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Just double-checking that Coke Zero is ok?

coke zero if it's sugar free... it's fine... :) x

edit: how many calories ?

also I wouldn't rely on it too much - it is after all empty calories and you'd be much better drinking water generally with this as a treat :) x
I didnt realise about the multivit but will get some tomorrow!
I don't normally drink Coke Zero but had read it helps with sweet cravings and to supress the appetite so thats why I wanted to try it. I won't bother so much if its no good though.
I think it is good :) for sweet cravings...

I bought Asda decaffeinated diet coke... as I have trouble sleeping and it was recommended by both Vicky & Jet on here :)

I have a bottle "waiting" for a moment of craving :D

I just don't know much about coke zero xx
Coke helps you sleep? I have trouble sleeping too :( its awful isn't it?
I will check out Asda diet coke as thats the nearest supermarket to me. Wish there was a thanks button on this forum!

Edited: Just saw you had written 'decaffeinated!' Doh!
Coke doesn't make you sleep lol. Normal coke and diet coke contains caffiene which is a stimulant and keeps you awake. Decaff doesn't have this stimulant so doesn't keep you awake hth :)


** Chief WITCH **
Cover some raw chicken in a pan with diet/zero coke... and let it bubble merrily away, evaporating...

Caramelised chicken! YUM!!
Or mix equal quantities of passata and diet coke/coke zero with some curry powder and simmer for ages and you have BBQ sauce (I'm having this tonight with chicken).


** Chief WITCH **
I bet it would Sarah ;)

Robin - great idea!! [Do you buy your passata in a tin at the hypermarket? in a bottle? I've not seen it]
Jo it's in cartons or jars here (we use cartons). For the main supermarkets, the Panzani one has no sugar added (just a little salt). If you check the other brands, they're probably all much the same. Lidl do one too (blue carton - much cheaper) with just tomatoes/small amount of salt so I try to stock up there (ever the Scot!)


** Chief WITCH **
Thanks Robin...

good reminder Sarah - I have a magnifying glass in my handbag for my shopping trips... those darned industrial producers do like to trip us up with their tiny print... (WHSmiths sell handbag size ones!)
God you should've seem me recently Jo :)...packets held up high in the air for all to see in the supermarket trying to see carb counts / sugar contents

I don't buy anything - I hold it up all virtuous and then tell whoever will listen how everything is packed full of sugar/salt/fat LOL

I used to be embarassed to be the one checking out the nutritional values... now I don't give a stuff - I'm empowered not embarassed :D


** Chief WITCH **
I agree with you Sarah... Dukan really has opened my eyes to all the "extra" ingredients thrown into these tins/bottles/products we used to just pick up without thinking...

My arms are far too short these days!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Yes my 'shopping times' have increased again since I have to check everything...

I had my weekly shop down to a fine art - make a list through mysupermarket.com which helps find all the worthwhile offers so you don't have to spend ages in the supermarket doing the mental arithmetic whether 200gr chicken @ 1.99 is a better deal than the 300gr "special offer" at 3.99 ;). I have a printed list and I'll most usually stick to it so I can wizz through grabbing things off the shelf and be done and back home in under an hour.

Not at the moment though. Need to compare fat contents of meats or cottage cheeses etc (not always available on mysupermarket), check the passata is just that and no additions, and so on...


** Chief WITCH **
doing the mental arithmetic whether 200gr chicken @ 1.99 is a better deal than the 300gr "special offer" at 3.99 ;).
My other half has taught me now to always look at the price per kilo... these shops think we're stoooopid!

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