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Just braved a girl's shop - and it was rubbish!!

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So, I just popped into Marks for a very quick browse in a very early lunch break - and tried on a pair of Jeans.. picked up an 18, a 16.. and, foolishly a 14 (just on the off-chance.. well I don't know anymore!)..

16 was a bit long (I'm a short-arse:D).. tried on the 14 for a laugh - PERFECT!!!!

:D OMG!!! :D

..so as I came back to my office, I noticed all the girl's shops (top shop, etc etc) that I've never been able to go into without feeling like a lepper!! (Body-fascism.. that's what I call it)..

..anyway - They were RUBBISH!!! :D :D Nothing in any of them that I liked the look of Haha :D ..

..really odd being in them without feeling self conscious.. without feeling like I was getting funny looks of anorexic kids.. and quite a surprise to find that I didn't think much of the clothes!

So, back to work with my lovely new pair of jeans :D Yay!

Just thought I'd share :)

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Enjoy your new jeans. What a fab feeling to walk into those shops tho and feel fabulous. You deserve it, well done xxx

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
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the clothes on the high street are awful at the moment aren't they? like the worst of the 80s :)
i went on a recent night out here and i saw so many mini colour block bubble hem dresses worn with hideous hideous platforms... the same bright pink pair made an appearance on more than one woman... blech!
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..didn't think I was going to know what my style would be as I lost the weight - turns out I know Exactly what I like and don't like! Who'd have thought?!

Out tonight - just changes into new jeans and new top, and feel fab! :D

And out with people I've only known the last month, so they don't even know me any other way! How funny's that?

Have fun folks!

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Got in at gone 1! :D

..and was chatted up by a guy I had absolutely no interested in, who was 7 years younger than me! ..ok so he'd probably chat most women up (bit of a smooth creep!).. but still.. didn't do me any harm to brush off some unwanted attention :D




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Fantastic, well done. You must have felt great xx
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Aw hun i no how u feel went in topshop and thought ohhh dear what the hell are these things lol!
Nice one on gettin chatted up, its a good feeline isnt it lol! xx
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yey well done

I love picking up my 14's jeans and remembering how much I cried wanting to be in them at the beginning of the year!


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I have the same feeling about certain shops - I will not ever shop at topshop as they are discriminating against people over a 16!!! They are horrible!!

Congratulations on the size 14 - I hope you are sat there in your new jean with a big grin on your face!!! You can't that much longer to go now!!

Well done on being chatted up (even if was a guy who is too smooth) I expect you smiled about that too!!

Well done babe - you have done so well.

Bethan x
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That is a truly horrid dress, hated 80's the first time, let alone its awful rebirth at the moment, which just doesn't seem to end.
Walked past girly shops today, but still couldn't bring myself to go in. Have been looking on ebay for some shrinking clothes till i get to goal, but just have no idea what will fit from different store brands. So ought to go in and have a trying on session anyway. Just still feels so wierd to consider that stuff may fit now. xx

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