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Just getting into photography


Needs to stick to it!!!
Hiya Yorkiegirl :)
im actually just looking out for a D-SLR camera now..How are you finding that one??
Im hoping to start takin motorbike pics from all the races that we're at!!:)
Hi Yorkiegirl I bought myself that model out of my christmas money, I love it! Now I just need to get a bigger lens, the one it was supplied with is fine, but always good to have a longer range. Just waiting for the slimmer me to use it on myself! I would love to go on a photography course and learn the art of taking really good photos (you know the type where you switch off the 'auto' button haha).

Mags, the Canon 400D Eos is a dream, it is lightweight compared with the Nikon, it also has a self-cleaning function to sweep the inside of the lens of any dust. I trawled through the net looking for the best camera to suit me, and this one came up trumps, it's so easy to use. But each to their own I guess. I would go for a canon or nikon to be honest. Angela x


Needs to stick to it!!!
Ahh lovely..must take a closer look at this one so..a friend of mine is selling his nikon which is supposta be lovely as well..it takes great pics...hopefully will be getting something soon!!!
Another Canon 400D owner here! :D

I got mine from my husband for Christmas. I also have 35mm SLR as well as a compact digital camera. I have always been interested in photography and love taking photos of people and places.

I have a lot to learn about exposure. Bought a book "Understanding Exposure" recently - a fab book!


Needs to stick to it!!!
ahh cool i have to admit i do need to learn alot more about the lenses n stuff, havent really got much of a clue...The digi cam i have now is just soo old ..but does take good enough pics..just would be useless for what im trying to take pics of now..(racing motorbikes) lol....
Thanks for the heads up on the book Donna, I really need to do some reading (I don't think I have even read the 400D manual yet (doh!), I just point and shoot, but the pics always come out a treat! Trouble is the quality is sooo good you can see every single line and wrinkle........arggghhhhh! Angela x

Hey Mags, I just love your Biker Meez!
Hi there! My brother and I were both discussing our love for photography just yesterday and have decided to attend a p/t college course to get us started. We got so excited about the prospect of becoming great photographers, we even went as far as to agree on opening up our own photography studio in time. I've just been looking at available courses in my area but looks like we will have to wait a little until september. Really looking forward to it now..we're both quite artistist so you never know it just may happen!

I'll definately be keeping an eye on this thread, for updates on all you budding photographers :)


Needs to stick to it!!!
Thanks angiebabe!!!:D

Well the friend is selling a nikon D70 and im seriously considering it.....
Bluepaws ahh a course sounds good!!! i should possibly do the same..one of these days lol ...never feckin time to do anything!!


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Glad someone has started a thread. I got into photography about 18 months ago and I love it :D I started out with a Fuji Fine pix camera then upgraded to the Canon 350D and that kicked off a rather expensive and addictive hobby :D I now have the Canon 5D and wow do I love it :D

I keep meaning to go and do a photography course but I just haven't got round to it yet, I've yet to pick up a book about it, I've just learn't as I've gone along and read other photographer's websites, they usually have articles.

I mostly seem to take pictures of dogs but I do like portrait and landscape photography too.

Here are a couple of my pictures.


Not of me, I wish I was so pretty:rolleyes:



Dogs, not all mine, just the first two.



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Some lovely photos there Steph. We have literally thousands of photos but I think this has to be my all time fav. It was taken last year on 21st jan. It is untouched yes the sky really was that colour!! Oh and it's sunrise not sunset.


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I have always liked taking photo's, just the point and click ones though.

Anyhows, I have just bought a panasonic lumix fz7 and it is great.

Haven;t really got a clue how to use it as I am just learning.

Here are a couple of pics I have taken, the first is my daughter in the background with a focus on her building blocks, the 2nd is trying to capture a water drop and the 3rd is my daughter again in sepia.

I am still practising and obviously hope tto get a lot better once I know about all the features on the camera!
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Needs to stick to it!!!
I found a couple of my pics illstick em up too :) These were jus takin with my normal camera..as ive not got my nice fancy one yet!!:)

haven't posted on here for a very long time but this photography thread caught my eye!
I have an old canon 300D.
my hubby bought it for me when it first came out - it was just over £1,000!!
its fantastic but the lenses really do make the camera.
i would advise anyone to invest in a really good lens.
i have a wide angled lens
the standard lens the camera came with
and a 35mm-300mm lens
this one is fantastic!
go anywhere and it will always take brilliant pics.
and the best thing is that if you dont like it or get it right - you just delete and take again!
I have a Pentax K10 its fabulous and best of all its incredibly weather and sand resistant for an DSLR i cant show any of my workings just yet because my puter is in the shop but will update soon!

Great thread!!


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I only have a point and shoot camera, but I love taking photos. Have you tried flickr.com? It's great, and there are lots of groups to join.


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I like taking photo's... i haven't bothered with a flicker account etc... but i have a few in an album in my profile

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