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Just for fun (no offence intended)


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Just thought it might be fun to focus on the things we would like to do once we have lost all of our weight and get to target :p

  1. I'd like to ride a horse without flattening it
  2. I'd like to stop being a human dam in the bath and be able to fill it more than a few inches deep cause when I get in the water level rises to a few inches below the level of the bath :eek:
  3. I'd like to see my C-Section Scar without using a mirror :sigh: and other parts of my body that are currently hidden by my wobbly bits :eek:
  4. I'd like to go through a drive through and order food for the whole family without having to make some comment just to make sure the attendent gets the idea that this fat woman is really ordering all this food for her and that its for the family.
  5. In addition to number 4 I'd like to be able to go into a fast food restaurant and eat a burger and chips without people looking at me with the 'that's why you are so fat' look.
  6. I'd like to think my feet will shrink to a size 8 so I can buy shoes anywhere and not just in Evans or online. (I've been told feet do shrink, not sure if its true though :rolleyes:)
  7. I can't wait to look in a mirror and actually agree with people when they say I look nice cause no matter what people say I don't think I ever look nice in clothes no matter what I wear cause of my size
  8. I want to know if I've got a genuine 'inny' belly button or if its just an 'inny' cause of the size of my belly. Right now its about a foot deep (I'm prone to exaggeration :D)
  9. I want to feel at ease going to the cinema and not worry about if I'm going to fit into the seat.
  10. I've vowed I will NOT fly again until I'm down to an exceptable weight, not necessarily target but to a size where I can get the tray down and I don't need the seatbelt extention :cry:
  11. I want to enjoy going clothes shopping and actually be able to try things on and not buy them just cause they fit but buy them cause I really like them.
  12. I want to be able to climb the stairs to the third floor in my house without needing an oxygen tank when I reach the top.
hmmm I'm sure there is more and I'll add them as I think of them
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definately agree with number 11.
To climb the stairs to my class room without my knee clicking!
To have a photo take whilst I stand next to my friends and not automatically want to smash the camera and burn the photo!
To walk down the high street and not think some huge woman with the same pushchair as me is stalking me when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror!
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You know... I think feet DO shrink, because I've noticed already that my trainers that I used to have to take off the moment I got in because they felt tight and heavy, are now comfortable to wear all day... maybe it's just me but they DO feel more comfy. I actually asked my hubby if feet lose fat too:8855:

1. I want to be able to shop in ANY clothes shop I want instead of going in, seeing something I like and getting P'd off they only go to a 12.

2. I want to be able to chase my kids about without feeling like i'm having a heart attack.

3. I would like to go out to dinner and order whatever I like without getting looks from people for my choices (hence why I would order take aways to be delivered before now)

4. I want to go to my school reunion next year and show off my new body to everyone who remembered me as "dumpy Helen"

5. I want to show my ex hubby that I could do it.. not that I see him anymore but he used to tell me nasty things about my weight and how no-one would ever want me.

6. I want a bikini, I have NEVER owned a bikini because I was so self conscious.

I'm sure there's more but it's only 5.45am and my brain didn't wake with the rest of me lol


Here we go again ..
agreeing with every one of yours

id also like to be able to go to a fun park and jump on the rides without the worry that the bar wont shut down over my boobs (have had that happen and have to get of ride with everyone staring at me)

would love to have the confidence in myself not to constantly worry what others think about me
I want to be able to climb to the top of the Sugar Loaf mountain again and not feel as if i am going to die!!
I want to wear skirts without my legs rubbing together.
i want to run around with my daughter and not get puffed out so quickly.
BUT most of ALL I want to live longer!!!
Alot of your points will do for me too Alia. The belly button one made me laugh, I don't know whether belly buttons are attached to anything but if so it's pretty strong. I keep waiting for mine to give up and become an outy.:p

Good news with the feet, it's true. I've gone down from an 11 wide to normal 10's already. I bought some trainers from a sports shop, men's but nevermind. I wonder how small they will go.


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This thread is great! I can relate to so many of the "I wants" on here! Especially the aeroplane. I used to be petrified that the seatbelt wasn't going to do up. Now I use it as a measuring tool, everytime I take a flight the seatbelt does up more and I grin like a cheshire cat! Probably look a bit strange to everyone else :8855:
(I used to weigh 16st 10lb before I did SW first time around.)
Agree with goldentouch about the skirts.

To be able to fit into H&M trousers/jeans.
To be a comfortable size 12.
To be able to learn how to swim once I don't feel self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit.
To be able to wear a dress.

Not to be asked how far pregnant I am by strangers (Most of my weight is on my tummy and constantly look pregnant - but 10-15 years ago I did when I was a size 8-10 I could just hold it in better)

To be able to buy whatever clothes I like as they will be in my size (12 hopefully, possibly dare I aim for a 10)

To do the great north run one day.

Good thread this, worth to look at to keep us on track.


Not evil at all
I think you should all change those "wants" to "wills"

1. I will shop at any clothes store I like.
2. I will not need the extension belt on a plane.
3. I will not be out of breath when I run up the stairs at my work.
4. I will have a lot more self confidence.
5. I will get to target and stay at target!!
agree with most things already posted..

my biggest want is... to be able to wear sexy underwear for my hubby and to believe him when he says how sexy i look and not feel like a big fat whale and dive under the covers :eek::p


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Good points all :D

I especially identify with the aeroplane one.

I would always dread having to fly anywhere because of the seat width, and the need for a belt extension, and I could never have a meal because I would have to wedge the tray under my belly just to hold it down, and even then my belly would push my tray over, which would frequently slide off due to the extreme angle of the tray!

Not at target yet, but there's enough of a difference to allay that fear!


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I'd like to wear a thong without the danger of losing it and finding it a month later embedded in an unmentionable area of my body :D


lol love the pic Alia!

I like the one about shopping wherever i please without getting looks from the shop assistants as if to say ' you are joking if you think you can fit into clothes in here right?'

I'd like for my knees to not crunch when i climb stairs

I want to complete a 10km run by the end of this year without collapsing and needing medical assistance.

I'd like to have the flat tummy i had before i had my little girl coz she ravaged my body!


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I agree with all of the points mentioned, but also

1: that people dont look at me and my hubby and think, "god why is he with her". Have a problem with women coming on to my hubby sometimes.(sometimes i laugh it off but sometimes i cant).By the way that isnt my hubby in my avatar (i wish)

2: I actually look nice in the photo with my kids.

3: I want to be able to run without everything jigging about.

4: I want to show my kids that if you want something bad enough, with lots of hard work it is achievable.
Thank you ladies, I have been having a good laugh reading your wants/wills.

I so relate to the c-section scar one, mine is hidden under this flap of wobble..not sure that I do really want to see it though as i had to be re-stiched.

My want is to be able to sit down on the floor and for me not to realise that I am flashing my builders bum to the whole of the world.

Be able to run for that bus without giving myself a black eye with my boobs (although my new Bravissimo bra has helped a bit :))

Oh the list is endless if you start thinking too hard..

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