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just about to start (hopefully)


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I've taken the bullet today and made my first appt session Friday, doc appts Monday and start the course from Monday Night.

However, I'm worried I will be turned away, let me explain

My BMI is just under 29, I am 48 yrs old, started an early menopause at 39 and this is when my weight problem first started. Added to that 5 months ago I was found to by Glucose Intolerant Type II diabetes.

I am an apple shape with a waist measurement of 36" putting me at high risk of heart problems because the fat stores around my vital organs. I am a size 18/20 on top but only a size 12/14 on bottom!

My doctor has been prescribing reductil which 'sort of worked', but now doesnt.

My own doctor is now on holiday, so I am booked in to see another GP, now as some of you know, you get very understanding docs and then you get some awful ones who still believe diet and exercise and willpower is enough!

I'm worried that this doc will not sign the form for me to proceed with the programme.

Any advice, tips welcome please.
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I think it is all about how you approach your gp.
Like you said some GP's are very against this diet (don't know why exactly) but they hear it is a meal replacement diet and immediately poo poo it.
I would begin by explaining your concerns about your recent health problems and the fact that Reductil is no longer wortking (same thing with me - worked ok for a few weeks then nothing and it pushed my BP through the roof!).
Say that you have extensively researched the Lighterlife programme and then present the doc with the leaflet that LL provide at the information session and let him/her read through it. They can then make their own mind up. I think the literature is very carefully worded and speaks for itself so use it, especially as your own GP is away and you may not know the other doc too well.

Good luck with it and try not to worry too much. You are doing the right thing health wise to get some weight off and although you don't have much to lose, it has to be beneficial for you in the end.

Hi Sun

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but I very much doubt whether you will be allowed to to the plan as they say anyone joining must have a BMI of AT LEAST 29! You say yours is just below.

Good luck and maybe you will be allowed to do it. No doubt you will find out at your meeting on Friday.



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Hi Laura, Minnie,
thanks for replying, Well I was weighed and my BMI was 29.2!, so much for me worring, hopefully my doc will sign on Monday morning, so I can start Monday evening as it is the first of my counselling sessions and collection of the food packs.

I am really looking forward to a positive and healthier outcome.


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My GP was sceptical 'this isn't the healthiest thing you could be doing' and then after 3 sessions he asked me or my weight and slumped back in his chair looking shocked and said 'none of the drugs can give this sort of a weight loss'!

Good luck there, sun - and lets hope that your name brings us a bit more su round these parts over the coming weeks!


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sarah, you are my inspiration, I have followed your blog, many many congratulations and you look fabulous x


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Awwww thanks Sun - my face isn't always as fat as it is today!


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done, all signed, meeting tonight and collection of my first foodpacks, am very excited and nervous at the same time x


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I'm going to be heavily relying on you new friends,

thanks soo much xx


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Fingers crossed for tonight for you - I've just got into ketosis again today to lose my last few pounds. It's reminded me what I felt like back at the start - all excited and 'clean' I just wish my mouth didn't taste so funny ;)

You have a relatively short journey to take through LL so my biggest advice to you is to stay completely focused on the end all the way. This is one of the best things you could be doing for your health - I think when the decision to do LL comes from health reasons its one of the best motivations. I'm certaily here for you - so any questions you have - please just pipe up. Although I'm afraid I can't make the packs any nicer ;)


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thanks sarah, I've got butterflies and feel a bit sick, I know that my journey will be shorter than others, but I have the depressed hating myself feeling that everybody has had who has joined LL, shorter, taller, larger smaller, we all want to be slimmer and healthier and embark upon the same journey irrespective of a timescale.



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DAY 1!

I'm sloshing like a waterbottle already, Banana shake quite palatable, hope the others are palatable x
I also enjoy my breakfast banana shake and post-LL could easily slip into having some kind of fruit smoothie for breakfast! Glad your first one was good, you will find others you aren't so fussed with but at the moment I have 4 flavours I am happy with and a further 3 I can tolerate so you should be fine! Fingers crossed for your first weigh-in, when is your pop-in?


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Hi kerrie,

all most certainly on Thursday, a bit difficult for me as I work nightduty 4 nights a week, I've had to jiggle my shifts at work and am not popular a the moment, I normally work Mondays, which is the meeting and weigh in night, so I've swapped for Tuesday temporarily, we are so short staffed, but counsellor is understanding of this and will do what she can to accomodate me xx
Hi Sun,
I had forgotten how exciting it was at the beginning. There was such a feeling of anticipation. You will be amazed at how much better you feel in such a short space of time.

Just go for it.

Looking forward to seeing your losses.
I think the pop-in is really helpful - especially for those who might go through some withdrawal but it's also so motivating - good luck and let us know how you get on!


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omg you 2!, look at your tickers, Its hard to believe that its going to happen to me as well,

thankyou, I'll keep you updated

sun xxxxxxxx
I know - I still think there is some terrible mistake and my brain hasn't had time to catch up as it's only been 9 weeks but it is real and it will happen to you! In 14 weeks (or less!) you will have hit your target!

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