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Julie Out with the old 2006-2007


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Well i was going to not bother starting my weightloss diary until new year but much damage dould be done before then !
I figure having a record of how i feel now will benefit me when i start to count down to ss and i will !!!!!!!!!!

Today i went to town with my january sales savings (yes i do that, sad i know)
I bought a jumper and some boots and 2 beanbags i had saved enough to buy a whole new wardrobe full of beautiful clothes then realised only bought beanbags and my 2 daughters clothes boots games etc because i am fat and clothes shopping for moi is like going to the dentist ( i dread going and then it costs me a fortune and there is very little to show for it ) It was far easier to spend on them ! :rolleyes:

Also i didn't go out ,No christmas parties meals pub crawls i made my excuses and stayed home ! :eek:
New years eve i am having a party indoors as i am to fat to go out ??!!!?? :eek:

I am not bingeing because me and food have fallen out pretty much as i fell out with food last christmas ! :rolleyes:

I could be dramatically smaller by my birthday may 18th 2007 so my aim is to step down to ss and lose 4 stone at least before i am 31 .
I am ashamed of me i am embarrassed for my daughters and i am missing out on things with them that i don't want to and i can't bear my husband to touch me my skin is terrible i feel bloated and depressed and i have mood swings that are driving us all nuts :eek: !
I am not writing this down for self pity i am lucky there isn't one of those things that i can't change . S i am gonna and when i feel downhearted i will come back to page one and remind myself why this is important to me .

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May is just a blink of an eye away and you are right it is time to love yourself :)



Hi kandy-Julie

The hiding away, falling out with food...all ringing true with so many of us no doubt. Why are we so damn mean to ourselves, we are our own worst enemy, well i know i have been anyhow. Even since losing 4.5st im still mad with myself about so many things....new year has got to mean a new way of thinking for me too! Im 30 also and would love to have stabilised at 9.5-10st by then (got til july but so much can happen i know!) Been messing with last stone and a bit for far too long so im gonna take my baggae by the balls and banish it once nad hopefully for all as the new year approaches..infact not sure why im waiting for new year guess i could start today...havent got anything planned for new year but somehow i think it may involve food/drink!:confused: :eek:

Anyway julie thanks for posting...sometimes it does me good to read posts like yours that ring true with me to get me re-focussed with 20/20 vision.

Wishing you well on your ss journey hun....we can do it...31 is just around the corner for both of us!!!!

Keep posting..x:eek:


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Thanks DQ,
My time has come !
I am very excited about the coming year ...xxx

Hi Olijames,
Glad my thread is of some help lol ! You have done so well and fab piccy !
It must be tough the maintaining part, another hurdle but one i am looking forward too !
I will definitely be foccussing on my birthday as a target i want to be able to go clothes shopping on my birthday and bluddy enjoy it, i wanna wear high heels for more than 30 mins in the bedroom ! oops :eek: to much info there lol !
I have never worn a dress and high heels to go out apart from my wedding and i really wanna do that i wanna be foxy at 31 not frumpy lol ! xxx



Foxy and flirty and maybe a little bit dirty at 30-1!! :p :D

Sounds like a challenge to be met! i know what you mean about the heels and dress thing..the two go hand in hand dont they but with extra weight the heels can be a pain in the foot! We will do this..i have taken the bull by the horns today and called my LLc who is very supportive and tolerant of my restarteramas! I am setting my target a bit lower/higher?..always aimed for 10.7 but gonna aim for 9.7 so i have some leeway and so that it feels like more of a challenge as ive found myself yo-yoing with last stone...the first 4 came off the easiest and the last one has been/is awful..plus i have issue with metabolism..like its slowed right down me thinks....:confused:

Anyway Im going to first 2007 meeting on 2nd jan so will face the scales then and ride it out so my 31st can be all heels (oh and a dress of course LOL!):rolleyes:




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Icemoose is spot on, it is time to love yourself. For all of us to.

Good luck with your journey.


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Hey there OJ ,
That sounds good to me !!

I know what you mean about messed up metabolism but i guess the problem for me was eating without working through maintenence that really seems to be the key i know 2 people who have lost all there weight with cd and maintained (they did maintenence) and four who lost there weight (didn't do maintenence) and 3 gained it :eek: and the other 1 is constantly struggling !!! you know who you are lol !

So thats the key if i feel like i have to eat it can never go further than 790 because thats the next step :p ! I so don't wanna be in the same position next year . So i won't be :cool:

I too begin my count down from 1500 to ss on jan 2nd and i am looking forward to it .
So i am right there with ya OJ and when i get that sexy dress and heels i will post some before and afters never been brave enough before :eek: !!!!

Lotsa luv Julie xxxxx


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Well here goes ,
Today has been crap in the water guzzling stakes which is probably why i have a headache i have eaten breakfast (beans on toast) and i haven't had anything else drinking i have had fresh orange juice and i know i should be filling my face because i will be "dieting" soon . I just don't feel that way at all ! I am supposed to be using this time to record my bad food habits and i am not eating too badly hmmmmm !

I am sure there will be an ugly lapse before new year so must be sure to record those thoughts lol !

I have noticed when i drink sugary drinks i have very bad mood swings i had a full fat coke moment last night :eek: so thats a lesson learned !
OH has taken all the cokes to the shed NO REALLY !! :eek:

I feel crabby when my belly is full thats something else !

I sleep poorly (nothing like ketosis sleep) :)

Well so far so good i havent had tea yet OH is at the pub at the mo so i am with my girliebabies not watching jurassic park 3 ! :rolleyes: lol thank the lord for minimins xxxxx


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Just think this is the last time you will be feeling like this. In just a couple of weeks you will be seeing the weight drop and be on your way to losing the 4 st.
Irene xx


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Hi Irene ,
Thanks for dropping by hope your well ! xxx

Hi Cheb ,
Thank you for dropping by also, i am hoping this getting on with myself will help me stay away from the grub :rolleyes: !

so glad your all dropping by it makes me feel all inspired luv to all xxxxx :D


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Firstly Happy new year everybody,

Now where to start had a but of a stressful nye party my drunken sister in law decided to have an argument of gigantic proportions with my brother there 18 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son she was hugely drunk which is par the course really and managed to insult everyone !

We all remained polite and calm but i would truly of liked to of punched her repeatedly but my brother would never be allowed round again !

Thing is i know this doesn't seem relevant but she homes in on peoples weaknesses when she is drunk with me its always been fat .
her favourites include :-
You would be so pretty if you lost weight
I know you have lost 3 stone but i am sure you will look nicer when its all gone
(when i started driving lessons) Do you have trouble fitting behind the wheel (i was 14 stone at the time)
I suppose you have to be clever when your unattractive
Fat people are so jolly i love that about you
Not all fat people smell do you julie ?

She also assured me if i lose all my excess weight people would genuinely like me not just pity me like they do now !

My personal favourite on my hen night dont worry if you have a big wedding dress nobody can see all your bellys (over a microphone)
Then preceeded to ask men in the place would you marry her saying shes fat but shes funny !!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

So i feel very sh*t about myself today mainly because i know i cant answer back and risk alienating my brother he needs me, i know that !
I will go back read my diary while my poor OH is in bed with very bad flu i am running up and down the stairs with tea water soup and sympathy but feel very close to tears silly moo that i am !

I have been ok i s'pose no brekkie no dinner chicken and veg for tea water water and more water and a can of pepsi max !
I haven't lost the diet but because i haven't had the packs i feel i have let myself down !

I have had a huge confidence knock at my party in front of my guests and i have to turn my confidence back on i can do it !

Love y'all Julie XXXXXX :D


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Oh honey!!! Sending mega (((HUGS))) - what a sh!tty way for someone to behave:mad: Well you'll show her - she sounds like she needs a personality transplant


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Oh, sis in law sounds like a right cow hun!

Just think, you'll show her up big time come next new years....cant believe she had the balls to be so rude....not good

Forget her, she obviously feels horrible about herself if she needs to take it all out on you


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Hey DQ Kazz and Cheb ,
Thanks for that well the war rages on unfortunately although i am keeping myself to myself !
I cant trust myself not to lose it so steering clear !

Diet wise i have had a ham sandwich today but no water i have bought some slimfast today so 2 shakes and a meal for me from tomorrow i am back to work tomorrow so that should help i have registered a 2lb gain over the festive season so not too bad considering i had a full fat coke problem :rolleyes: !

So must drink some water now having fish and rice for tea i know i will bugger up with ss right now but i am doing the right thing because i am doing something i figure it took a year to lose 3 stone and gain back 4 so if it takes me 12 months to lose 4/5 stone then its still good :D .

Love to all Julie xxx


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Okay i have not posted for a few days but todat i am ready so here goes, i have been eating very healthily which i am finding easy i have managed to incorparate water but i have tried to take the slimming world shakes omg they are disgusting only one i could get down was strawb and that went straight through so i tried the cambridge shake and same thing happened i know its subconcious because last time they went down fine so obviously the time isn't right for me so monday i am biting the bullet and while i am coping with healthy eating i am going to slimming world i know it will be a longer process but i will give it 100% i will be able to eat so it will be all about the choices !

I will carry on my diary but it will carry a food content warning lol !
Love to all Julie xxx