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Just got in from a night out


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and I'm sat here drinking my last LT shake of the day, and it has lumps in it because I didn't wanna wake the rest of my house up with the mixer, had to mix it with a fork and I'm rubbish at it!

Urgh it's not pleasant! lol, being at a concert for hours though with a stomache rumbling like a rictor 7 earthquake, I could probably down it from the packet right now! lol

Oooooooh and I bought a size 'large' t shirt tonight at the concert, and put it over my t shirt that I already had on, and it fits like a glove, SO PLEASED! :D
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Well done on the t shirt! And how thoughtful of you to use a fork as it was late :p


Eyes on the Prize!!
Well done. Its a great feeling buying something like that!!
Get a maximuscle shaker. They work amazingly. Never had lumps in my shake and never used anything else!

Soups on the other hand.... *bork*
Well done on the T shirt and going to a concert while on LT!!
Aw that's great! That'll really motivate you!- and me after my cheat :/

Nice one Aaron :)
Its just a brill feeling isn't it, fitting into something you really wern't sure of... And going out and not eating or drinking is is a great achievement, well done you x


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Aaron, fab evening for you then. I get what you mean about lumpy shakes. The only one I have a problem with is the vanilla one! I use a shaker at work and if I don't concentrate properly it all goes to pot. I like the vanilla made up with a little cold water then add black coffee ---- it's disgusting if it goes wrong!


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Thanks for the nice replies guys:) sounds like alot can go wrong with that one lisa! I don't mix anything with my shakes as I usually just like to get em done and dusted in as little time as possible, mainly because I'm impatient!! lol but yeah, I really REALLY hope I dont have to use the fork technique again!
well done its just fab when u get into something u couldnt fit into before. i bought 3 tops on sale at xmas and when i got home they wouldnt even come close but on thursday i thought id just try one on and it looked only fab so i had to go out to show it off lol

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