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Just had my 1st weigh in :)

Morning all ,

Just been for my 1st weigh in after week 1 of Xenical diet, I'm quite happy about it

I lost 3kgs or rougly 7lbs not bad - the nurse was happyish - She wanted me to start on 2000 cal's per day but I got her to allow me to do 1800 per day.

we worked out that i have been on 1585 a day although thats good on 1 hand its not on the other - I could be eating a bit more daily.
I do find it hard just to eat every 4-5hrs though.
The fat daily usuage was good seeing as you can go off 60mg a day - i have been between 30-40

So a good start - just need to eat a little more maybe

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Violet is shrinking
well done!!


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well done thats brill!! :) keep up the hard work and you will do great.. :)


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well done ken. thats great for a week! did you try myfitnesspal to keep track of your calories? i entered my height, lifestyle, excercise plan etc and it allocated me an amount. as i lose weight, it decreases. i'm on 1620 per day, though most days i'm over. x
Thanks for your kind words ladys :), This forum is a great help alongside the blue X pill.

Hi zoso thanks - yes I am using myfitnesspall - its a great tool - my nurse in the docs sugurg had never heard of it or this forum - as I told her the people on here are so supportive and good hart'ed it goes a long way to helping with the uphill battle we all endure to be healthy again.


mrs a

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well done Ken :D

i agree that this site is a great help - i've never stuck to a diet for 12 weeks in my life :rolleyes: - it's the forum that has kept me going.

keep up the good work :flirt2:


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same here mrs a, though surely i've gained this week. last week should have caught up with me by now! TOTM also! no luck! x

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
hiya Ken

just noticed that you have lost another 4.5 lbs :wow:

you must be so chuffed with yourself.

i've noticed at clubs that men have the best will power ...so i imagine you'll be the one encouraging us all very soon :flirt2:

well done :D
Well Thank you Mrs A, :)

Its hard I'm not going to lie - missing the lovely chicken and sweetcorn soup from the local Chinese - my fav thing.
But I think we are all doing great - I don't expect to keep losing masses week in week out i no it will slow down.

we are all doing great and I say it again and again the people on this forum are like going to a weight club 24/7 but better i think - its just great :)



Not such a fat kat now :)
Well done Ken.

I make chicken and sweetcorn soup myself. (actually I prefer noodles but my hubby prefers sweetcorn)

If you cook a whole chicken very very slowly for hours the meat just falls off and you can use the smaller bits for the soup or a curry.

Leave the carcasse in a casserole and put water into it at least half way up. Then bring to the boil. Simmer for about 30 minutes.

Discard all the bones.

Add a chicken or vegetable stock cube, a pinch of salt. Boil vigorously for a few minutes to reduce the stock a little.

Add the chicken, rice noodles and sweetcorn.

You can add cornflour to thicken it if you prefer a thicker soup

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
mmmm- sounds luvvly - must try it - my hubby loves the chicken and sweetcorn soup from the chinese too.


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Ehhh that sounds yummy... might try that one myself


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kes, how long has it took you to lose the weight? we were around the same when we started, and i'd be delighted to lose what you have xx
Not bad Ken?? thats blooming AmAzInG!!! Id be on cloud 9 :) give urself a pat on the back:happy096:

And I totally agree with u and Mrs A, I have never in my life stuck 2 a diet for this long (14 wks 2moro) and its def all down to this site and myfitnesspal. Absolute godsend

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
Ken - i.ve just been thinking - why dont you get a carry out of a carton of your soup.
i'm sure you could work it into your menu one day a week :flirt2:


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kes, how long has it took you to lose the weight? we were around the same when we started, and i'd be delighted to lose what you have xx
i started in september 2009.... but i could have (if i didnt mess around and go stupid some times) been at goal by december 2010... but im still going, and hoping to be at goal around september this year... to make it 2 years.

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