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Just about to start.... off to GP for signature

Hi All,
I used to be on here last year, i played around with CD for a while, you know, lost a few pounds, put it all back on plus some etc....
however, i have been inspired by the Pauline Quirke story, have done my local research, found a LL group and today i am off to the GP to get my check up done and am starting LL total next tuesday.
I still got a few CD packs left so, am going to use them up this week to sort of give myself a heads up!!!
anyone want to join me? i got 3and a half stones to lose.....
Linda XXX;)
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Hi Catfish, I started almost two weeks ago and finding it great. I was on holiday last week took all my packs with me and managed well. My first weigh in tommorrow night i know i have had a good loss cos i can fit into clothes i could not fit into 2 weeks ago which is amazing. I have been very lucky no headaches no dizziness and feel great. You will find this forum fab lots of help and advice and everyone very supportive. I have 4 stone to lose. good luck with your journey Lorraine
Hi Lorraine, that sounds fantastic, fitting into otherwise too tight clothes after only 2 weeks!! well done you, and with a holiday aswell?????ohmygod, thats commitment for you!
im pleased that the headaches dont get everybody, thats encouraging, as that and the bad breath are the things that put me off,, but i suppose, no pain etc.....
anyway, will keep an eye out for you pet, and loads of good wishes for your journey too!
heres to it!!!
Linda XXXX
Hi Linda ,did you get your form signed ok by gp ? Mine was difficult ,signed it eventually but held me back a week and made it very clear she wouldnt be looking after me whilst i am doing it . I can not wait till i am at goal and i walk into her office !!! take care Lorraine
Hey Catfish!!
Welcome to minimins!! I'm on week 5, but as i had a massive slip up the other week, i'm technically back to day 5!!!

I had lost a stone and a bit, then ate and put on 3lbs (binge eating) so came back promptly for a swift boot up the backside!!!! Anyway, i have about 4.5 stone to lose, give or take!!

So i'll be on this journey with you!!

Must say, i used to do CD and desperately miss some of their flavours!!! I have the odd one as a treat (toffee and walnut) but only have 2 left!!!

Good luck and look forward to chatting to you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


plodding away
Happy start ready for Tuesday. You were lucky your GP signed your form mine refused and I had to pay £40 for the man from Superdrug to sign it for me.

I've got my 1st weigh in Thursday and have had no headaches either this week. I have been more tired than usual and a tad hungry between packs other than that no problems. Its great when there are some of us starting around the same time - extra support is always welcome x
Hi All,
yep, i agree its great to be able to support each other at a similar stage in the programme.
My gp signed my form, but also charged me 30 quid!! (i must be in the wrong job, that really is a cheek when all i needed was a signature), but hey, he did take my blood pressure, a bit high, so, another reason to try to shift the timber!
i am goin to a pop-in session tonight, but am starting proper next tuesday, and i cant wait....
will probably be living on this site, as i wont be down the pub drinking wine from now on eh!!!
lovely to hear from you all, keep the faith!!
Linda XX:p

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