i will most deffinatly stick around!!!

Iv lost ALL my weight on sw. I gave the special k diet a 1 week stint, same with WW when i thought i needed something new, but it just re-inforced how much i love sw and its a way of life. As when i did the other diets i didnt crave naughtyness, it was sw roast dinners and homemade chilli con carni i wanted! lol. Odd isnt it!
I maintain my weight by allowing myself to freely use the 3lbs above and 3 lbs below, as thats what works best for me, so although i rarely stay the same wieght, the flexibility means i havent put it on and even managed to drop another 7lbs when i was ready too. Although i ahve put that back on, for the minute, it will come back off and i have confidence in the plan.

when i first delved into ww, i was excited to eat all these different foods to sw and thought the points would keep me in check.. but i found myself always wanting more at meals, or even not having them at all because i knew i wouldnt be satisfied so saved my points for more naughtness.. but i hate feeling restrictive and okay, so i eat alot, bigger portions than what i should- but if im not gaining weight for it, why shouldnt i? its not hurting me, i dont drink or smoke or do anything else perticuarly naughty.. okay so this means when im naughty with food i eat far more than i should, but overall.. whats wrong with eating loads of good, homecooked healthy food??

i feel a bit hypicritical coaching you on syns! as i am the worst for having less than 5, but thats because i know that i can easily wrack them up in the evening, so prefer to use them throughout the day in meals, try to keep them syn free or low syn.. incase i make any mistakes or have any hiccups later in the day so i can cover them.. but i am learning to use them better now.
I easily fell into the trap of feeling 'scared' to use them aswell, which isnt a good thing to do. if you dont have your 10-15 a day now, you wont have anything to cut back on should you find things get very tough towards target.

I am indeed a bride to be, we semi agreed 2014, and thats just fine for me, about 3 and a half years. :) i cant wait to be a slim bride. Never thought id ever meet someone i truely wanted to marry, let alone be a beautiful bride that isnt bulging out of her dress. So many nasty memories of bridesmaid shoppings really made me nervous to even think of bridal gowns but i know il be able to find one now.. just gotta keep it off! lol

always here for advise poppet. I also have a diary here somewhere lol, which i update reguarly so feel free to pop along also.. although mines abit of an emotional rollercoaster at the mo, im very up and down with it all! have lots going on!! but feeling confident in myself this week to get shifting those lbs! x
S: 12st8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.14%)
Ah thanks Fern - that makes more sense...i'll stop being paranoid people don't like my posts - ha! And like you say use it to keep myself on track :)

Ooh I like the bit about big portions, i'm sadly excited you can do that and still lose weight!! It is such a strange thing thinking you can eat so much pasta & rice etc cos after ww and their tiny portions it seems odd but guess I just have to keep faith and stick with it!! Seeing all your awards and others who have them defo makes it more motivating!!
And yea I dont think in the grand scheme of life having big portions of healthy food can be considered naughty!! I dont have too many bad habits either although I have to admit I do love my wine and gin & tonic but to be fair i'm just a social drinker (aka binge drinking :eek:) so not like i'm having it too often! And I can see me using any spare sysns on that! Have tried to have a few more sysns the last couple of days cos defo don't want to be stuck later on....and realised I am actually allowed them so trying not to feel too guilty! Although still dont think the will power is there for a small piece of chocolate yet though...;)

Ooh and big congrats on your upcoming wedding! 2014 seems a long time away but it will FLY around! Oh you will have an amazing time shopping for dresses - it's the best!! The only hard bit is chossing one! I loved the randomness of trying lots of crazy dresses on, ones id never dream of buying but trying them on just cos i could - sure the women in the shop just loved me turning up every Sat :D Wouldnt stress about keeping it off as you sound like you have it well sussed and also nothing like the thought of a wedding dress to keep you motivated.
Hope the emotional rollercoaster isnt anything that's stressing you out too much... but will defo find your diary and say hello on there too!

Going to try and change the title of this thread but knowing me and my techy ability ill probs delete the whole thing :confused:

So on to the food diary....

B: 2 scrambled eggs on 2 wholemeal toast (heB) & tablespoon ketchup (1 syn)
heA: sk milk for cuppa's (3 in total i think)
L: none (out all day at friends and did have bekky late morning)
D: frying steak (all fat off!) mushrooms, peppers, onions & ainsley harriot tomato cous cous (2 syns) brocolli. muller light & strawberries.
Snacks: options hot choc (2 syns) not 2.5 like i thought - woo!. skinny cow caramel lollie (4.5 syns)

B: 2 wbix & sk milk (heA&B)
L: Bistro salad, cucumber, tomatoe, asda gfy p/apple cott cheese (l fat) (1.5 syn) ham. Apple & ww mango yoghurt.
Snack: 1/2 grapefruit & ww mango yoghurt
30mins GYM (finally back to it - wooo!) 15 mins run, 5 power walk & 10 x trainer (only 30 mins but a start after a few weeks off!)
D: chicken, soy sauce & honey stir fry (1 syn), corn on the cob, noodles, mushrooms & onions. Muller light.
Snacks: Not had them yet but likely a hot choc before bed and poss some strawberries

Well I am sooo glad Monday is out the way - time for one tree hill and then bed!!
S: 12st8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.14%)
What a day! Non stop in work so didnt have time to think about food (yay!) but also meant I didnt get away on time to face the gym (boo!).

So today's looked like this:

B: 2 wbix & sk milk (heA&B)
L: bistro salad with cott cheese & pineapple (1.5 syns), ww pineapple yoghurt & apple
Snacks: Half grapefruit & ww mango yog
D: Chicken, ainsley harriots cous cous (2 syns) peas, sweetcorn & ketchup (1 syn). muller light
Snacks: likely to have options hot choc (2 syns)

Hmm going to keep track of daily syns then I can get into this flexi business at the wk end when I am likely to have a drink or two :)
Do flexi ones work the same as ww points - you can save them and use them at once? Do you count 15 a day?? Hmmm seems alot! But if so that is.....105 (will try not to go up to that though - special occasions only!)

So my week starts on a Sat but thinking that will be naughty day and dont want to blow all syns on day 1 each week so going to count syns sun to sat (think that makes sense :confused:)

So this week so far:
Sunday 9.5
Monday 4.5
Tuesday 6.5

All this typing has made me peckish...off to have my muller light :D


Onwards and downwards!
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)
Hi hun. Just found your diary, welcome to Slimming World! It looks like you are doing really well so far, your food diaries look great. 2lb in your first week is really good, I lost a similar amount. I do get a bit jealous when I see people losing 5lbs or so in their first week, but I just think everyone is different and we all lose weight at different rates. Personally I think if you lose too much to quickly/easily, then it is easier to put it back on again.

Not 100% sure about Flexi syns as I've never done it, but I tend to use fewer syns during the week so that I can have a few more at the weekends (which usually happens!). So long as you don't go over the 105 a week I personally don't think it really makes much of a difference to your weight loss.

Keep up the fab work, I'm sure you will see a great loss this week :D
G: 10st7lb
I'm heading towards the big 20-10 next year (cant face saying 30!!) and I dont want to start the next decade of my life still struglling to fit into my size 12/14 :( clothes.
Don't worry hun, I was 40 last week and am totally fine about it other than being determined to be fabulous at forty rather than fat and 40 (hence that means getting to goal weight before my 41st!!).

I'm new to SW as well, starting my first class tonight.

You'll do great I am sure x
S: 12st8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.14%)
Oh odd - i just typed out a big reply and when I posted it said something I didn't catch about a moderator and now it's disappeared - so will have to type again :(

Ah thanks Emily, know what you mean about the big loss jealousy and trying to just keep faith it will work in the long term - but I just get sooo impatient :p
Was just thinking I will likely need flexi syns for any nights out... don't think the high synage in alcohol was calculated with binge drinking in mind ;)
See we are a similair weight and have the same goal - we should try and help each other along :)

Hi Lydia, Happy belated Birthday!! Hope you enjoyed your first class! I;m doing it on line but would imagine the motivation and friendliness of a class just adds to the support. You'll have to let me know how you got on...

So on to today's food... hectic day in work (left the office at almost 7pm - boooo :cry:) which meant I didnt get chance for lunch until 3pm but forced myself to the gym before home for a quick 30min session!

B: 2 wbix & sk milk (heA&B)
L: Bistro salad, cucumberm tomatoe, ham, p/apple cott cheese (1.5 syns) apple, ww p/apple yoghurt
Snacks: Watermelon
Gym (30mins): 15run (1.5 miles) 5 power walk, 10 x trainer
D: baked pot, mushy peas, cod & ketchup (1 syn) (oops didnt get my 1/3 of super free food in this meal - hope that doesnt hurt - just couldnt think of any veg to go with it :confused:) muller light
Snacks: options hot choc (2 syns)

Only just finished tea (also grrr have burnt my mouth owwwww!) so no sneaky weighing in the morning as bound to be bloated for eating so late!
Is it just me who is addicted to weighing daily. I know, I know it is the wrong thing to do but I can't help it - the scales just call to me every morning :eek: Maybe I should get hubby to hide them and only let me have them once a week on a sat morning....hmm we'll see!

Hope everyone else has had a good day :)

(Hope this posts or I give up and if my original one appears and i sound like im repeating myself like a crazy woman I apologise!)


Onwards and downwards!
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)
Yea, definitely, we can be slimming buddies, hehe. Its really good finding other people on here who are the same weight and have the same goals etc because you can really relate to each other :D

Well done for going to the gym after finishing work so late! I would never have been able to make myself do that.

I have to admit that I too used to be a scale hopper. To begin with I would jump on every morning hoping to see 1lb off or something, but now 7 weeks in I don't even give the scales a second thought really. They are in the bathroom and somehow I manage to just walk past them every morning. The only time I do use them now is on the morning of the day I weigh in, it just kind of gives me an indication of what the scales might say later on. I think it just comes with time, you settle into the diet and it becomes a way of life so you don't think about how much you might have lost all the time.

Don't worry about the missing the 1/3 superfree for dinner. I do that sometimes, there are some meals I just cant think of any veg that would go with it.

Hope you are having another good day :D

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