Just cooked pancakes!!


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OMG,I've just cooked pancakes for my son and hubby and was it hard,yes and no. My CB had a field day and I told it to B****r of! The pancakes were a disaster,possibly because I wasn't putting my normal love and care into them,I'm usually brilliant at them,flipping an all!! When they eat them I went and watched the telly,and I nearly bit their heads off when they said they didnt taste like they normally do.IMO they were lucky to get them!!Rant and Rave over,
p.s.cooking doesnt normally bother me,think its cos I love pancakes

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oh poor you! Our cafe at work (which is virtually just outside my office room door!) were cooking pancakes - so not fair. I didn't venture out much!

I miss having them this year - it's the first time ever that I have not had pancakes!!! I LOVE PANCAKES!!! oh well, it's not the end of the world and being slimmer will be much nicer!!

Don't envy you cooking them though, don't know if I could have done that!


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I just kept tellng myself next year I can have one,and there will be plenty more pancakes!!But as you can tell I definately wasnt happy about cooking them


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I had some girlfriends over with their kids and as DH is away tonight, I cooked pancakes for them all!!! Even spread toffee sauce and/or Maple Syrup on them for them all!!!

Was hard, but they all thought I was fab and .. I will make them when I get to goal!!!


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You are all braver than me. My husband went to his mothers for tea and pancakes, so no smell lingering in the house for me. He came back and said he had a lovely tea and had a nice time

yummy mummy

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im really lucky coz my baby has never eaten them so he dont know what he is missing and my husband dont like them!!!! i was so tempted to by pancake mix in iceland today though but for once my husband acctualy helped me and pulled me away from the shelf, ha ha ha ha