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Just had a blip!


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Just ate a cheese sandwich, cheese pasty, two biscuits and few little chocolates and it's the first time iv sat here and felt truely guilty! I feel bad because Iv let my family down when my OH is telling me he's proud of me. I'm not telling him iv cheated!

What can I do to stop me coming out of ketosis?!
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Everyone has blips hun, I had an appointment with my soliciter yesterday (divorce stuff) and bought 6 Kitkats and ate the lot. Yes you'll be knocked out of ketosis, but theres not a vast amount you can do now ;) just stick to the diet from this point on. maybe write yourself a little note describing how disapointed you feel right now, so you can re-read it should you ever be tempted again. Don't use this lapse to make you give up on the diet, cambridge works you just got to stick to it and be strong............


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Yep, sweetie - it's done and there's nothing you can do about it except forgive yourself for being human! :hug99:

It's not all what you've done - it's all about what you do to pick yourself up again. Don't know about you, but each time I blip I'm trying to view it as a learning experience, to see if I can squeeze anything out of it to help me stay on track next time. There are always going to be days like this, even when you get to being even slimmer and more gorgeous than you already are!

Hugs {{{Kimmie}}}


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Thank you! I ended up having a cup of tea but I felt so sick I tipped it away and toke kids to park instead! I eat because I'm bored! Because I didn't think once about binging at the weekend! I'm determend from now I have to stick my fat ass to it!


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You have done so well, dont let this blip get you down, just learn from this and it should bring you a new strength :)


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Oh Kimmie I feel your pain! I've fallen off the wagon too! Tomorrow is another day so lets both aim for a day of 100% cd and post tomorrow night to see how its gone. We can get over this :)
Just draw a line under it hun and move on. I've just got myself off track after a whole week of a blip. I have been ill and used it as an excuse to come off programme for a week and eat. Luckily part of my self concious was making me eat sensibly and where I wasn't feeling great I had very little appetite to the scales were kind. Get straight back on the horse and hopefully you'll still see a loss this week. Good luck


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Don't beat yourself up this is a really tough diet just accept what you did decide if it's out of your system and get back on cd when your ready it's not a race you will get there when your ready good luck

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