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Just wondered if anyone else is watching this at the moment on Channel 4?

Its getting me a little choked actually up because that lovely blind woman had no idea really what her body looked like, she looks beautiful and has a lovely figure and yet her mind showed her as something completely different.

Just made me think that no matter how much we sometimes moan and dislike our bodies, we are so lucky that we can actually see it and shouldnt take things in life so seriously.

We are all beautiful no matter what size or shape we are. If this wonderful and amazing lady on TV can feel good about herself and not physically see herself, then so can we.

Thanks for reading, just thought I would share my thoughts with you. xx
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wasnt watching it sarah but i hear what your saying 100 per cent xx thanks for the little bit of a wake up call xx and also when we think we have problems there really are people with a lot more xxx ps well done on your weight loss brill x


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Gok is amazing. I wish I could keep him under my bed, and pull him out whenever I needed him ♥


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I watched it and got quite tearful too. What a lovely lady, and how sad in many ways. Sad that she lost her sight, sad that she'd no idea how she looked and felt that way about her figure, sad that she couldn't see how beautiful she is, sad that she couldn't see herself in those clothes or her naked picture! She looked so sophisticated and classy.

But...how wonderful that she could imagine how she looked by the way Gok helped her with her figure and visualise the clothes. She seemed genuinely happy and delighted. And she looked fabulous!


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This has to be one of THE most inspirational programmes I've seen in a very long time. That lady was A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

To think, we have all have so many hang ups about our bodies, and we can see them... she hasn't seen her body for 30 years, so how she hadn't become totally paranoid about her body amazes me.
She did have fab support from her family, but as we all know, self confidence really only comes from within.

I really admire her for the way she turned around her self image, and I adore Gok - he really is a God!

I'm inspired, and have actually looked at myself in the mirror this morning, and really appreciated and loved my body - lumps and wobbles'n'all...


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I was watching it, what a wonder ful woman! And what a wonderful Gok!! Wish I had one! X