Just cooked the kids meal, the smells were wonderful


Im struggling a bit with this diet, especialy since yesterday, and seeing and smelling food is torture.

I keep telling myself "what do you want more, that piece of food or size 12 clothes"

I just wish the hunger would go away.:(

What do you do when hunger strikes and how do you manage to guzzle all the water?

Oh the things we do, eh.


bm2lm xx
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I know Ive just made a fish pie for my husband and I must say it does look good. I think youve just got to keep focused. I have a pint of water with me whilst Im cooking and sip that as Im going.

Having said that bacon is banned in our house and NOONE can cook toast after 6.00pm!!! My husband used to come in after footie and the pub and the whole house would smell of toast. Also no more hotpot couldnt stand the smell of that cooking all day.