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just clarifying that with the 20g carbs a day


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20g carbs in total for a day :)
i meant in the food
i have to start tomorrow i am doing ww at the mo and had my brekkie and lunch lol

so if i wanted scrambled egg beans will that be ok for this

tesco value potato salad 250g

100g contains
9.9g carbs

A tablespoon (60g) contains
5.9g carbs


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If you are starting on induction there is a list of 'allowed foods', mainly meat, eggs, cheese, veg, cream etc.

You are supposed to get between 12g and 15g of your 20g allowance from leafy green vegetables :)


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It doesnt matter on quantity as long as your total carbs for the whole day dont go over 20g, and like Maxie said, you should get the bulk og that from leafy greenage.


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Not unlimited, no. Veg has carbs in it and some are very high. We say leafy greens as these are probably the lowest in carbs. Meat, dont get caught out and eat processed meats. Fresh are ok. I buy what i call sandwich meats from the deli counter as ham can be loaded with carbs. If you buy from there always as the assistant what the cheese/meat carb content is
jackie , ( i remember you from WW ) thought you changed to SW

you need to read the stickies properly , on atkins you CANNOT cheat like you always did on ww , it wii NOT work

you b
need to know what you can and cant have , and count your carbs

you can't have beans and you can't have potato salad

xx Cathy xx

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Have you read the book? If not I'd seriously consider doing so (from the very beginning not just from Induction phase) as it explains everything you need to do in great detail x
just been on the ww site Jackie , and you are still posting on there

i dont think you are being fair to either forum , people are trying to help you and you can't seem to decide which diet you are following

stick to ONE plan and follow it ,


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Potatos and baked beans should go no where near you lips!
I agree with all the above, you need to get your head sorted Jackie and decide which one to do.

Hi Kayla. :)


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Oh jackie. You cant do both, they are so different. Ive tried to give you as many pointers as i can but you need to get your head around one or the other. You will only end up confused and will not lose any weight


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Poss. I dont get it. She was e mailing me through fb and asking loads of questions. She even at one point considered low carb but not atkins so i said i didnt think that was a good idea for her. Oh well. Lets hope she looses the weight to get into her wedding dress.

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