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Just for fun, What do you eat after WI?


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Hi i'm just tucking into my chippy tea something I have for dinner every weigh in day (normally) also with a chocie bar and a packet of crisps regardless of a gain or a loss :eek: All of which i don't syn so just outta curiousity
What do you eat on WI day and do you syn it?:p
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my hubby spoils me and has a SW dinner ready for when I return, always free but often SW chips with something else.
I usually have the slimming world fry up and often a big bar of galaxy for afters! Its never effected my weight, call it treat night!


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i have a 'meal off', i had indian on monday, went for the healthy chicken sashlick but had chips with it. we only live once afterall :)


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I never used to have a treat after WI but I have for a few weeks and losses haven't been affected. After Mondays WI I had steak pie and chips both from M&S. Any excuse to celebrate National British Pie week :p x
It differs for me, this week I had been struggling to stay on plan over the weekend as I haven't been feeling very well (still am!) so after weigh in on Monday I couldn't think of anything better than a cosy night in with pizza take-away and pancakes a evening early for dessert. Was amazing, enjoyed it so much and didn't feel 'sicky full' at all as i normally do so I think my body somewhat appreciated it for once.

Other nights after weigh in I stay totally on plan though, I don't base it on whether I lose or gain .. normally just how I am feeling. If I am struggling or really craving something I will have it as otherwise I will just go crazy but other weeks my minds so in to it I enjoy staying on plan :)

I am jealous of your chippy!
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I normally have a chinese and chocolate!! However I have decided not to anymore, the amount I scoff after wi I am probably undoing all my good work, only to have to work harder in the week iykwim? It hasnt affected my losses but maybe if I didnt do it I would lose more? x


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Last night after weigh in I had a double vodka and 2 glasses of wine, chicken salad and then a whole bag of chocolate raisins! I always have wine and chocolate on weigh day and last night was actually tame compared to what I usually have! Usually consists of at least 1 bottle wine and a Chinese and mini eggs!


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I stay on plan , but then my weigh in is first thing Monday mornings at home ! In the past when I attended a club i would 'treat' myself after weigh in ...............the reality is , its going to slow down the weight loss
S: 17st0lb C: 14st11.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st2.5lb(12.82%)
More often than not a glass of wine and a bit of nice cheese maybe a chocolate
I know if I had much more I would have to work harder to get if off but I look forward to weighing in just so I can have a treat without counting it!!!


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I never have any time off, I always stick to plan, but I think this is a good idea, I might start having slightly naughtier Wednesday nights from now on!!! :D


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I usually do have a treat, I always syn it though and it's usually no more than 15 syns. This week I had a wispa and a mug of options was lovely. I wouldn't personally go for a blow out as that just means I would have to work much harder during the week. That's just what works for me! X


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aw glad to see i'm not the only one lol
I wi wed morn and then school wed night (off tonight as hubby's away) so the choc and crisps are a treat there. and then chippy tea on the way home.
So tonight i still had my tea BUT i've given up chocolate for lent so i'm going to try and be even better on wi days xx (maybe) lol


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I dont do a treat night as such, usually have some chocolate thats about it!!


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I've always had a treat day after my WI, but it's corrupting me!
So, this week I finally made a decision, I will stay on plan, I had grilled salmon with loads of salad.
Don't how this will last, got a party to go to on Saturday nite!
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In the past so far I have my SW dinner ready for me for when I get home, but last week was so pi**ed off that I put on 1lb I went straight round the chinese! Didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would but think that was because I felt so angry (so how does that work?). This Thursday I have my day off and am aiming to do a 'curry night' with onion bhaji's and raita. Have got the curry cookbook so will look forward to that. Better bl**dy lose weight this week, ran out of class in tears last week! xx


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My class is right next to Tescos so after weigh in I go round and buy a pot of their tomato pasta salad. From the ingredients the only bad thing in it is vegetable oil, so I call it 10 syns for my daily limit. Even though it's sort of on plan it feels like a treat cos its convenience food and I love pasta salad!

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