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Just dance for the wii

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Had to share.

I'm not keen on exercise.. in fact I only join gyms in the vain hope that I will get fit by a process of osmosis. But I did this yesterday with my daughter and it was great fun :D.....All the old disco hits so I could sing my heart out as well.....

Down side was I could only manage 2 songs before keeling over on the sofa knackered and I nearly wet myself laughing when elder daughter showed me the footage she had taken on her phone ( I thought I was a smooth mover till then):eek:
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Mrs V

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Lol...I do this regularly with my 4 year old...she's more competitive than I am!!!

It is a giggle isnt it? This is the reason why I teach jive...its fun and you dont feel that you are exercising like you would if you were going to the gym.



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i really want this but keep picking it up and putting it back!! it's my birthday in 2 weeks, hope i get it!


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The rocky song (eye of the tiger) is my favourite, really gets you moving


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Love Just Dance, its fun and although gets your heart rate up it doesnt feel like excercise. The music is great, a real mix.

Only problem is I struggle to get a look in with my 8 year old son and 3 year old daughter, they wont let go of the controllers!


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I think so, There is a warm up section on the game and you can do as little or as much as you have time for so its great if you dont have alot of time, if you dont like excercising or are new to excercise. Each track has an effort and difficulty rating so you can pick what you want to do .

It definitely gets my heart rate up, i really enjoy it, its good fun but not specifically an excercise/fitness game.

Hope that helps



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Have just ordered this, am hopeing between this and wii fitness coach I can tone up before my hols in 4 weeks.


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That's fab, I bought this a few weeks ago but never got round to using it, will definitely do it this week, glad you had fun!!
S: 14st8lb G: 8st12lb
Never had so much fun with my clothes on.

Picture a 14stone... 5ft zero, 48 yr old unfit women throwing herself around like a demented dwarf and you'll have a good idea why my daughter felt compelled to tape it. Just hope it don't in up on youtube.


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lol i cant wait to get this cant afford it until after my hols lol:D


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lol! sounds great!! i have been looking at the wii fit boards etc, but i really dont think i can afford one yet a while and thought about getting this game or one of the dance mat games (i loved my old ps2 one years ago!)
but worried i wont find time to fit it in with an 18 month old baby, house work in the day, cooking and ironing etc in the evening lol

what other ones do you use? would you recommend any of them?


slow but steady!
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i got this free with my wii console and its great fun!

only rubbish part is i only have one remote so have to play it by myself lol!

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I reaaly really want to buy the wii and wii fit I should save up ! x


Yummy Mummy! xx
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I LOVE just dance! Me and my 6 year old son were dancing to MC Hammer 'cant touch this' - I couldnt do ANYTHING for laughing!

Need to get a couple more remotes though so more can play!

Would recommened it to anyone! x


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Oh dumpylump you made me laugh :D i can imagine it very well, it is the best thing i have done for ages, love dancing but am useless :eek: hope it will get me fit x

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