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just had first person notice!

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hi there
i think have confused a woman at work today!

i always wear trousers at work, but today i wore a knee length skirt and boots for the first time

she works in the same office as me but i only see her once a week and only know her to say hello to. This morning she was walking into work and ignored me - then when she got out of the lift thought it was me so mumbled something about not having her glasses on etc

she kept looking at me still, confused i think to whether or not it was me - i wanted to say - yes, its me i look different, i'm getting thinner - and i'm in a skirt!!!

a sort of positive stroke i thought, maybe?!
daisy x
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Ha ha :D .... bless her Daisy you have well and truly confused her!

I had a similar thing in the playground last week, 2 mums kept staring at me and I would imagine they thought that something had changed but they didn't know what, either that or I had my skirt tucked into my knickers, lol :8855:(actually I had my jeans on!!)

Isn't it funny how a change can throw some people off so much!
Just goes to show how much attention most 'random' people really pay to each other (by that I mean that they just have an 'idea' of you, so when something doesn't meet their generalised idea of who/what you are, they get confused completely!)

So I'd definately take it as a poititve stroke DD, means you really are changing - and the skirt+boots shows a change in confidence not just physical change, so it's good all-round! :)

PS get a pic up of you in your lovely skirt+boots, you tease! ;) :D

PPS seriously though, you should take a pic of yourself wearing them, even if you just keep it for you, as it is the first time you have worn them and it will be a good reminder of how well you are doing whenever you look at it :)
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have tried to get pic on - can't do it - have put a couple in my album.
daisy x
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Great pics Daisy.I get kicks out of confusing people- someone at work had been giving me the funny looks and when they finally asked " have you lost weight" I replied that I hadn't but used to wear a fat suit under my baggy clothes- poor thing her face was a picture but she did see the funny side
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Daisy, that stroke will turn in to a veritable rub down before the end of the month!!

You are so pretty anyway, but I can't wait to see your after pics!!!!!
Not surprised

they are confused. i've just looked at your photos. Your wedding looked lovely, so did you. Imagine how you will feel this July. xxx:D
S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
awww thanks guys!
the wedding was perfect - everything about the day was amazing, even the weather was gorgeous!
daisy x


I Can Do This!
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You look fab! I love the boots. How lovely to get the stroke - absolutely you should take it and say thank you! Look forward to loads more :D.

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