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Extra Easy Apparently...!


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Hi sorry to butt in but judi told me two weeks ago to give ee a go, nd to buy the ee cookbook, if you want to look at my diary on the diary section you are more welcome to, i no its only a few weeks and the first week of doing it only lost 1lb, but like judi says a loss is a loss, and she gives brilliant advice :) hth's


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Thanks! I will do. Similarly, I've started a food diary so feel free to nosey and make suggestions.


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Hi! I must admit I haven't done a food diary on here as I do it on the SW website, and in a notebook at home, so what with that and keeping up 2 exercise threads !!!!!!! I spend more time than is healthy here already :p What a kind comment Jacqui! If you take note of Jacqui, she's gone from very little cooking from scratch (I think! Correct me if I'm wrong) to Delia Smith in just over a week!
I bought the book last night and I shall hand it over to OH to make sure he makes a legal tea! It has lots of dishes which look delish, but really if you do nearly everything from scratch and just have your 1 HEA and 1HEB you really can't go far wrong! I'm sure if you look on the food diary section there will be lots of EE meus. And the free menu you can download from the SW site was EE the last time I looked. I'm not really being much help am I? Todays diary won't be typical I'm afraid, as it's my B'day and I shall be having some treats, but plan A is;

Breakfast 2 egg omelette
Lunch baked potato with cottage cheese and a huge salad
Dinner (posh mode!) A large steak, SW wedges, sugarsnap peas, carrots, and half a bottle of wine! And a couple of snifters of bacardi and diet pepsi! I will work out the syns tomorrow!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Happy Birthday! I'm sure I heard somewhere that syns don't count then!

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