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  1. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Hi there!

    I know I'm a long way off maintaining but I was wondering if anyone stayed low carb in maintenance? i was ketoing (before my recent switch to Dukan) and apart from hols or odd days where I go berserk after a few glasses of wine I avoid grains (bread pasta) fruit and higher carb dairy and sugar.

    I was wondering if anyone transitioned to atkins/keto style of eating as to be honest I'm not keen on re-introducing bread and fruit, starchy veg and cereals. I always ate a lot of veg when doing keto but but any of the stuff I mentioned seems to make me hungry, only reason I could stick to low carb for as long as I did was the exclusion of anything which raised my blood sugars.

    has anyone done this instead of the Dr Dukans phase 3 and phase 4? I was thinking of adding the cheese bit and then gradually upping my fats but continuing to exclude the rest?
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  3. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    When I got to conso I very gradually introduced bread cheese and pasta - I never did have any gala meals tho cos so I knew I couldn't trust myself to get back onto plan after one - I have been on conso and at target for nearly two years now - it took me a year on cruise to get to target cos I had such a lot to lose - I do conso now as scripted but without any galas and I have as much fruit as I want per day - I find this works for me and I don't intend going onto maintenance as the thought of introducing foods which got me so overweight in the first place really scares me. I have gone so long without things like chocolate, pastry, biscuits, crisps etc that I seriously do not miss them now - this is just the way that has worked for me, everyone is different and has to do what works best for them xx
  4. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Oh scooter! You are such an inspiration! I hope I can say the same two years later :).

    Hi Du-can

    Agree with scooter.... during the journey you will find out what your body likes and doesn't and what will work for you in the long run.

    I started eating high fat in the last 2 months of my cruise phase and still lost. Now I don't worry about fat or carbs (from veggies, fruit and oat bran - which takes me to about 100g daily - sometimes more!) at all and just make sure I get my protein in. It worked last week ... Thursday will tell if it worked again this week :p.
  5. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Thanks for your thought guys! Scooter 7st!! Wow, maintaining it is fantastic! I guess thats what worries me, maintenance, I think keto really worked for me I just didn't get cravings, I was rarely hungry and I actually quite enjoyed it! My weight would stall for a few weeks then i would drop a couple of lbs so was losing weight just VERY slowly.

    Bonkers that sounds lovely, I developed a really strong attachment to butter recently LOL and grating cheddar over courgette noodles nom nom. I think you may have a point about the protein being what everything else pivots around. On keto I was restricting protein under 60g a day, i think the thing that is probably going to work for me us a midpoint between keto and dukan. One thing I will say about Dukan it's a lot harder to get over 1200 calories than it was on keto!
  6. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Thanks guys - I know I will always have a problem with food so I will never be able to eat just what I want - the way I cope with it is thinking I'm just like a smoker who has given up cigarettes or an alcoholic who has given up drink - people wouldn't say to them just have one cigarette it won't hurt you or just have one drink it will be ok - we'll I'm like that with chocolate and crisps etc I know one taste after all this time could send me back down that slippery slope - I have every respect for people that can maintain and eat that type of food sensibly but I know I can't and I never will be able to so to maintain I have to carry on doing what I'm doing - but having gone so long without them now I don't miss them xx the best motivation saying I heard on here was "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" and that is SO true!!
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