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Just a thought....

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just a random thought that crossed my mind while catching up on posts.... how much money do you think EVANS must make / have made from us... I mean just the ladies on the forum, let alone anyone else!!

It's so awful the way they have cornered the market for outsize clothing and as we don't have an alternative, we have to pay their mega inflated prices!!

A couple of months ago (before starting LL) I desperately needed a work blouse, found one in Evans, turned the price tag over, £32!!!!!!! Luckily I had a £5 arcadia voucher but still, £27!!

When I told my (size 8) sister, she said that she has never paid that kind of money for a work blouse in her life!!!!

Here's to being able to shop in 'normal' (and cheaper) stores, and actually being able to walk into any store and buy something coz we like it, not just because evans is the only shop that does our size and then buying something in there coz it's the only thing that fits/makes us look slightly slimmer/covers our bum/arms/tummy etc etc

Your thoughts?? xxx
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I never bought a single thing at Evans. I could not bear going in to a shop. I did all my shopping online. I would buy nearly everything from www.simplybe.com or off ebay. So fortunately they didn't get to rip me off!!

It is HEAVEN now, to be able to go into the shops and buy off the rack. Absolute heaven.

BUT - it gets expensive!!! :D ;)


Fighting Demons....
Yeah I agree Evans can be expensive. My friend had her 21st a couple months ago and insisted we all wear dresses. She bought hers for like £20 in the sale and everything, my other friend bought hers for £15 and because I was forced to choose something from Evans, it cost me £50!
Ordinarily I do try to shop around, and I would go on the internet, but it was really short notice and I have to buy something that day. It was a nightmare.
Its more to do with the choice that my friends have. They can shop in every shop (bar Evans!) in the mall, but I have to choose from one (or one and a half if you include New Look Inspire!)

B x
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I get my clothes from Dorothy perkins, and sometimes i have from Evans, that shop costs a fortune!
Roll on the day i can buy clothes from any shop, and get some bargains..i soo cant wait.

The problem i have is everything is far far too long , im 5.0. Even when it says short they are far too long, so annoying.
I used to buy a lot of my clothes from Evans too and I still find it hard to not accidentally go there when I'm shopping. I did actually go in the other day and stuff that I used to think was nice, I thought was hideous!!
I used to also buy from Simplybe and I keep missing phonecalls from them, probably to offer me a promotional code if I place an order. I actually can't wait to tell them to take me off their mailing list as I am now too slim to fit in their clothes :) Ooooh the things that fill us with glee!! :D
oooooohhhhh i dream of the day i can shop in primark lol, i am a shopoholic, i am at the moment sitting in my bedroom in a dress i bought a few months ago and will never have the chance to wear out because its now getting a bit big on me, i also have 4 beautiful bespoke steel bonned corsets costing, well im not saying how much but ALOT, that will soon be going on ebay, and yes i have handed over way too much of my hard earned cash over the years to evans.bring on the day i can phone them up and cancel my gold card because im too slim.
I have to admit Ive never found Evans particularly expensive.

I have bought loads of their tshirts as Ive gone down the sizes and theyre usually 2 for £7 or £8 which isnt bad.

I got trousers recently which were £15 and any of my 'good' tops have been dearer but not excessive.

The 2 branches nearest me have the most fantastic sale rails and Ive got loads of bargains too. I got 5 skirts last week at a fiver each :)

I think a lot depends maybe on what youve been buying at the time but I definitely dont think theyre excessively expensive.
That has got to be one of my goals with doing LL - to shop in a 'normal' shop and buy something of the rack and only pay a normal price, not over inflated for an extra few inches of material and an Evans carrier bag

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