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Just a quick question

I am a 228.4 pound 6ft 1 man so ofc overweight...

I have not been well this week, maybe's struggling to eat 1,200 cal's a day (eating like 4 slice's of toast, 2 bowl's of cereal and maybe's a bowl of soup and 2 slice's of bread, all day...).

Is it normal for me to lose 5 pound's in a week?

I have been trying to diet but this is extreme?
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Les Mills Fitness Freak
you need to up your intake to at least 1500/600.

also, your meals, theres hardly anything there. eat proper meals, but stick to a sensible calorie count.


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5 pounds isn't that bad I don't think. Just make sure you are eating enough calories for what you do in a day. If your not well you will not be using that many so as long as you eat enough you should be fine.
Hi thank's for the reply so is that the reason why i had such a weight loss since i was not taking enough cal's on board?

Since i think for a man my size i would need about 2,800 just to keep my weight.

And 1,500/600 would be enough to lose around 3-5 pound per week?


Les Mills Fitness Freak
for a man 1200 isnt enough, yes you'd lose weight on that but your body would be tricked into thinking it was starving rather than cutting down.
you could probably achieve the same weight loss by eating that little bit more :)
I am 6ft2. I lost 10 in ten days and thereafter have been averaging 1.5lb a week. Am in no hurry and want to do it safely. I have cut out bad foods refined carbs, sugar and all wheat products. That leaves plenty of good satisfying food. Also am doing a ten min kettlebell workout every second day, so have put on some muscle. The real test is how you feel and look. I was 270 and am now 240 or so. need to lose another 40 lb and perhaps another 60 but I am not obsessing about the weight aspect. Everyone has commented how my appearance has improved and how much younger I look. Those are the real signs of success rather than the scales which are indicative only. Still overweight but have loads more energy and feel great.

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