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  1. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Ok a bit about me then I suppose!! Im 52 and happily married with two sons aged 24 and 20 and a little 2 yr old grandaughter. I have had a weight problem most of my adult life and have had some major health problems this year.

    I have the usual high BP, although that seems to be under control with meds and high cholesterol which again does seem to be under control with meds. I also suffer from on/off depression which started when my only sibling, my younger Brother died in 2004with a brain aneurysm. However that is generally controlled with meds as well.....I sound like a right pill popper dont I!!!!

    My major problem and the main reason I want to become as healthy as I can is that I was diagnosed with a very rare form of bone cancer in March this year after breaking my wrist in Dec 2011 trying to open a locked window at work.Its called Chondrosarcoma (90 people diagnosed in UK each year) and even my Consultant was surprised I had it when it was examined after he removed it.Basically I have been very very lucky as it was in my wrist which is a very very rare but 'good' place to get it.Also if you have to get cancer its not a bad one to get if its low grade which mine was and he has told me it shouldnt come back, wont spread and wont shorten my life so as I said I have been a very lucky Jacci indeed. I had it removed and a bone graft put in and just had my 6 month check up and all is looking fine with no sign of local recurrence and the graft is taking nicely, it doesnt respond to chemo or radiotherapy so surgery is the only treatment and it wasnt too bad at all.

    This situation has really made me focus on whats important in life and I do feel very fortunate to be healthy and now the time has come to do something about my weight once and for all. I read up about the Horizon programme and ended up here! You all sound so friendly and happy and this way of eating sounds so refreshing and so 'me', so here I am! Early days, only 5 days in but I am enjoying it and looking forward to seeing the results and getting to know you all better.

    I hope you dont mind about my mentioning the cancer problem but it has totally changed my mindset about a lot of things and I think its an important part of where I am at.

    I have started this diary really so I can look back in the future and see how far Ive come , if I can support anyone in my journey that will be a huge bonus.

    Take care all!!
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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Hey Jacci

    Welcome and thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Good luck on this brilliant "diet" :D

    P x
  4. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Thank you Pauline, I am loving it. this is day 6 and I have lost 5lbs now..couldnt be happier!!

    Just realised Im now in the 16's...I am loving this Judding!! xx
  5. hellym1971

    hellym1971 Full Member

    Your story is amazing. Good luck with it all. X
  6. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well all still going well. I cannot believe Im enjoying the down days as much as the up days!! This really feels like something you can do that fits in with your life. I honestly love it so much and I have never said that about any diet before! I am having my bp checked in October so I cant wait to see the difference this way of life will make!!

    Good luck all and happy Wednesday!! x
  7. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well this is the end of my first judding week and I have lost 5lbs!! I cannot believe it when I think about the food I have eaten on my UP days, my clothes are feeling so much looser already as well!! I have had no urge to blow the diet either which for me is the best thing as Im VERY good at blowing diets....Im also a happy bunny and normally when Im dieting I feel a bit peeved and bored I suppose with the limited amount and type of food Im eating. Obviously this doesnt happen when you are judding!!
    Up day today and I really have no idea what I want to eat (very unusual for me!!).
    Take care all!! x
  8. halfangelhalftart

    halfangelhalftart Full Member

    What a fab start! Go you.
  9. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Thank you!! Onwards and upwards (and downwards!!) we go!!
  10. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well its another down day for me today and I actually feel sick today so Im going to have no problems keeping to my cals today...every cloud has a silver lining and all that!!

    Happy Friday all!! x
  11. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    I dont feel sick anymore...Im starving!! Roll on my UpDay!! x
  12. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well yesterday wasnt the easiest down day Ive had but was very worthwhile.....lost another pound woo hoo!! Loving this judding!!

    Happy Saturday all!!x
  13. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed my UP day yesterday and am so far enjoying my DOWN day today.I have just booked a weeks holiday in Fuerteventura in Nov so have got a goal now to do as well as I can before then! We went end of June this year so I should hopefully be a lot lighter for the next trip.

    So I have a goal to see how much my bp has changed in Oct and now my gorgeous holiday in November!!

    This may be too much info but has anybody found their urmm toilet habits have changed since judding? All Im going to say is Im sure I must be lighter tomoz as I was, shall we say a long long time on the loo this morning!!

    I will leave you all with that lovely thought!

    Take care all!!
  14. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well that toilet business worked yesterday. Lost another 1lb.....Yoo hoo!!
  15. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    congrats your doing brilliant......Are you doing proper alternate days? x
  16. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    I am at tho moment because that is really suiting me but Im going to be flexible as this judding makes it so easy to be flexible doesnt it!! Also everyone seems to be doing it differently so that it suits them. I just love it!!

    Im doing this for health as much as weight and need to get my bp and cholestorol down and will have these checked next month and am hoping to get a nice surprise!!

    I cannot believe that Im losing considering what I eat on my updays, homemade fish and chips tonight although I do the chips in the oven but that is the best part of judding...you dont feel deprived even doing alt days like I am at the mo!!

    Take care Hun.
  17. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Well a DD for me today!! Seem to have lost my sig so will try and sort that today!!

    My clothes are certainly feeling a lot looser which cant be bad!!

    Happy Tuesday all!!
  18. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Hey Jacci, make sure you don't wear your old grey apple-gatherers to work then, in case you lose your trousers! ;)

    Happy Tuesday back at ya'! :D

    P x
  19. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    DD today...deffo harder when Im at work but not long till home time and then up day tomorrow...going to Paralympics in Olympic Park tomorrow, cant wait!!

    Happy Tuesday all!!
  20. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Up day, put on an old top today and its really quite big on me now!! Paralympics later so finishing work at 1.00...what a happy Jacci!!

    Happy Wednesday all!! x
  21. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Happy HUMP UP day, Jacci! :D

    P x
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