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Just bought my first Diet Chief Hamper!


maintaining since June'09
Hi Jessica ......

I have offered a 'buddyship' in the other thread we were talking on ...... ?

I have about 3 stone to lose, I'm 53 and 5'6". Up to now my plan is to get back on track properly on 7th Jan.

Let me know if you're interested.

Jan x
Yeah Jan sounds good!

I received all my Diet Chef stuff today!! So exciting! Although I am not starting till Jan 2nd!!

Going to do a video diary as well so hopefully that will keep me on track!

Hope you're well!


maintaining since June'09
Yes it's really exciting unpacking everything isn't it??!!

As I've said elsewhere I'm not starting 'proper' till 7th. I'm doing the stupid thing of mopping up averything around the house till then and finishing off all celebrations by taking 2 of my grandchildren to a pantomime on 6th.

How do you feel about exchanging email addresses? I have to confess I find navigating my way around the thousands of threads on this forum quite daunting although getting emails when one is posted in helps!

Only 2 days to go for you! I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you get going.

Have a good night whatever you're doing - I'm working but still - someone's got to do it!!

Talk soon,
Jan x


Stubborn and doing it
Hello Jessica and Jan

I'm restarting tomorrow but going to do low cal for a while reducing slowly as not to give myself a shock.

I have about 9 stone or so to lose but am focusing on a stone at a time.

Jessica - Good luck with your start on the 2nd :) The food is really nice.

Thanks guys! I am actually really depressed today! To fat to fit into any of my clothes! Boo! On the upside no more work till Monday! Yay! I am really looking forward to starting on the 2nd! But am worried that I will be starving, I work as a catering manager so not the best place to be when on a diet! Especially as I work long hours. But I am going to go for it!

Do you both have msn, maybe will help us stay motivated?

Roll on 2009! The year for weight loss!

Jan, how do you set up e-mails to tell you someone has replied to your post?


maintaining since June'09
Hi Jessica,
I must have ticked that option when I first signed up but I can't check how it's done till I've done my 50 posts and can therefore access my profile again.... I'm nearly there this will be 41. It's somewhere in the 'options' bit I'm sure.

I don't have msn I'm afraid - maybe we can use this thread instead if you don't want to swap private adds. Once I've done the 50 I think I may be able to send you a private message - I'm not sure. A few more word game replies and I'll be there!!

Don't be depressed - this is the last New Year's Eve you're ever going to feel like this don't forget!!

Jan xx


maintaining since June'09
Hi Jessica,
To get those email notifications choose 'UserCP' from top bar, 'Edit Options' from left side under 'settings & options'. Scroll down to 'Default Thread Subscription Mode' and choose what you want from the drop down box.

Hope this helps,

Also - I tried to send you a private message with this info in it and it wouldn't go saying you may have chosen not to receive them - you might want to look at that as well....... unless you did chose that option of course!

Jan x


maintaining since June'09
Hi again Jessica,

I just thought I'd let you know I'm not waiting till 7th after all.
I felt so stuffed and ill when I got home from work this morning that I started when I got up this evening.

I may not be 100% for this first week but I can't carry on the way I have been or I just might burst! :17729::eatdrink051:

I'll go from the weight I was on Monday (slimming class 2 days early coz of holidays) and be more than happy to maintain this week.

Good luck with your big start tomorrow. I really look forward to hearing how you get on.


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