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Julie is here!!

hi all. i have moved over from atkins on to slim fast. i had enough of all that fat and it just was not working for me! am hoping to shift all this excess weight on slim fast. i started on tuesday this week and like to think i have done very good other than friday night when i had quite a bit of vodka but i made allowences for the calories in it! i have however not been able to exercise since thursday due to having a tooth pulled out at the dentist!
am looking forward to my first weigh in on tuesday. i swear i can feel a differnce already! :D
i welcome any advice or comments you wish to give me and help me to get all this extra blooming weight off!!
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i love this diet. i think i have finaly found the diet for me. i can eat what i want in moderation! i enjoy the shakes. they taste like i'm having a treat.
i did try the ww cheese snips snack last night and when i opened the packet the smell hit me as if my other half had just taken his work socks off! needless to say i couldnt eat them but my 4 year old liked them so she had them as a bed time snack so wont go to waste :D
having not done the school run for a week the other parents said how good i look. i had not told them that i was dieting! but they all know now so i will have to stick with this even if i do get bored (although i dont think i will!)
i have lost 2lb's this week. a small loss yes but it has been a long time coming and i am quite happy to lose 2lb a week and eat what i want!


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Well done i think 2lb a week is a realistic goal thats all im setting myself and ive found slimfast has been the easiest & best diet ive been on


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Well done on your loss and glad your enjoying it. I thought I'd be starving but I've been pleasently suprised and actually struggle to eat all my calories.
2lb a week is roughly 8lbs a month so that's a fantastic goal to have! It's the same one as me!
had a fab day yesterday. went shopping with my eldest daughter and grand child. i had a boots shapers ham and philli sarnie and it was so yummy. didnt get home in time to do dinner so was well under my calorie limit!
i also started exercising again as i am not in pain anymore from having my tooth pulled out.
atm i am drinking a banana shake and i have to say that i am not too keen on it so will strike the banana shakes off my list!
going to head over to the boots website and order lots of slim fast as the powder cans are half price! :D
my order from boots should be here monday. i also got myself some toning shoes. not very attractive but i dont care if they help toning up my wobble legs :8855:
had a very bad night with my youngest son. he has a high temp (101) and wont stop being sick. i had a shake this morning but i dont feel like i can stomach food today as all i can smell is puke! didnt get my power walk in doing the nursery run as couldnt take Travis out the house or he would have thrown up when would be out! so i am stranded in the house today looking after my sick son. :cry:


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What about a bit of exercise in the house to keep you going so you dont feel you have missed out by being stuck in with a sick child i hope hes better soon
i managed to get 10 minutes done on my vibration plate. tried to do the wii fit but didnt get anywhere with it as Travis just wants to be held all the time. even have to take him to the toilet with me atm as he wont let me put him down. typing this one handed lol. but he has started to keep his calpol and some water down so i think he is on the mend! will get a workout putting clean bedding on the bed later. one job i hate doing is putting duvet covers on!
yesterday was not a good day. i ended up having 2 sf shakes and snacked on sarnies for the day. didnt have time to cook or prepare meals. i know i went over my calorie limit for the day. :cry:
today i will also be going over my calorie limit as will be drinking vodka tonight and i want to get a good meal inside me before i start so that it dosnt go straight to my head! i am hoping that i stay either stats this week or lose 1lb and then i will be happy! weigh in on tuesday so will have to wait and see. planning on being mega strict from tomorrow!
It's just a blip, that's all. As long as you get back on track asap it's not gonna matter much. Don't give yourself a hard time, we all have them.
had a fab friday night. was very good and didnt munch on any naughty food.
got a few new exercise bits from argos so will be giving them a go later. also got a finger strengthener so i can play the guitar on rock band without getting a claw hand after a few hours of playing it :8855:
tonight will be a challenge as its our first game in the world cup. am already thinking pizza. must wipe these bad thoughts from my mind!!! :(
hmmmm, last night didnt go too well. had friends over for the footie match and the local indian/kebab shop had a one off footie deal on. so ended up ordering a party feast and a special extra low fat chicken burger just for me. i was good and eat my burger but then i also picked at the other food. just couldnt resist it. but i must add i didnt have any booze at all. stuck to my diet coke all night. so much for being strict. seem to have more bad days with food than good!
Don't feel too badly. I ate 12 jaffa cakes in a row last night!
we all need to love life rather than hate it by being depressed if we go over the cals a little bit everynow and then,, at end of day were all trying really hard and have more good than bad days so it must all add up eventually in the scheme of things, keep smiling
had a good day yesterday. managed to get in lots of exercise and was running around after the kids like a mad woman! i was well under my calorie limit. not by choice. i just wasnt hungry and forgot to eat!
i have never had a problem drinking water before but i hardly had any yesterday which isnt good. i mainly had diet fizzy drinks all day but had an ice cold pint of squash in the evening. having all that fizzy drink is proberly why i forgot to eat. it filled me up. so dont know if that is a good or bad thing. will get back with the water today though.
its my 2nd weigh in tomorrow and atm i feel good and am looking forward to it. will be quite happy to lose a steady 2lb a week. :D
I dont drink much water i get a sicky feeling if i drink much so i tend to drink 1/4pint of fresh orange 3/4 pint of flavoured low cal tonic water mixed its really yummy and reasonably low cal

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